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(1) - (35) = Real Country Pages 1 - 35
(A-1) - (A-13) = Real Country Archives Pages 1 - 13
(4J) = 4Th Of July Special
(B) = Songs From The Heart Of Bozo Darnell
(BS) = Big Slim The Lone Cowboy
(CB) = Presenting Charlie Brown
(cc) = Super Connie Cato
(Ch) = Country Christmas
(E) = Country Easter
(ED) = Ethel Delaney, Swiss Miss Yodeler
(F) = Father's Day Special
(HS) = Tribute To Hank Snow
(JM) = Janet McBride, Yodeling Queen
(KR) = Kenny Roberts, King Of The Yodelers
(M) = Mother's Day Special
(MR) = Spotlight On Marvin Rainwater
(PK) = Tribute To Pee Wee King
(SC) = In Memoriam - Yodelin' Slim Clark
(V-1) = Salute To Veterans Page One
(V-2) = Salute To Veterans Page Two
(RQ-1) - (RQ-13) = Requests Pages 1 - 13

Abbie Neal And Her Ranch Girls
(RQ-1)'Texas Tornado'
(RQ-1)'Forgive Me'

A.L. Phipps Family
(RQ-5)'When Mother Maybelle Played Her Autoharp'

Al and Eileen Rawley 
(23)  'Homesick and Bird's Eye View'

Al Dexter 
(25)  'I Waited Too Long'
(A-6) 'I'm Losing My Mind Over You'
(28)  'New Soldier's Farewell'
(A-9) 'Pistol Packin' Mama'
(A-9) 'Rosalita'
(35)  'Why Did It Have To Be'

Al Hawkes 
(12)  'Snowmobile Sal'
(RQ-10)'Old Time Song Medley'
(RQ-10)'Crazy Fingers Rag'
(RQ-12)'Roseville Fair'
(RQ-12)'Did You Ever Go Sailin' (River Of Memories)
(RQ-13)'Daddy's Old Time Guitar'

Al Little
(RQ-8)'She Just Doesn't Care'

Al Terry 
(A-9) 'Only The Hangman'
(RQ-3)'House Of Glass'
(RQ-7)'Good Deal Lucille'

Alberta Slim
(RQ-3)'When It's Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley'

Allan "Mac" McHale and The Old Time Radio Gang 
(A-2) 'Boil Dem Cabbage Down'
(9)   'Hold Fast To The Right'
(9)   'Lamplighting Time'

Amazing Rhythm Aces 
(A-1) 'Amazing Grace'
(RQ-8)'Third Rate Romance'

Andy Griffith and The Dillards 
(15)  'Whoa Mule'

Anita Carter 
(22)  'False Hearted'
(26)  'Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding'
(23)  'The Kentuckian Song'
(RQ-4)'Sour Grapes'

Anne Murray 
(Ch)  'Christmas Wishes'
(A-2) 'Cotton Jenny'
(RQ-1)'I'll Never Fall In Love Again'
(RQ-4)'Son Of A Rotten Gambler'

Archie Campbell 
(Ch)  'Christmas At The Opry'
(Ch)  'Christmas Eve In Heaven'
(33)  'Green Stamps'
(35)  'Archie's Little Black Book'
(22)  'Love Always Has It's Way'
(A-9) 'Pfft You Were Gone'
(33)  'Rindercella'
(28)  'Shawnee'
(17)  'The Cock Fight'
(A-11)'The Master's Hand'
(33)  'The Three Little Pigs'
(31)  'Who Does All The Work'
(RQ-9)'Hockey Here Tonight'
(RQ-11)'Beeping Sleauty'
(RQ-11)'Most Richly Blessed'

Archie Campbell and Lorene Mann 
(18)  'Dark End Of The Street'

Archie Campbell and Ralph Emery
(RQ-1)'That's Good That's Bad'

Arkansas Woodchopper 
(33)  'Bronco You Can't Bust'
(31)  'I'm A Texas Cowboy'

Arlene Harden 
(29)  'He's A Good Ole Boy'

Arlie Duff
(RQ-3)'Oh How I Cried'
(RQ-3)'Home Boy'
(RQ-3)'You All Come'

Arthur Smith 
(26)  'Conversation With A Mule'
(A-4) 'Five Foot Two'
(22)  'Foolish Questions'
(16)  'Guitar Boogie'
(RQ-9)'Give Me Old-Time Music'
(RQ-10)'More Foolish Questions'
(RQ-10)'Hospitality Blues'

Arthur Smith and Benny Martin

Arthur Smith and Don Reno 
(16)  'Pennsylvania Polka'

Asher Sizemore and Little Jimmy 
(20)  'I Ride An Old Paint'

Ashley Dees 
(V-1) 'Beneath Pearl Harbor Waters'
(V-1) 'Missing In Action'

Asleep At The Wheel 
(14)  'The Letter That Johnny Walker Read'

Audrey Williams
(RQ-4)'Let Me Sit Alone And Think'

Austin Harmon
(RQ-8)'George Allen'

Autry Inman 
(V-1) 'Ballad Of Two Brothers'
(8)   'Don't Call Me'
(RQ-11)'Let's Take The Long Way Home'
(RQ-12)'That's All Right'

B.J Thomas 
(33)  'Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song'

Bailes Brothers 
(7)   'As Long As I Live'
(16)  'Dust On The Bible'
(4)   'I Want To Be Loved'
(6)   'My Heart Echoes'
(7)   'Oh So Many Years'
(16)  'We're Living In The Last Days Now'

Kyle and Walter Bailes 
(6)   'Twilight Is Stealing'

Barbara Fairchild 
(A-11)'The Teddy Bear Song'

Barbara Mandrell 
(32)  'Midnight Oil'

Barbi Benton 
(35)  'The Reverend Bob'
(RQ-9)'Brass Buckles'

Barrier Brothers 
(22)  'Destroyed'

Barry Kaye 
(Ch)  'Randolph The Red Neck Reindeer'

Barry Sadler 
(V-1) 'Ballad Of The Green Berets'
(RQ-1)'Salute To The Nurses'

Bashful Brother Oswald 
(32)  'No Letter In The Mail'
(15)  'That High Born Gal Of Mine'
(RQ-3)'I'll Be All Smiles Tonight'
(RQ-3)'Dobro Chimes'
(RQ-4)'Columbus Stockade Blues'
(RQ-4)'When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again'
(RQ-4)'Tennessee Waltz'
(RQ-5)'Sunday In The Mountains'
(RQ-5)'Southern Moon'

Becky Lamb 
(Ch)  'Little Becky's Christmas Wish'

Bellamy Brothers 
(A-7) 'Let Your Love Flow'

