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                         EDY ROBERTS, My Loving Wife & companion

                       JOHN MASTIN, (HONORARY CREWMAN, USS SIGSBEE DD-502) Nephew of Guy Amburgey,MM2c, (KIA)


                        THOMAS CLARENCE SPARKS, (HONORARY CREWMAN, USS SIGSBEE DD-502), Internet Consultant, (deceased)


                        KATY SPARKS MCLAUGHLAN, Sister of my dear friend, Thomas Clarence Sparks      


                        PETER K. HSU, (HONORARY CREWMAN, USS SIGSBEE DD-502), Naval Artist of USS Sigsbee & USS Chung-hoon paintings


                       CHERYL SIGSBEE, Great-granddaughter of R. Adm. Charles D. Sigsbee (Namesake of The DD502)



                        LYLE B BUSS, F1c, Sigsbee Historian and publisher of :  " A HISTORY OF THE USS SIGSBEE DD502"



                        VICE ADMIRAL THOMAS ROBERT WESCHLER, for his heartfelt comments and continuing support of this Website


                        CDR MICHAEL A. MCCARTNEY CO USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93, for his interest in USS SIGSBEE History & crew


                   ENSIGN SARAH J. WELSCH, STRIKE OFFICER, USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93, for her assistance and attention during our visit aboard, October 26, 2008, San Diego, CA

                       LT. JACK T. HOYLE,  donated 01/23/43 USS SIGSBEE DD-502 Commissioning Officers Photos and Names

                       DAVE KUGLER, owner of USS Sigsbee DD-502 Ships Bell. Donated outstanding photos of the DD-502 Bell and Clock.

                      MARY ANN KELLER ZIMMERMAN, Sister of Gerald P Keller, S2c (KIA)

                       DORIS SCHMID, Foster Sister of Burton John Adams, S1c (KIA)

                       LOUIS R. ADAMS, Half Brother of Burton John Adams, S1c (KIA)                      

                       SHAWN E ZIMMERMAN, Nephew of Gerald P Keller, S2c (KIA)

                       SHARON HILL, Niece of Edwin F McGraw, MM3c (KIA)

                       ANN GWYNN BAIRD, Sister of Callis C Gwynn, S2c (KAI)

                       NEIL GWYNN BAIRD, Nephew of Callis C Gwynn, S2c (KIA)

                       DORIS WRIGHT RICE, Sister of Robert F Wright, S2c (KIA)

                       HERB WRIGHT, Brother of Robert F Wright, S2c (KIA)

                        GLORIA WRIGHT LYNG, Sister of Robert F Wright, S2c (KIA)

                       COLETTE TRADER,  her Husband is Grand Nephew of  Anthony (Tony) David Sox, S1c (KIA)

                        RICK SOX, Nephew of Anthony (Tony) David Sox, S1c (KIA)

                        WINIFRED BROOKMAN, Sister of Clayton R. Bryant, SF1c (KIA)

                        ROBERTA JOHNSON, Niece of Clayton R. Bryant, SF1c (KIA)

                        LYLE JOHNSON, Nephew-in-law of Clayton R. Bryant, SF1c (KIA)

                        PAUL SOX, Brother of Anthony (Tony) David Sox, S1c (KIA)

                       LEROY HAGSTON, Son or Joe Hagston, S1c (KIA)

                       DAVID HAGSTON,  Nephew of Joe Hagston, S1c (KIA)

                       ROBERT J MILLIRANS, Nephew of Sherman LeRoy Millirans, F1c (KIA)

                        DALE L MUSSER, Brother of Clair E Musser, S2c (KIA) 

                       JOSEPH (Joe) CARROLL, RM1c

                      DWIGHT AND NORMA MUSSER, My thoughtful Dunbar HS Classmates

                       THOMAS C BROWN, MM1c, deceased & Daughter, RITA PECK

                        ROXANN EMERY, step daughter of Charles H Kaelin, GM2c, deceased

                       RODERICK L FULLER, Son of Earl K Fuller, S1c, deceased

                        SHIRLEY DIGEORGIO, Daughter of Richard J Schombert, EM2c, deceased

                       MABEL YOUNG,  Sister of Galen "Billy Dale" McCommons, RM3c, deceased 

                     HOWARD FIELDING, Waterbury, CT newspaper, sent obituary of deceased shipmate  William H Twomey

