Hans W. Strahlendorff 84 passed away December 18, 2005. His obituary was published in the Home News Tribune, East Brunswick, NJ, December 20, 2005. Hans last resided in Seminole, FL. Locations mentioned in his obituary:  Seminole, FL; Elizabeth; Raritan, NJ; Metuchen; Lincroft; Elmwood Park; Piscataway;Carteret; Munster, Germany; Somerville; Edison.  

Other Persons Mentioned in the Obituary: Julia Diana; Charles "Chuck"; Cris Berg; Arbor Inn; Frederick; Frank Diana; Peggy Houghton; Gail; Muriel Strahlendorff; Mountainside Inn; Robert Wood Johnson; Mary Lou Plechner; Linda Wilks.    

Webmaster's Notes: Hans W. Strahlendorff enlisted in the US Navy March 26, 1940 at New York, NY, service number 223-68-75. He was  received aboard the Destroyer USS Sigsbee DD-502 June 29, 1943 as TM1c at Boston, MA. Hans advanced in rating to CTM November 1, 1945. Hans Wolfgang Strahlendorff CTM was transferred March 25,1946, to RS Charleston, SC FFT to SepCen Charleston, SC for discharge. Hans was admired and respected by the officers and crewmen of the USS Sigsbee. Our thoughts and Prayers go out for his family and friends. If a friend or member of the family would e-mail me the original obituary I will be happy to post it above - - Billy Roberts

The following E-mail was received by John Mastin August 12, 2006  from XO DDG 93:


Mr. Mastin,

We had the honor of committing the remains of CTM Hans W. Strahlendorff to the sea on 23 July 2006.



LCDR Adam Welter

Executive Officer