Ben Colder 
(A-3) 'Don't Go Near The Eskimos' 
(A-11)'Tennessee Bird Talk'
(RQ-1)'The Carroll County Accident'
(RQ-1)'Ruby Please Bring Your Love To Town'
(RQ-2)'Still No. 2'
(RQ-2)'Fifteen Beers Ago'
(RQ-4)'Runnin' Bare'
(RQ-8)'Don't Take Your Cash To Town John'
(RQ-9)'Detroit City No. 2'
(RQ-12)'What Is Youth'

Benny Barnes 
(10)  'A Bar With No Beer'
(RQ-6)'Poor Man's Riches'

Benny Martin 
(18)  'Rosebuds'
(Ch)  'Santa Claus Is From The South'
(RQ-10)'Sinful Cinderella'
(RQ-10)'Take My Word'

Betty Cody 
(M)   'Coeur De Mama'
(4)   'I Found Out More Than You Ever Knew'
(21)  'I Yodel All Day Long'
(34)  'Pale Moon'
(A-9) 'Please Throw Away The Glass'
(A-12)'Tom Tom Yodel'

Betty Gribbin 
(A-3) 'Dear 'Ol Donegal'
(RQ-5)'The Red Cradle'

Big Al Downing 
(29)  'Mr. Jones'

Big Bill Lister 
(35)  'Countryfied'
(35)  'One More Beer (Then I'm Going Home)'
(RQ-2)'There's A Tear In My Beer'

Big Slim The Lone Cowboy 
(BS)  'Brakeman's Blues'
(BS)  'Daddy And Home'
(BS)  'Golden River'
(BS)  'Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues'
(BS)  'Over The Hill'
(BS)  'Patanio'
(BS)  'Put Me In Your Pocket'
(BS)  'Rainbow's End'
(BS)  'Release Me'
(BS)  'Speckled Bird No. 4'
(BS)  'Sunny Side Of The Mountain'
(BS)  'The Drunkard's Son'
(BS)  'Thought I Heard You Calling My Name'
(BS)  'Tragic Romance'
(BS)  'Train Whistle Blues'
(BS)  'Where The Old Red River Flows'
(BS)  'Wondering'

Bill Anderson 
(Ch)  'Christmas Medley'
(A-2) 'Corner Of My Life'
(A-2) 'Country DJ'
(A-3) 'Don't She Look Good'
(A-3) 'Double S'
(A-3) '8 X 10'
(A-3) 'Easy Come Easy Go'
(A-4) 'Five Little Fingers'
(12)  'Get While The Gettin's Good'
(A-4) 'Golden Guitar'
(A-5) 'I Love You Drops'
(A-7) 'Liars One Believers Zero'
(A-7) 'Mama Sang A Song'
(13)  'No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore'
(25)  'On And On'
(A-9) 'Peanuts And Diamonds'
(A-9) 'Po Folks'
(A-9) 'Quits'
(A-12)'Walk Out Backwards'
(34)  'Where Have All Our Heros Gone'
(RQ-2)'Big Railroad Man'
(RQ-4)'Sweet Texas'
(Ch)  'The First Noel'
(Ch)  'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear'
(RQ-4)'Can I Come Home To You'
(Ch)  'Po Folks Christmas'
(RQ-6)'Flowing Waters And Drifting Sands'

Bill Anderson and Roy Acuff
(RQ-11)'I Wonder If God Likes Country Music'

Bill Anderson and Jan Howard 
(A-3) 'Dissatisfied'
(RQ-13)'For Loving You'

Bill Anderson and Mary Lou Turner 
(4)   'Circle In A Triangle'
(A-6) 'I'm Way Ahead Of You'
(RQ-1)'That's What Made Me Love You'

Bill Boyd 
(A-10)'Shame On You'
(Ch)  'Up On The Housetop'
(RQ-2)'Pass The Turnip greens'
(RQ-4)'By A Window'
(RQ-4)'When They Play That Rural Rhythm'
(RQ-5)'Tell Me Why My Daddy Don't Come Home'
(RQ-5)'Ridin' Old Paint And Leadin' Old Ball'
(RQ-5)'When It's Twilight In Sweetheart Lane'
(RQ-7)'There's A Light Shining Bright'
(RQ-11)'Song Bird Yodel'
(RQ-11)'Dance To Those Sobbin' Blues'

Bill Carlisle 
(15)  'Copper Head Mama'
(V-1) 'My Name Is Jones'
(A-8) 'No Help Wanted'
(17)  'What Kinda Deal Is This'
(RQ-7)'Answer To Rainbow At Midnight'
(RQ-10)'Taint Nice'
(RQ-12)'Jumpin' And Jerkin' Blues'
(RQ-13)'I Hope You See The Same Star That I Do'
(RQ-13)'I Saw My Future In A Rainbow'

Bill Clifton 
(24)  'Are You Alone'
(A-2) 'Blue Ridge Mountain Blues'
(18)  'Going Down The Valley'
(24)  'I Love You Best'
(14)  'This Land Is Your Land'
(24)  'Winkin' At Me'
(A-13)'You Go To Your Church'
(RQ-10)'Mary Dear'
(RQ-10)'Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight'

Bill Clifton and Red Rector 
(18)  'Keep That Wheel A Turning'

Bill Green 
(29)  'Pecos Bill'
(29)  'World Of Make Believe'

Bill Haley 
(4)   'Candy Kisses'
(A-13)'Within This Broken Heart Of Mine'
(A-13)'Yodel Your Blues Away'
(RQ-1)'Icy Heart'
(RQ-4)'A Yodeller's Lullaby'
(RQ-4)'Rose Of My Heart'
(RQ-4)'Behind The Eight Ball'
(RQ-12)'The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along'

Bill Howard 
(9)   '99 Bottles Of Beer'

Bill Monroe 
(A-1) 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky'
(Ch)  'Christmas Times A Comin'
(A-4) 'Footprints In The Snow'
(32)  'Little Cabin Home On The Hill'
(A-9) 'Orange Blossom Special'
(21)  'The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band'
(A-12)'Uncle Pen'
(RQ-1)'Bluegrass Breakdown'
(RQ-1)'Molly And Tenbrooks'
(RQ-2)'Why Did You Wander'
(RQ-5)'You'll Find Her Name Written There'
(RQ-9)'Brakeman's Blues'
(RQ-11)'Goodbye Old Pal'

Bill Monroe and Doc Watson 
(15)  'Kentucky Mandolin'

Bill Nettles
(RQ-11)'Hadacol Boogie'

Bill Phillips 
(26)  'Empty Hours'
(6)   'The Company You Keep'
(15)  'The Lies Just Can't Be True'
(6)   'This Kiss Must Last Forever'
(RQ-7)'Put It Off Until Tomorrow'

