This statement is based on medical records, deck logs and the best of my memory.

January 21, 1943, received at RS Pier 92, NY from NTS Gunners Mate School, Newport, RI

January 22, 1943, my name was posted on a draft to USS Sigsbee DD-502 for January 23, 1943

January 23, 1943, in the afternoon, a large number of  men and sea bags boarded a stake body truck for distribution from RS NY, NY (Pier 92)  to Naval units in and around Brooklyn Navy Yard. The last ship on the list was USS Sigsbee. I was the only man remaining on the truck when it arrived at the gangway of Sigsbee sometime after sunset. I was logged aboard and escorted to a temporary bunk in the forward crew compartment. Lt. T R Weschler was Quarterdeck Watch Officer according to the Deck Logs. Lt. Weschler signed the Deck Logs from 1200 to 2400 January 23, 1943.

January 24, 1943 0800 I mustered with the Ordnance Division starboard of 5 inch gun #5 and was assigned a bunk directly aft of gun #5 upper handling room. This was to be  my bunk until April 14, 1945 when the aft  living compartment of USS Sigsbee was destroyed by the kamikaze explosion.

William Knight Roberts, Jr., GM3c