The Clinton Legacy

The impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton and his unfaithfulness to Hillary had several tragic effects upon our nation and upon the world:

1. Many months of distraction from presidential duties during the affair.
2. Wasted time and resources ($50,000,000 Ken Star alone) during the impeachment and Senate
3. Emboldened and energized the religious right to narrowly defeat Al Gore in the 2000 election and elect George W. Bush resulting in the unjust invasion of Iraq.  Bill Clinton has not been held accountable for his poor judgment and sexual relations that in effect gave the white house to Bush and Cheney in 2000 election.
4. In retrospect, I believe President Clinton should have been convicted by the Senate and removed from office. President Al Gore may have saved us from the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush.

The worst mistake America could make at this time is sending "the Clintons back to the oval office."

William Roberts, Democrat,
W.W.II Veteran