Bill Staines 
(A-1) 'Ballad Of The Maples'

Billie Jean Horton
(RQ-4)'I'd Give The World'

Billie Jo Spears 
(14)  'Blanket On The Ground
(A-2) 'Come On Home'
(33)  '57 Chevrolet'
(A-8) 'Mr. Walker It's All Over'
(A-8) 'My Arms Stay Open Late'
(10)  'Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song'
(RQ-1)'Marty Gray'
(RQ-2)'What I've Got In Mind'
(RQ-7)'Midnight Train'
(RQ-7)'He's Got More Love In His Little Finger'
(RQ-12)'Silver Wings And Golden Wings'

Billie Jo Spears and Del Reeves
(RQ-9)'Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew'

Billy Crash Craddock 
(A-12)'Till The Water Stops Running'

Billy Edd Wheeler 
(A-1) 'After Taxes'
(A-8) 'Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back'
(20)  'The Reverend Mr. Black'
(RQ-10)'Desert Pete'

Billy Grammer 
(14)  'Gotta Travel On'
(V-2) 'The Unknown Soldier'

Billy Parker 
(A-6) 'I'll Drink To That'

Billy Swan
(RQ-3)'I Can Help'

Billy Walker 
(A-2) 'Charlie's Shoes'
(24)  'Cross The Brazos At Waco'
(A-5) 'Hey'
(20)  'I'm So Miserable Without You'
(31)  'Missing You'
(15)  'Smoky Places'
(RQ-1)'Down To My Last Cigarette'
(RQ-1)'Word Games'
(RQ-8)'I Call It Heaven'
(RQ-8)'Wild Colonial Boy'
(RQ-9)'A Million And One'
(RQ-9)'I Can't Keep The Girls Away'
(RQ-9)'I Got Lost Along The Way'
(RQ-11)'Oh Matilda'

Billy Walker and Jeanette Hicks 
(20)  'Let's Make Memories Tonight'

Blue Grass Roy
(RQ-8)'O' Jailor Bring Back That Key'
(RQ-8)'I Don't Work For A Living'
(RQ-8)'Billy Richardson's Last Ride'

Blue Ridge Rangers 
(21)  'Jambalaya'
(21)  'Today I Started Loving You Again'

Blue Sky Boys 
(A-1) 'Beautiful Brown Eyes'
(A-6) 'Just Because'
(A-7) 'Kentucky'
(A-7) 'Last Letter'
(A-7) 'Mary Of The Wild Moor'
(A-11)'The Butcher's Boy'
(RQ-7)'Are You From Dixie'
(RQ-7)'Drop Yor Net'
(RQ-8)'Listen To The Mockingbird'
(RQ-12)'The Sweetest Gift (A Mother's Smile)'

Bob Atcher 
(A-6) 'I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes'
(A-8) 'Money Marbles And Chalk'
(12)  'On Top Of Old Smoky'

Bob Atcher and Bonnie Blue Eyes 
(8)   'Sweethearts Or Strangers'

Bob Elston 
(A-8) 'Mind Over Wine'
(A-9) 'Raising Hell In Tennessee'

Bob Gallion 
(5)   'Happy Birthday My Darlin''
(RQ-1)'Loving You Was Worth This Broken Heart'
(RQ-8)'Don't Feel Lonesome'
(RQ-8)'Six Pallbearers'
(RQ-10)'You Don't Love Me'
(RQ-11)'You Take The Table'

Bob Luman 
(10)  'Big River Rose'
(26)  'Empty Walls'
(RQ-3)'Five Miles From Home'
(RQ-4)'The Great Snowman'
(RQ-5)'Lonely Women Make Good Lovers'
(RQ-7)'Ain't Got Time To Be Unhappy'
(RQ-8)'The File'
(RQ-9)'Let's Think About Living'

Bob Riley 
(A-11)'The Little Guy'

Bob Wills 
(A-1) 'A Maiden's Prayer'
(A-2) 'Bubbles In My Beer'
(Ch)  'Christmas On The Range'
(A-2) 'Cindy'
(A-3) 'Faded Love'
(A-4) 'Hang Your Head In Shame'
(A-9) 'San Antonio Rose'
(Ch)  'Santa's On His Way'
(V-2) 'Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight'
(A-10)'Stars And Stripes On Iwo Jima'
(A-10)'Stay A Little Longer'
(15)  'Twin Guitar Special'
(RQ-2)'Sittin' On Top Of The World'
(RQ-2)'Spanish Fandango'
(RQ-3)'You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care'
(RQ-3)'Trouble In Mind'
(RQ-4)'Carolina In The Morning'
(RQ-4)'I Don't Love Nobody'
(RQ-4)'My Window Faces The South'
(RQ-5)'Pinto Beans'
(RQ-7)'A Big Ball In Cowtown'
(RQ-7)'Texas Two Step'
(RQ-7)'I Can't Go On This Way'
(RQ-7)'Sweet Kind Of Love'
(RQ-8)'Thorn In My Heart'
(RQ-8)'I Knew The Moment I Lost You'
(RQ-8)'Lilly Dale'
(RQ-8)'My Life's Been A Pleasure'
(RQ-9)'There's A Big Rock In The Road'
(RQ-9)'Heart To Heart Talk'
(RQ-9)'If It's Wrong To Love You'
(RQ-10)'Take Me Back To Tulsa'
(RQ-12)'There's No Disappointment In Heaven'
(RQ-12)'Sunbonnet Sue'
(RQ-12)'New Worried Mind'
(RQ-12)'Blue Bonnet Rag'

(10)  'I'm Crying In My Beer'

Bobbi Staff
(RQ-10)'Chicken Feed'

Bobbie Gentry 
(A-3) 'Fancy'
(16)  'Ode To Billie Joe'

Bobby Austin
(RQ-3)'Here Comes The Bride'
(RQ-4)'Apartment #9'
(RQ-4)'Gone Home To Mama'

Bobby Bare 
(A-3) 'Daddy What If'
(A-3) 'Detroit City'
(A-3) 'Drop Kick Me Jesus'
(A-4) '500 Miles Away From Home'
(A-4) 'God Bless America Again'
(33)  'Just To Satisfy You'
(A-7) 'Long Black Limousine'
(32)  'Lynching Party'
(A-7) 'Marie Laveau'
(A-10)'Singin' In The Kitchen'
(A-10)'Streets Of Baltimore'
(A-11)'Tequila Sheila'
(32)  'The Chicago Story'
(29)  'The Deepening Snow'
(A-11)'The Mermaid'
(A-11)'The Winner'
(13)  'The Wonderful Soup Stone'
(34)  'When The Wind Blows In Chicago'
(RQ-2)'Ride Me Down Easy'
(RQ-2)'Sylvia's Mother'
(RQ-2)'Have I Stayed Away Too Long'
(RQ-3)'Four Strong Winds'
(Ch)  'Christmas Train'
(RQ-5)'Delia's Gone'
(RQ-6)'The Giving Tree'
(RQ-7)'Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn'
(RQ-11)'Come Sundown'

