On Sunday Sept. 19, 2004, Mr. Perry White (step-son of Admiral Chung-Hoon) hosted a brunch for the Sigsbee sailors and families at the Rainbow Lanai, Hilton Hawaiian Village. The following veterans were in attendance: Row 1 (seated L to R) Clinton Hay (Ohio), Bill Twomey (Massachusetts), Chuck Edwards (California), Sam Leidy (Pennsylvania). Row 2 (L to R): Wes George (Virginia), Billy Roberts (California), Hank Elizagaray (California), Louis Judice (Louisiana), Paul Bagin (Wisconsin), Elmer Virag (Pennsylvania), Marvin Green (Virginia), Lyle Buss (Minnesota), Ralph Pisano (New Jersey) and A.J. Politz (Louisiana).  Two sailors were not in attendance, but  made the trip for the commissioning:: A.J. Pohl and Paul Huber both from Arizona.  George and Audrey  Mazzagotti were scheduled to make the trip to Hawaii but some unfortunate circumstances led to them missing out on the trip. (airline and hurricane problems) Photo by Edy Roberts. (Since this photo was taken the following crewmen have died; Bill Twomey, Ralph Pisano, Wes George, A. J. Phol and Paul Huber, Louis Judice, Clinton Hay, Chuck Edwards and A. J. Politz.) As of July 13, 2010.