(Photo from USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93 website)



 (As told by USS Sigsbee veteran, Billy Roberts)


The Change of Command ceremony occurred October 15, 2008, 0900, at sea. CDR James A. Aiken, USN was relieved as Commanding Officer of the USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93 by CDR Michael A. McCartney, USN.

As a follow up to the Change Of Command, Captain McCartney invited several local (CA & AZ) USS Sigsbee veterans and family to visit the USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93 Sunday October 26, 2008 at the Navy Base in San Diego, CA.

Sigsbee veterans, Jerry Marchand, RM1c, Billy Roberts, GM3c, (& wife Edy) arrived at the U. S. Navy Base Gate at 10:30 AM along with John Mastin, Honorary USS Sigsbee Crewman and nephew of USS Sigsbee KIA Guy Amburgey, MM2c, Patty Simons, granddaughter of Sigsbee veteran Officer, LT. Harry M. Isett and Carolyn Curtis, friend of the family.

STRIKE Officer, Ensign Sarah Welsch and crew of two escorted our party to the Quarter Deck of the USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93 At 10:45 AM.

There to meet us with a warm welcome were; CDR Michael A. McCartney, CO, LTCDR Chase Patrick, XO and CMDCM David A. Unnone, CMC.

Our group was led to the crew mess deck where John Mastin displayed his album of USS Sigsbee photos and Billy Roberts displayed 30 months of USS Sigsbee Deck Logs, Muster Rolls and three copies of “A History of the USS SIGSBEE DD-502” by Lyle Buss. Several of the USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93 crewmen were present to view the USS SIGSBEE historical material.

The Sigsbee group were then directed to the chief’s mess deck for a 5 course luncheon with CO Michael McCartney, XO Chase Patrick, CMC David Unnone, Supply Officer Matthew Fahner, Weapons Officer Brian Pistek, STRIKE Officer Sarah Welsch and SH1 Jose Martinez, Chung-Hoon and MIDPAC Senior Sailor of the Quarter.

After the delightful meal Jerry Marchand, John Mastin, Patty Simons and Carolyn Curtis were taken on a guided tour of the ship by Ensign Sarah Welsch while Billy and Edy Roberts visited with CO Michael McCartney and CMC David Unnone.

When the tour group returned, CO McCartney invited the Sigsbee group to his quarters for a video tape interview with Sigsbee veterans Billy Roberts and Jerry Marchand.

After the interview, Billy presented an enlarged photo (16”x20”) of the damaged USS SIGSBEE DD-502 in ARD26 Dry Dock, Apra Harbor, Guam, M.I. to CO McCartney along with a (11”x17”) color painting of the April 14, 1945, kamikaze attack on the USS SIGSBEE DD-502, by Naval Artist, Peter K. Hsu and two copies of “A History of the USS SIBSBEE DD-502", by Lyle Buss.

Captain McCartney expressed his gratitude for our visit and presentations.

The USS SIGSBEE DD-502 group left the USS CHUNG-HOON DDG 93 at 3:30 PM and were escorted to the Main Gate parking area by STRIKE Officer, Ensign Sarah Welsch and crew.

What a memorable and rewarding day this has been. (See photos by John Mastin below)

 Billy Roberts

Left to Right; Sigsbee veteran, Billy Roberts, CHUNG-HOON CO Michael McCartney, Sigsbee veteran, Jerry Marchand and CHUNG-HOON CMC David Unnone

(Billy displays his WW.W.II USS SIGSBEE DD-502 web site in CO McCartney's office)


Right to left; Edy Roberts, CO Michael McCartney, CMC David Unnone, John Mastin, Patty Simons, Carolyn Curtis and SIGSBEE veteran, Billy Roberts, GM3c

Left to Right; XO Chase Patrick, Supply Officer Matthew Fahner, Weapons Officer Brian Pistek, SH1 Jose Martinez, Strike Officer Sarah Welsch & SIGSBEE veteran, Jerry Marchand, RM1c