Bobby Bare and Skeeter Davis
(RQ-7)'Your Husband My Wife'
(RQ-9)'A Truer Love You'll Never Find'

Bobby Bare/Norma Jean/Liz Anderson 
(A-4) 'Game Of Triangles'
(RQ-6)'One Among The Three Of Us'

Bobby Barnett 
(A-3) 'Drink Canada Dry'

Bobby Borchers
(RQ-1)'Cheap Perfume And Candlelight'

Bobby Edwards 
(2)   'You're The Reason'
(RQ-8)'I'm Sorry To See Me Go'

Bobby G. Rice 
(A-13)'You Lay So Easy On My Mind'

Bobby Goldsboro 
(3)   'Watching Scotty Grow'

Bobby Helms 
(A-4) 'Fraulein' 
(32)  'How Can You Divide A Little Child'
(Ch)  'I Wanna Go To Santa Claus Land'
(29)  'Mama Please Don't Cry'
(4)   'My Special Angel'
(A-8) 'New River Train'
(Ch)  'Jingle Bell Rock'
(RQ-10)'Standing At The End Of My World'

Bobby Hodge
(RQ-8)'So Easy To Love'
(RQ-8)'Another Broken Heart'

Bobby Lord 
(17)  'Hawkeye'

Bobby Russell 
(A-4) '1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero'

Bobby Wright
(RQ-2)'Here I Go Again'

Bonnie Baldwin
(RQ-5)'Yodelling Mocking Bird'

Bonnie Blue Eyes
(RQ-4)'Seven Beers With The Wrong Man'

Bonnie Guitar 
(21)  'Dark Moon'
(A-6) 'I'm Living In Two Worlds'
(RQ-12)'Mr. Fire Eyes'

Bonnie Lou 
(13)  'Tennessee Wig Walk'

Bonnie Owens 
(35)  'Somewhere Between'
(RQ-5)'You Don't Have Far To Go'
(RQ-11)'Consider The Children'
(RQ-11)'Waggin' Tongues'
(RQ-12)'I Let A Stranger Buy The Wine'

Bonnie Tyler 
(A-6) 'It's A Heartache'

Boxcar Willie 
(F)   'Papa's Old Pocket Watch'
(Ch)  'Santa Fe Sam And Hobo Bill'
(A-12)'There's Nothing Like A Good Old Country Song'
(A-13)'Wreck Of The Old '97'
(A-13)'You Are My Sunshine'
(RQ-8)'From A Boxcar Door'
(Ch)  'Auld Lang Syne'

Boyd Heath 
(V-2) 'Smoke On The Water'

Bozo Darnell 
(B)   'A Girl Named Jennie'
(B)   'A Shade Of Difference'
(B)   'Coast To Coast'
(B)   'Down Came The World'
(B)   'Down The Drain'
(B)   'Fool Th World'
(B)   'Gone Fishin''
(B)   'Heartaches Live In Salt Water'
(B)   'My Party'
(B)   'My Sweet Woman's Love'
(B)   'Stronger Than My Pride'
(B)   'Take A Tip From Ol' Dad'
(B)   'The Bottom Of The Glass'
(B)   'The Jumpin' Off Place'
(B)   'The Man At The Door'
(B)   'Walkin' Out'
(B)   'You Can Make A Good Thing Better'
(B)   'Your Stand In'
(B)   'Your Steppin' Stone'
(B)   'You've Got To Pay The Fiddler'

Bradley Kincaid 
(6)   'Ain't We Crazy'
(A-1) 'Barbara Allen'
(23)  'Down In The Valley'
(A-4) 'Footprints In The Snow'
(A-4) 'Gooseberry Pie'
(3)   'Housekeeper's Tragedy'
(25)  'In The Hills Of Old Kentucky'
(A-6) 'Just Plain Folks'
(A-7) 'Letter Edged In Black'
(A-7) 'Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me'
(23)  'My Little Rooster'
(A-11)'The Fatal Wedding'
(RQ-3)'The Fatal Derby Day'
(RQ-8)'4000 Years Ago'

Brenda Lee 
(33)  'Big Four Poster Bed'
(25)  'Wrong Ideas'
(Ch)  'The Angel And The Little Blue Bell'
(Ch)  'Christmas On The Bayou'

Brian Collins 
(34)  'Statue Of A Fool'

Brook Benton

(17)  'Angel's Dolly'
(Ch)  'Blue Christmas'
(A-2) 'Church In The Wildwood'
(A-4) 'Groundhog'
(25)  'Heaven Fell Last Night'
(A-5) 'I Heard The Bluebirds Sing'
(35)  'Lonely Little Robin'
(A-7) 'Lookin' Back To See'
(A-9) 'Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes'
(A-9) 'Scarlet Ribbons'
(A-12)'Three Bells'
(A-11)'The Old Lamplighter'
(16)  'The Twelfth Rose'
(22)  'Wondering'
(RQ-4)'True Love'
(RQ-6)'Blue Skirt Waltz'
(RQ-7)'The Bandit'
(RQ-7)'Set The Dawgs On 'Em'
(RQ-7)'That Little Boy Of Mine'
(RQ-12)'I'd Just Be Fool Enough'

Buchanan Brothers 
(V-1) 'Colin Kelly Will You Tell The Boys Up Yonder'
(RQ-3)'Mama I'm Sick'
(RQ-3)'I Got Worries'

Buck and Buddy 
(A-12)'Wham Bam'
(RQ-3)'Too Old To Cut The Mustard'

