(Arline & Hank)

Hank (Henry Edward) Elizagaray was born January 20, 1927 to John and Pauline Elizagaray in Inglewood CA. Hank passed away on May 3, 2011 at 5:a.m. His wishes were to be cremated and his remains buried at sea. Burial is scheduled for June 27, 2011 from the coast of Redondo Beach, under the direction of Forest Lawn, Glendale.

Hank is survived by his loving wife, Arline, Glendale CA, his only sister Bea of La Jolla, CA and a step-daughter, Dawn Gomez.

Following is a brief eulogy by Hank’s loving wife, Arline:  Hank was born in Inglewood, CA on January 20, 1927.  He had no children; our marriage was his first.  His sister's name is Beatrice (Bea) Cohen, nee Elizagaray.  She is a year older than Hank and resides in La Jolla, CA.  I don't know the exact date Hank started with the California Division of Highways (Cal-Trans); probably 1952.  He retired in April 1989. All of his Cal-Trans work was in Southern CA. He loved the USS SIGSBEE reunions.  He had such a good time seeing you guys and all the other shipmates.  When he was in the hospital he specifically ask me to notify Billy, John and the Virginia Beach group and to wish everyone well.  That's the kind of guy he was; never felt sorry for himself, always thinking of others.  There wasn't an obituary printed in the papers.  It's hard to know what to put on his web page.  He had such a rich full life.  He grew up in Inglewood, California with his sister, Bea.  He stayed close to her all his life.  He had the Navy; always so proud of having served with the other guys.  After the war, Hank worked for Cal-Trans becoming a construction inspector and working in public transportation.  He loved sports and was active all through the years.  He played football at El Camino college, skiied, played baseball, bowled, and loved golfing.  He golfed until the last few months of his life.  We were married in 1995 on the Big Island of Hawaii, after dating for 10 years.  We managed to get in some traveling -- Tahiti, Alaska, the Caribbean, England, Spain, France, Hawaii, and a cruise through the Panama Canal.  He was a wonderful husband, friend and companion. 

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Webmaster's Notes: Henry Edward Elizagaray, S2c Service #736 23 94, was received aboard the WWII Destroyer, USS Sigsbee DD-502 at San Francisco, CA. from USN TADCEN Shoemaker CA for duty December 2, 1944. He changed rating from S2c to F2c as Electrician Striker. Hank Elizagaray advanced to F1c August 1, 1945. He was transferred  to USS Purdy DD734, September 14, 1945 at Pearl Harbor. Hank Elizagaray served with pride and honor on the Sigsbee nine months and thirteen days. Hank began work at California Division of Highways, District 7 about 1952. Coincidentally, I joined the California Division of Highways Design Department at Los Angeles in November 1953 as a Junior Civil Engineer. For over ten years Hank and I worked out of 120 South Spring Street, unaware that we were shipmates on the USS Sigsbee. We finally met at our first west coast DD-502 reunion at Sacramento, June 2001. Hank was loved and admired by all who knew him. God rest this great man. Our thoughts and Prayers go out for Arline, Bea and the family. Edy and I treasure the memories we had over the years with Hank and Arline. . . Billy Roberts