Name: Nicholas Jim Boutos

Inducted From: New York

Rank: Aviation Radioman Second Class

Combat Organization: United States Navy Reserve

Death Date: 16 Jul 1944

Monument: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Last Known Status: Missing (See Webmaster’s Notes below)

U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal


Webmaster’s Notes: From USS Sigsbee DD-502,  Deck Log, 8-12, July 16, 1944, 0910 various course and speed proceeding to pick up man seen to parachute out of plane. 0912 man landed in the water. 0916 Whale boat picked up man, reported unconscious. 0920 Whale boat returned to ship. 0921 Artificial respiration given to man by doctor aboard ship. 1050 Discontinued artificial respiration on rescued man. Nicholas Jim Boutos, ARM2c, 647 41 86 USNR pronounced dead from drowning by Lieut. E. F. McGrath, (MC) US Navy.

1447 Chaplain W. J. ORGAN, Lt. (ChC) USNR, received aboard by small boat from USS Dickerson. 1521 Commenced  burial service for Nicholas Jim Boutos, ARM2c, 647 41 86 USNR.  Chaplain ORGAN conducting, (USS Sigsbee) colors half-masted in Long.144*-40’ E Lat. 13*-35N. 1528 Burial services completed, colors two-blocked.

May God bless Nicholas Jim Boutos' soul.           NICKOLAS JIM BOUTOS ARM2c BURIED AT SEA

Billy Roberts