Buck Owens 
(2)   'Above And Beyond'
(A-1) 'Act Naturally'
(Ch)  'All I Want For Christmas Dear Is You'
(A-1) 'Big Game Hunter'
(33)  'Buckaroo'
(Ch)  'Christmas Times 'a Comin'
(30)  'Congratulations You're Absolutely Right'
(A-3) 'Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye'
(8)   'Down On The Corner Of Love'
(M)   'Dust On Mother's Bible'
(9)   'Excuse Me'
(A-4) 'He Don't Deserve You Anymore'
(11)  'I Can't Stop My Loving You'
(A-5) 'I Don't Care'
(A-7) 'Love's Gonna Live Here'
(A-7) 'Made In Japan'
(A-8) 'Monster's Holiday'
(3)   'My Heart Skips A Beat'
(Ch)  'One Of Everything You've Got'
(A-9) 'Play Together Again Again'
(A-9) 'Sam's Place'
(Ch)  'Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy'
(Ch)  'Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach'
(A-9) 'Sawmill'
(A-10)'Sweet Rosie Jones'
(A-10)'Sweethearts In Heaven'
(A-11)'Tall Dark Stranger'
(A-12)'Together Again'
(A-12)'Under The Influence Of Love'
(F)   'Weekend Daddy'
(25)  'Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass'
(26)  'Will There Be Any Big Rigs In Heaven'
(RQ-1)'You're For Me'
(RQ-1)'Cryin' Time'
(RQ-2)'Streets Of Bakersfield'
(RQ-2)'It Takes People Like You'
(RQ-4)'I'll Give My Heart To You'
(Ch)  'Blue Christmas Lights'
(RQ-6)'Under Your Spell Again'
(RQ-7)'Ain't It Amazing Gracie'
(RQ-7)'Right After The Dance'
(RQ-9)'Big In Vegas'
(RQ-9)'Lyin' Again'
(RQ-10)'Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms'
(RQ-11)'Trouble And Me'
(RQ-11)'I Wouldn't Live In New York City'
(RQ-12)'Key's In The Mailbox'

Buck Owens and Rose Maddox 
(A-7) 'Mental Cruelty'

Buck Owens and Susan Raye 
(A-4) 'Great White Horse'

Bud Cutright 
(20)  'You Left Too Much'

Bud Messner 
(26)  'Mommy Can I Take My Doll To Heaven'
(RQ-2)'Slippin' Around With Jole Blon'
(RQ-3)'Father Put The Cow Away'

Buddy Allen

Buddy Alan and Don Rich
(RQ-4)'Cowboy Convention'

Buddy Ebsen
(RQ-8)'Ballad Of Jed Clampett'
(RQ-8)'Mail Order Bride'

Buddy Emmons
(RQ-7)'Rose City Chimes'

Buddy Spicher and Shorty Lavender 
(16)  'Three Fiddle Swing'

Buddy Starcher 
(A-1) 'A Taxpayers Letter'
(A-5) 'History Repeats Itself'
(RQ-3)'They Tore The Old Country Church Down'
(RQ-4)'Ace Of Hearts'
(RQ-5)'When Payday Comes'
(RQ-5)'Fall Of A Nation'
(RQ-5)'What'll We Tell Our Son'
(RQ-5)'A Face I See At Evening'

Buddy Thomas 
(18)  'Have A Drink On Me'

Buffy Sainte-Marie
(RQ-5)'I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again'

Burl Ives 
(A-1) 'Aunt Rhody'
(F)   'Daddy You've Been Like A Mother To Me'
(A-4) 'Funny Way Of Laughing'
(Ch)  'Holly Jolly Christmas'
(A-5) 'I Found My Best Friend In A Dog Pound'
(32)  'Little White Duck'
(1)   'Mary Ann Regrets'
(Ch)  'Santa Mouse'
(A-11)'The Donut Song'
(Ch)  '12 Days Of Christmas'
(RQ-1)'Rock My Soul'
(RQ-2)'A Little Bitty Tear'
(RQ-4)'Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet'
(Ch)  'Snow For Johnny'
(RQ-8)'I Know An Old Lady'
(RQ-9)'Pearly Shells'

C Company
(RQ-3)'Battle Hymn Of Lt. Calley'

C.W. McCall 
(A-2) 'Convoy' 
(A-9) 'Roses For Mama'
(A-13)'Wolf Creek Pass'
(RQ-4)'Jackson Hole'

Cal Smith 
(17)  'Birds And Children Fly Away'
(A-2) 'Country Bumpkin'
(A-3) 'Drinking Champagne'
(17)  'It Takes All Night Long'
(A-6) 'Jason's Farm'
(13)  'She Talked A Lot About Texas'
(A-11)'The Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'
(RQ-1)'I've Found Someone Of My Own'
(RQ-3)'You Can't Housebreak A Tomcat'
(RQ-4)'The Difference Between Going And Really Gone'
(RQ-7)'Afraid To Care'
(RQ-10)'Tabernacle Tom'
(RQ-10)'It's Time To Pay The Fiddler'
(RQ-10)'It's Not The Miles You Traveled'
(RQ-11)'Lights Of The Living'

Callahan Brothers 
(A-10)'St. Louis Blues'

Carl Belew 
(A-5) 'Hello Out There'
(RQ-1)'Am I That Easy To Forget'
(RQ-1)'Lonely Street'
(RQ-4)'That's What I Get For Loving You'
(RQ-9)'Together We Stand'

Carl Butler 
(24)  'Baby I'm A-Waitin'
(A-3) 'Don't Let Me Cross Over'
(32)  'Honky Tonkitis'
(30)  'River Of Tears'
(RQ-11)'You Were The Orchid'
(RQ-11)'Just Thought I'd Let You Know'
(RQ-11)'You Can't Insure A House Of Dreams'

Carl Butler and Pearl  
(A-2) 'Can I Draw The Line'
(35)  'Crying My Heart Out Over You'
(32)  'For A Minute There'
(A-4) 'Guilty Of Love'
(32)  'Let's Watch The Bluebirds'
(27)  'Loving Arms'
(14)  'Too Late To Try Again'

Carl Perkins
(RQ-3)'Turn Around'
(RQ-4)'Movie Magg'
(RQ-5)'Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing'

Carl Smith
(31)  'A Way With Words'
(A-1) 'Air Mail To Heaven'
(A-1) 'Are You Teasing Me'
(A-3) 'Deep Water'
(33)  'Don't That Moon Look Lonesome'
(A-4) 'Foggy River'
(29)  'Guilty Conscience'
(A-5) 'Hey Joe'
(25)  'I Betcha My Heart'
(E)   'I Dreamed Of The Old Rugged Cross'
(A-5) 'I Feel Like Crying'
(A-5) 'I Overlooked an Orchid'
(A-6) 'If Teardrops Were Pennies'
(31)  'If You Saw Her Through My Eyes'
(17)  'It's A Lovely World'
(A-7) 'Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way'
(26)  'Loose Talk'
(A-7) 'Man With A Plan'
(A-8) 'Mr. Moon'
(A-8) 'Mommy Please Stay Home With Me'
(7)   'She Called Me Baby'
(23)  'Sing Her A Love Song'
(A-11)'Take My Ring Off Your Finger'
(29)  'The Ballad Of Hershel Lawson'
(A-11)'The Little Girl In My Home Town'
(A-12)'There She Goes'
(A-12)'This Orchid Means Goodbye'
(24)  'Time Changes Everything'
(A-13)'You Are The One'
(A-13)'You're Free To Go'
(RQ-2)'Don't Just Stand There'
(RQ-3)'Good Deal Lucille'
(RQ-5)'Ten Thousand Drums'
(RQ-5)'No Second Chance'
(RQ-6)'Let's Live A Little'
(RQ-6)'Satisfaction Guaranteed'
(RQ-6)'That's What You Think'
(RQ-6)'Back Up Buddy'
(RQ-6)'Will You Be Satisfied That Way'
(RQ-7)'Just Wait Till I Get You Alone'
(RQ-8)'Doorstep To Heaven'
(RQ-9)'Wicked Lies'
(RQ-9)'If You Tried As Hard To Love Me'
(RQ-9)'Old Lonesome Times'
(RQ-9)'The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross'
(RQ-10)'The Tall Tall Gentleman'
(RQ-11)'There's Nothing As Sweet As My Baby'
(RQ-12)'Live And Let Live'
(RQ-12)'Me And My Broken Heart'
(RQ-12)'Kisses Don't Lie'

