U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey Map (not to scale)


Meyer Harold Shapiro, F1c was lost at sea at 1600 July 25, 1943.  USS Sigsbee DD-502 position 13 22 00N  77 17 00W. The search for man overboard was abandoned at 1702 July 25, 1943.  Approximate ship Coordinates were interpolated from Sigsbee Deck Log positions at Noon and 2000 July 25, 1943.

Webmaster Notes: Meyer Harold Shapiro enlisted in the US Navy January 15, 1942 at Boston, MA.  He was received aboard the USS Sigsbee DD-502 January 23, 1943 at Brooklyn Navy Yard as Fireman Second Class (F2c). His name is on the Tablets of the Missing at East Coast Memorial, New York City USA. Rest in peace Shipmate.

About 1600 July 25, 1943, Hugh B. (Bud) Conners Y3c and myself, William K (Billy) Roberts S2c were standing behind 40MM #43 shield  watching the ships wake from the highest observation  point aft of the bridge. We saw a man surface briefly about fifty to seventyfive  yards aft of the ships stern, then disappear. This sighting was shortly after the "man overboard" was sounded. I remember this sad day very well - - it was my eighteenth birthday.

Billy Roberts, Webmaster.