Gerald L Lombardi, obituary pending from his son, Mike Lombardi (from Post in Guest Book)

To all concerned,

I wrote the following to John Mastin and Billy Roberts a couple of weeks ago, by request I am placing this in the guest log. Their dedicated service in maintaining this site will preserve a legacy for those that served aboard the USS Sigsbee and their posterity. I also found out from John and Billy some information about my dad I didnít know prior to this time. I have shown this site to my granddaughter (Maddy) she is five years old and it gives her a sense of being with my father. She recognizes his picture on the site and tells me that we can visit grandpa Jerry in the computer. My father truly enjoyed his Navel service and told me his big regret was not completing his 20 years for retirement. He told me that in 1969 and Iíve never forgotten it and to that point I have been in the military (regular Air Force and Air Force reserve) for over 26 years. We will all miss my Dad; he was a hell of a man. Mike Lombardi

 Gentlemen, I am writing on behave of my father Gerald L Lombardi, my dad served aboard the USS Sigsbee and was WIA during the Kamikaze attack that April 14, 1945. I am very saddened to say that my father passed away on March 18, 2005 in Chandler Arizona. I had my father buried at the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix Arizona with full military honors. My father was proud of his 10 plus years in the US Navy and very proud of his service aboard the USS Sigsbee. When I found your site a few years ago I showed the site to my dad and that was all he could talk about for weeks he was so proud, and actually there is a photo of him (dad) with Vincent Palmieri on one of the links on the Sigsbee history page, Dad has a copy of that photo in his Navy album, as well as several of the pictures of the US Sigsbee prior to the Kamikaze attack. I just wanted you to know of his passing and perhaps you could change him in your WIA information as deceased. My father had two sons myself and my brother Jerry, we both served in the armed forces I was and still am in the Air Force and my brother in the Army. We both received and very strong sense of service and work ethic from my dad and we will always be grateful for that. We will truly miss my dad, he was a good man. When I get a copy of his obituary I will forward to you for possible inclusion in you web site. Thank you for all you have done by maintaining this site, through it and you I will be able to visit my dad from time to time.

 Very Respectfully, Michael Lombardi


Webmaster's Notes: Gerald Louis Lombardi enlisted in the US Navy May 5, 1943 at New York, NY. Service number 708 37 84. He was received aboard the Destroyer USS Sigsbee DD-502 September 27, 1943 at Pearl Harbor.  Gerald Louis Lombardi S1/c was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries received during the kamikaze attack and explosion, near Okinawa,  April 14, 1945. He was transferred October31, 1945 to NYD Phila. PA FFT to Personnell Seperation Center Boston, MS for discharge, I knew Gerald "Lombardi" very well, he was a great shipmate.  Billy Roberts