Carl Smith and June Carter
(RQ-9)'Times A Wastin'
(RQ-9)'Love Oh Crazy Love'

Carl Story 
(A-1) 'Angel Band'
(A-9) 'Pictures From Life's Other Side'
(RQ-5)'God Has A Son In The Service'
(RQ-12)'My Lord Keeps A Record'

Carlisle Brothers
(RQ-7)'Rainbow At Midnight'

(A-6) 'Is Zat You Myrtle'
(A-7) 'Knothole'
(A-9) 'Rusty Old Halo'
(A-12)'Too Old To Cut The Mustard'
(RQ-7)'Poor Man's Riches'

Carolina Cotton
(RQ-3)'Singing On The Trail'
(RQ-3)'Three Miles South Of Cash In Arkansas'

Carson Robison
(18)  'Barnacle Bill The Sailor'
(A-2) 'Bridle Hanging On The Wall'
(26)  'Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie'
(V-1) 'Don't Let My Spurs Get Rusty While I'm Gone'
(V-1) 'Get Your Guns And Come Along'
(V-2) 'Hirohito's Letter To Hitler'
(V-1) 'Hitler's Reply To Mussolini'
(V-1) 'I'm In The Army Now'
(V-1) 'It's Just A Matter Of Time'
(A-7) 'Life Gets Teejus Don't It'
(V-1) 'Mussolini's Letter To Hitler'
(8)   'My Pretty Quadroon'
(V-1) '1942 Turkey In The Straw'
(V-1) 'Plain Talk'
(13)  'Ragtime Cowboy Joe'
(1)   'Red Wing'
(V-2) 'Remember Pearl Harbor'
(32)  'Sailing Sailing'
(22)  'There's No More Feudin' In The Mountains'
(A-12)'Wait For The Wagon'
(V-2) 'We're Gonna Have To Slap That Dirty Little Jap'
(RQ-2)'Eleven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat'
(RQ-5)'Too Big For His Britches'
(RQ-8)'I'm Going Back To Whur I Come From'
(RQ-8)'Sittin' By The Fire'
(RQ-8)'Cowboy Romeo'
(RQ-9)'Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane'
(RQ-12)'Jitterbug Joe'

Carson Robison Trio 
(32)  'Goin To Have A Big Time Tonight'

Carson Robison and Vernon Dalhart 
(9)   'Little Green Valley'

Carter Family 
(31)  'Anchored In Love'
(30)  'Bonnie Blue Eyes'
(21)  'Broken Engagement'
(6)   'Bury Me Beneath The Willow'
(A-2) 'Can The Circle Be Unbroken'
(A-2) 'Church In The Wildwood'
(35)  'Darling We Are Growing Old'
(31)  'I'll Be All Smiles Tonight'
(3)   'I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes'
(31)  'Kitty Waltz'
(A-7) 'Lily Of The Valley'
(6)   'Little Black Train'
(21)  'Lonesome Valley'
(A-8) 'My Heart's Tonight In Texas'
(28)  'No Telephone In Heaven'
(4)   'Shall We Gather At The River'
(26)  'The Fate Of Dewey Lee'
(35)  'The Winding Stream'
(31)  'We Will March Through The Streets Of The City'
(A-13)'Wildwood Flower'
(RQ-1)'Little Darling Pal Of Mine'
(RQ-2)'When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland'
(RQ-3)'Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia'
(RQ-4)'Gospel Ship'
(RQ-4)'The Ship That Never Returned'
(RQ-6)'The Orphan Child'
(RQ-6)'Motherless Children'
(RQ-6)'Give Me The Roses While I Live'
(RQ-7)'Keep On The Sunny Side'
(RQ-8)'Foggy Mountain Top'
(RQ-8)'No More The Moon Shines On Lorena'
(RQ-9)'Faded Flowers'
(RQ-9)'Chewing Gum'
(RQ-9)'You've Been A Friend To Me'
(RQ-10)'We Parted By The Riverside'
(RQ-10)'Where The Silvery Colorado Wends It's Way'
(RQ-10)'Are You Lonesome Tonight'
(RQ-10)'Sailor Boy'
(RQ-11)'Happiest Days Of All'
(RQ-11)'My Clinch Mountain Home'
(RQ-11)'Lulu Walls'
(RQ-12)'Railroading On The Great Divide'
(RQ-12)'The Storms Are On The Ocean'
(RQ-13)'Gold Watch and Chain'
(RQ-13)'I Never Will Marry'

Carter Family and Johnny Cash
(RQ-1)'A Song To Mama'
(RQ-10)'The World Needs A Melody'

Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle
(RQ-5)'Walk A Little Closer'
(RQ-5)'He Went Slippin' Around'
(RQ-9)'Waitin' On The Far Side Banks Of Jordan'

Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers 
(21)  'Steel Guitar Jamboree'

Charley Pride
(13)  'A Good Woman's Love'
(11)  'A Word Or Two To Mary'
(A-1) 'All I Have To Offer You Is Me'
(30)  'Amy's Eyes'
(A-1) 'Before I Met You'
(Ch)  'Christmas In My Home Town'
(A-3) 'Crystal Chandeliers'
(A-3) 'Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger'
 (17) 'Kawliga'
(A-7) 'Kiss An Angel Good Morning'
(6)   'Miller's Cave'
(A-8) 'More To Me'
(A-10)'She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory'
(1)   'The Snakes Crawl At Night'
(32)  'Things Are Looking Up'
(13)  'Without Mama Here'
(6)   'Yonder Comes A Sucker'
(RQ-2)'I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again'
(RQ-2)'Spell Of The Freight Train'
(RQ-3)'Is Anybody Going To San Antone'
(RQ-4)'In The Middle Of Nowhere'
(RQ-4)'All His Children'
(RQ-5)'This Is My Year For Mexico'
(RQ-6)'Burgers And Fries'
(RQ-6)'My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You'
(RQ-8)'Jeanie Norman'
(RQ-8)'Now And Then'
(RQ-9)'Blue Ridge Mountains Turnin' Green'
(RQ-11)'I'd Rather Love You'
(RQ-11)'Just Between You And Me'
(RQ-12)'I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me'

