Photo taken in April 1943 at Trinidad, BWI.  Please use your scroll bars to view the detail of this oustanding WWII Picture.  Five Inch Gun #1 is in back of the Sigsbee Officers, the tip of Five Inch Gun # 2 barrel peers over the top of Gun #1 mount.

Seated L to R: Lt. Milton J. Morgan, Lt. Thomas R. Weschler, Lt. A.J. Tucker, Cmdr. Benjamin V. Russell, Lt. Benedict J. Semmes, Lt. Mohl C. Norton and Lt. Harold W. Arnold

Standing L to R: Ensign Robert D. Karl, Ensign Clyde G. Ferguson, Ensign Marvin Ostrowsky, Lt. Jg. Hal A. Kauffman, Ensign Lester K. Schultz, Lt. Jg David Swan, Ensign Carl F. Braun, Ensign Charles P. Daly, Lt. Jack T. Hoyle, Ensign Harry F. Isett and  Lt. Jg. Edward F. McGrath

Note:  Lt. Benedict J. Semmes, Lt. A.J. Tucker, Lt. Thomas R. Weschler, and Ensign Lester K. Schultz had previously served on the USS WASP CV7 which was torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-19, 15 September 1942. Uncontrollable gasoline fires forced her abandonment and she was sunk by torpedoes from an escorting destroyer.