                       TERI POWELL, Daughter of Thomas H. Staniere F2c, deceased

                       MICHAEL R NELSON, Son of Carl Philip Nelson SC2c, deceased

                       JACK BRENNAN, Brother-in-law of Vince Palmieri, S1c, deceased

                       PETER WILLIAMS, Son of Francis A Williams Jr, MM1c, deceased

                       MAKENA WHITE, Grandson of Rear Adm Gordon P Chung-Hoon, deceased

                       JANET MCNEELEY, Niece of Galen "Billy Dale" McCommons, RM3c, deceased

                       BUGGINS NOBRIGA, Nephew of Rear Adm Gordon P Chung-Hoon, deceased 

                       WILLIAM E BURKE, COX, deceased & SON, Bill Burke

                       DICK DEWEY, F2c

                       HANK ELIZAGARAY, F1c

                       LUTHER FESSLER, FC1c, deceased

                       PAUL HUBER, SOG3c, deceased

                       DONALD MC PHEARSON, RDM2c, deceased

                       GERRY MARCHAND, RM1c

                        HENRY DOLAN, RM2C, through his Son, John Dolan

                       LLOYD CASEY, RM3c & SON, Kevin Casey

                       CAS KOMSKI, RM3c

                       CLARA POHL,  Widow of A J Pohl, GM3c, deceased

                       LEE ENZENBACHER, GM1c, deceased

                       JERRY SCHATZ, SOM3c & Wife Myra

                       AUBRY HARRIS, SC2c, deceased

                        SCOTT M GILBERTSON, Son of Herbert L Gilbertson, RM2c, deceased

                       JOHN CHIQUOINE, Secretary DD573 Assn, Desron25 photo collector & council

                       DAVE SCHROEDER, Desron25 photo collector & council

                       FRANK GAETA, S2c   

                       BILL HAMILTON, Son of John B Hamilton, S2c, deceased          

                       JASON MARTER, Grandson of Robert A Martter, GM2c, deceased

                       MARK MARTTER, Son of Robert A Martter, GM2c, deceased

                       TODD MARTTER, Grandson of Robert A Martter, GM2c, deceased

                       CARROL GABBARD MCWILLIAMS, Daughter of Robert (Bob) Gabbard F1c

                        CLAUDIA TODD, Daughter of Fred M Pike, F1c

                       DAN FARNAM, Grandson of James (Pop) Farnham, GM1c, deceased

                       MICHAEL CLEVENGER, Family friend of Alvernon Kuandart,GM3c, deceased

                       ROSS WILLIAMS, RM3c & Son Lynn Williams

                       THOMAS VAN VORCE, S1c, (Signalman Striker)

                       CHARLES SNYDER, GM1c & Grandaughter Milissa Chillot + family Lew & Andrew

                       LEANNE MENEAR, Nephew & Niece of Charles Snyder, GM1c

                       ADDIE K BROWN, MM3C, deceased

                       BUD KOHLER, F1c & Grandson, Kory Kohler

                       ED OSCIAK, Son-in-law of Charles P Gallagher, S2c, deceased

             , client of Ralph Pisano, Sigsbee Barber

                       A J POLITZ, TM3c, Coordinator for USS Chung-hoon DGG93 Christening in MS.

                       SANDY KRICHBAUM, Daughter of Donald William Krichbaum F1c, deceased

                       KEN KRITCHBAUM, Son of  Donald William Krichbaum F1c, deceased

                       HANS STRAHLENDORFF, TM1c, deceased & Daughter, Gail Geary

                       ALAN WHITCOMB, Son of Harold Whitcomb, S2c, deceased

                      WALTER E WESTEDT, QM2c, deceased & Daughter, Jill Michels

                       TONY PISANO, Son of Ralph Pisano, Ships Barber on the Sigsbee

                       MICHAEL HOLZEM, Son of Henry "Hank" Holzem, F1c, deceased

                        NICHALAS OWEN ALSPACH, Grandson of Jack E Owen, F2c

                        CHERIE COLE, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, DDG-93 Christening contact

                        FRANK GOLSKY, Son of John S Golsky S2/c

                        GINA BRITT, Friend of a friend of William Holly Wyatt, MM1c

                       WILLIAM KNIGHT ROBERTS III, My Son

                        KENNETH LAFERTY, My Step-Son

                       EMMA NICHOLS, My Sister

                        ALICE PHILLIPS, My Sister and Husband, ARTHUR GEORGE PHILLIPS (both deceased)

                       LEE SHEFFIELD, KC6MCI, A Fellow Ham Radio Oper.and Navy Carrier Veteran

                       JACK BELL, Cpl, My good musician friend & WW2 US Marine on Okinawa  

                       JEFF CULBREATH, member of California State Old Time Fiddlers Association


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