Charlie Adams 
(A-2) 'Cattin' Around'
(31)  'I'll Tickle Your Toesies'
(RQ-8)'Waltzing With Sin'
(RQ-9)'I Lost An Angel'
(RQ-9)'Without You I'm Lost'
(RQ-10)'You've Wounded The Heart'
(RQ-10)'Will You Love Me When I'm Old'
(RQ-11)'Pistol Packin' Mama Has Laid Her Pistol Down'

Charlie Brown
(CB)  'Alone And Forsaken'
(CB)  'At Mail Call Today'
(CB)  'Honky Tonkin''
(CB)  'I'm Not Coming Home Anymore'
(CB)  'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry'
(CB)  'Lonesome Whistle'
(CB)  'My Sweet Love Ain't Around'
(CB)  'Sweet Lies'
(CB)  'The Window Up Above'
(CB)  'There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight'
(CB)  'They'll Never Take Her Love From Me'
(CB)  'Wedding Bells'

Charlie Brown/Miss Marilyn
(CB)  'A Petal From A Faded Rose'
(CB)  'A Violet And A Rose'
(CB)  'An Old Love Affair'
(CB)  'Before I Met You'
(CB)  'Crying Heart Blues'
(CB)  'Firefly Waltz'
(CB)  'Heart Trouble'
(CB)  'It Won't Save Your Soul'
(CB)  'Little Green Valley'
(CB)  'Love Is No Excuse'
(CB)  'Mocking Bird Hill'
(CB)  'Pictures From Life's Other Side'
(CB)  'The Anniversary Waltz'
(7)   'The Firefly Waltz'
(CB)  'Weary And Tired'
(CB)  'Why Baby Why'

Charlie Brown/Miss Marilyn/Tim Farrell 
(CB)  'As Long As I Live'
(CB)  'At The End Of A Long Lonely Day'
(CB)  'It Just Don't Matter Now'

Charlie Daniels 
(A-12)'Uneasy Rider'
(RQ-12)'The Devil Went Down To Georgia'

Charlie Feathers
(RQ-11)'A Wedding Gown Of White'

Charlie Gilliam 
(24)  'Casco Bay'
(A-2) 'Coastline Charlie'

Charlie Gore
(RQ-13)'If God Can Forgive You So Can I'
(RQ-13)'The Moon Won't Tell'

Charlie Louvin 
(A-2) 'Bottom Of The Fifth'
(A-5) 'I Don't Love You Anymore'
(A-5) 'I Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself To Sleep'
(6)   'Less And Less'
(A-9) 'See The Big Man Cry'
(A-12)'What Are Those Things With Big Black Wings'
(A-13)'Will You Visit Me On Sundays'
(RQ-6)'A World Of Give And Take'
(RQ-8)'Best Mistake I Ever Made'

Charlie Louvin and Melba Montgomery 
(A-3) 'Did You Ever'
(RQ-13)'Takes Love To Know Love'

Charlie McCoy 
(A-12)'Today I Started Loving You Again'

Charlie Rich 
(A-5) 'I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore'
(21)  'It's All Over Now'
(Ch)  'Oh Holy Night'
(A-10)'Spanish Eyes'
(A-11)'The Most Beautiful Girl'
(RQ-2)'Behind Closed Doors'
(RQ-10)'Rollin' With The Flow'

Charlie Walker 
(3)   'Close All The Honky Tonks'
(14)  'I'll Catch You When You Fall'
(32)  'Odds And Ends (Bits And Pieces)'
(A-9) 'Pick Me Up On Your Way Down'
(A-11)'Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy'
(RQ-1)'Who Will Buy The Wine'
(RQ-2)'I Walked Out On Heaven'
(RQ-2)'Facing The Wall'
(RQ-5)'I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight'
(RQ-6)'A Way To Free Myself'
(RQ-5)'Please Don't Squeeze My Charmin'
(RQ-7)'Two Empty Arms'
(RQ-9)'Right Back At Your Door'
(RQ-9)'Out Of A Honky Tonk'
(RQ-13)'I Don't Mind Saying'

Charline Arthur
(RQ-6)'How Many Would There Be'

Charly McClain 
(31)  'Sentimental Ole You'

Chet Atkins 
(11)  'Salty Dog Rag'
(15)  'Yakety Axe'
(RQ-5)'Frog Kissin'

Chet Atkins and Anita Kerr Singers 
(A-4) 'Guitar Country'

Chickie Williams 
(6)   'Crepe On The Little Cabin Door'
(A-7) 'Little Rosewood Casket'
(E)   'Neath The Old Olive Tree'
(6)   'Take Me Back To Renfro Valley'
(M)   'The World's Meanest Mother'
(14)  'Whippoorwill Valley'
(RQ-2)'The Picture Turned Toward The Wall'
(RQ-4)'Fallen Leaf'
(RQ-4)'Bright Red Horizon'
(RQ-7)'My Mother's Picture'
(RQ-10)'An Evening Prayer'
(RQ-11)'Beyond The Sunset' 

Chubby Wise 
(33)  'Green Valley Waltz'

Chuck Wagon Gang 
(34)  'When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder'
(Ch)  'Going Home For Christmas'

Claude Gray 
(A-5) 'I Never Had The One That I Wanted'
(A-6) 'I'll Just Have a Cup Of Coffee'
(27)  'If I Ever Need A Lady'

Claude King 
(18)  'Fifty-one Beers'
(A-6) 'I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail'
(A-13)'Wolverton Mountain'
(RQ-1)'The Burning Of Atlanta'
(RQ-1)'The Comancheros'
(RQ-6)'Wobble Water'

Cliff Bruner 
(A-12)'Truck Driver's Blues'

Cliff Bruner's Texas Wranglers 
(15)  'When You're Smiling'

Cliff Carlisle 
(15)  'Chicken Roost Blues'
(21)  'The Brakeman's Reply'
(23)  'Tom Cat Blues'
(25)  'You'll Miss Mr When I'm Gone'
(RQ-7)'Wreck Of No. 52'
(RQ-8)'The Fatal Run'
(RQ-10)'Why Did It Have To Be'
(RQ-10)'Hobo Blues'

