Lloyd, Billy & Kenny Jam chronology:

Late November 2004:     Lloyd and Billy first meet at Tom’s booth, 4 E flea market

December 2004:    Lloyd and Billy jam in the kitchen on 38 street

December 18, 2004:    Lloyd and Mary Jo fly home for Christmas

January 2005:    Lloyd introduces Kenny to Billy and we jam in the kitchen on 38 street. Edy makes DVD of one jam and gives copies to Lloyd and Kenny

Spring 2005:    Kenny asks Billy to name days he would like to jam in Kenny’s garage. Billy suggests Monday and Wednesday. Kenney, Lloyd and Billy begin jams. Kenny invites others to join jams, also invites his friends to listen. Without prior discussion Kenny begins recording the jams on cassette tape.

Fall 2005 – Spring 2006:    Kenny continues jams in his garage, inviting more musicians and friends. The band played music for 2005 New Years Eve party in Kenny’s garage.

Christmas 2005:    Lloyd, Mary Jo, Billy and Edy spend a wonderful Christmas together at Death Valley, California

Fall 2006:    Kenny continues jams in his garage, inviting more musicians and friends. The band played music for a 2006 New Years Eve party in Kenny’s garage

Christmas 2006:    Lloyd, Mary Jo, Billy and Edy spend a another wonderful Christmas holiday together touring Kartchner Caverns, Bisbee and Tombstone, Arizona

April 9, 2007:    After playing his heart out for the band and Kenny’s friends for 2 years, Billy begs Kenny for 5 tapes of the jam recordings to listen to on the way home. (An excuse to hear any of the jam tapes for the first time

April 11, 2007:    Billy & Edys’s last jam at Kenny’s – Kenny gives Billy 2 cassette tapes of recent jams and promises 3 more?

April 12, 2007:    Billy and Edy listen to tapes - - Billy becomes infuriated while listening to his recorded fiddle tunes and backup playing for the first time. Infuriated that a "friend"  would not volentary share ALL of the tape recordings with the Lead Musician in the Jams. Kenny may have recorded as many as 75 jams assuming 2 jams a week times26 weeks times 2 winters, if we only jammed  75 % of the weeks in a month. Using 2 ninety minute tapes per jam, Kenny could have made as many as 150 cassette tapes of Billy's work.

April 13, 2007:    After loss of sleep for two nights and during Prayer this morning I asked my Lord and Savior for guidance. The answer I received inspired me to write this account of my concern to you.  I would ask you, Lloyd, to also pray about this test of my tolerance. Edy and I love Jo Ellen and Kenny, but Kenny’s lack of respect for my talent and my rights as a professional musician are undermining our friendship.  Since it was you who introduced Kenny to me I would like you to intercede on my behalf. Ask Kenny if my friendship is worth less than a gross of unauthorized jam tapes. Tell him, anyone who consistently records Billy's performance on fiddle should at least give him a copy of all the recordings or one half of the original tapes.

April 14, 2007:    Billy made a copy of each of the 2 tapes (from Kenney) and mailed them to Lloyd today, Saturday

April 15, 2007:    Billy made Lloyd a DVD of the Valentines day Jam to replace the 2 defective DVDs/ Will mail tomorrow, April 16, 2007