William Owen Hudson, S2c, while serving aboard the Destroyer USS Sigsbee DD-502, was listed as "missing in action" after the ship was damaged while under air attack by 20 kamikaze planes on April 14, 1945 near Okinawa.  


From United States 1930 census and the California Birth Index 1905 - 1995

Father; Arch S Hudson, Fireman for City of Los Angeles, CA. Fire Department

Born 1889 in Indiana. Arch’s mother and father were also born in Indiana

Mother; Katherine F. Pfeuffer, housewife, born 1894 in Texas

Katherine’s father was born in Texas and her mother was born in Georgia.

Archibal S. Hudson, Jr was born October 30, 1924 in Los Angeles, CA

William Owen Hudson was born April 15, 1926 in Los Angeles, CA.

Both of the children’s birth information from California Birth index 1905 – 1995

April 4, 1930, the Hudson family lived on Holmby Avenue, Assembly District 56, Block No. 619, Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles County.


William Owen Hudson, S2c


Seaman Second Class U.S. Naval Reserve

Service # 7361431

Missing in Action
Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial
Honolulu, Hawaii

Awards: Purple Heart


Webmaster's Notes: William Owen Hudson, S2c was received aboard the USS Sigsbee DD-502 at San Francisco, CA., December 2, 1944 from USN TADCEN Shoemaker, CA. in a draft that also included Henry Edward Elizagaray, Richard Dewey, Joseph Gibson, Jr., Paul Kennedy Huber, Jr., Harold Robert Loe, Howard Hubbard, Jr., and Robert Lee Ellis.

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