Clint Miller 
(A-3) 'Drummer Boy Of Shiloh'

Clyde Joy
(RQ-6)'True Blue Bill'

Clyde and Willie Mae Joy
(RQ-6)'Three Stars In Heaven'
(RQ-6)'Kiss Me Clyde'

Clyde Moody 
(A-12)'What It Means To Be Lonesome'
(RQ-6)'Shenandoah Waltz'
(RQ-10)'Little Blossom'

Connie Cato
(cc)  'After Midnight'
(cc)  'Baby I'll Give It To You'
(cc)  'Big Stick Of Dynamite'
(cc)  'Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)'
(cc)  'Eloy Crossing'
(cc)  'Evil On Your Mind'
(cc)  'Feelin' Warm'
(cc)  'Four On The Floor'
(cc)  'Good Hearted Woman'
(cc)  'He'll Be Lovin' Her'
(cc)  'Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again'
(cc)  'Hurt'
(cc)  'I Love A Beautiful Guy'
(cc)  'I'll Be A Lady Tomorrow (But I'm Gonna Be Your Woman Tonight)'
(cc)  'I'll Love Her Right Out Of Your Mind'
(cc)  'I'm Sorry'
(cc)  'I've Been Loved By You Today'
(cc)  'Lincoln Autry'
(cc)  'My Cricket'
(cc)  'Silver Threads And Golden Needles'
(cc)  'Somewhere South Of Macon'
(cc)  'Super Kitten'
(cc)  'Superskirt'
(cc)  'Tell Me A Lie'
(cc)  'The Man From Bowling Green'
(cc)  'Then Give Him Back To Me'
(cc)  'We'd Better Stop'
(cc)  'Yes'
(cc)  'You Better Hurry Home'
(cc)  'You Win Again'

Connie Hall
(RQ-7)'It's Not Wrong'

Connie Smith
(15)  'Ain't Love A Good Thing'
(30)  'Darling Are You Ever Coming Home'
(29)  'For Better Or For Worse'
(Ch)  'Go Tell It On The Mountain'
(A-5) 'How Great Thou Art'
(26)  'I Can't Remember'
(35)  'I'm Sorry If My Love Got In Your Way'
(34)  'If I Talk To Him'
(7)   'Nobody But A Fool'
(A-8) 'Once A Day'
(7)   'Pas Souvant'
(33)  'The Deepening Snow'
(A-12)'Then And Only Then'
(13)  'Till I Kissed You'
(A-12)'Tiny Blue Transistor Radio'
(29)  'Will The Real Me Please Stop Crying'
(A-13)'You And Your Sweet Love'
(RQ-2)'I'm Ashamed Of You'
(RQ-2)'The Hurtin's All Over'
(RQ-4)'House Divided'
(RQ-4)'Everybody's Gotta Be Somewhere'
(RQ-5)'That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome'
(RQ-5)'To Chicago With Love'
(RQ-5)'The Other Side Of You'
(RQ-9)'I Never Once Stopped Loving You'
(RQ-9)'I'll Never Get Over Loving You'
(RQ-9)'You Can't Take Back A Teardrop'
(RQ-9)'Back In My Baby's Arms Again'
(RQ-9)'Ain't Had No Lovin'
(RQ-10)'Just One Time'
(RQ-10)'I'll Come Running'
(RQ-11)'Same As Mine'
(RQ-11)'Cincinnati Ohio'
(RQ-12)'You Crossed My Mind A Thousand Times Today'
(RQ-13)'Cry Cry Cry'
(RQ-13)'The Hinges On The Door'

Conway Twitty 
(A-3) 'Don't Cry Joni'
(A-3) 'Fifteen Years Ago'
(A-5) 'Hello Darlin''
(A-6) 'It's Only Make Believe'
(A-10)'She Needs Someone To Hold Her When She Cries'
(32)  'Sound Of An Angel's Wings'
(20)  'The Games That Daddies Play'
(A-12)'Touch The Hand'
(A-13)'You've Never Been This Far Before'
(RQ-1)'Heartache Just Walked In'
(RQ-1)'A Letter And A Ring'
(RQ-1)'Next In Line'
(RQ-2)'Table In The Corner'
(RQ-3)'Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart'
(RQ-3)'Dim Lights Thick Smoke'
(RQ-5)'The Image Of Me'
(RQ-5)'(Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date'
(RQ-5)'That's When She Started To Stop Loving You'
(RQ-7)'Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie'
(RQ-8)'Me And My Neighbor'
(RQ-8)'The Big Man Above'
(RQ-10)'Up Comes The Bottle'
(RQ-10)'Clinging To A Saving Hand'
(RQ-10)'Linda On My Mind'
(RQ-11)'Wild Mountain Rose'
(RQ-12)'Star Spangled Heaven'

Coon Creek Girls 
(A-1) 'Banjo Pickin' Girl'

Country Gentlemen 
(2)   'Bringing Mary Home'
(A-4) 'God's Coloring Book'
(27)  'Legend Of The Rebel Soldier'
(4J)  'New Freedom Bell'
(RQ-1)'Mountains And Memories'

Country Johnny Mathis 
(A-12)'When I Came Through Town'
(RQ-2)'I'll Cry When I Call Your Name'
(RQ-2)'Run Please Run'

Cousin Jody
(RQ-10)'Television Set'

Cousin Roy 
(6)   'Seven Beers With The Wrong Woman'

Cousin Tuney 
(A-8) 'Mortgaged Plymouth'

Cowboy Church Sunday School 
(35)  'Open Up Your Heart'

Cowboy Copas 
(29)  'An Old Farm For Sale'
(13)  'Cowtown'
(A-4) 'Filipino Baby'
(31)  'Hangman's Boogie'
(A-7) 'Little Red Wagon'
(V-2) 'South Pacific Shore'
(29)  'The Cowboy's Deck Of Cards'
(A-11)'The Rainbow And The Rose'
(RQ-2)'Tennessee Moon'
(RQ-4)'True Love'
(RQ-4)'Waltzing With Sin'
(RQ-5)'Tragic Romance'
(RQ-5)'God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds'
(RQ-6)'Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)'
(RQ-6)'Wherever He Leads I'll Go'
(RQ-6)'Pickin' The Blues'
(RQ-7)'Black Eyed Susan'
(RQ-7)'The Party's Over'
(RQ-8)'Cope's Wildwood Flower'
(RQ-9)'Goodbye Kisses'
(RQ-11)'Waltzing With Tears In My Eyes'
(RQ-12)'Signed Sealed And Delivered'
(RQ-12)'Candy Kisses'

Cowboy Copas and Cathy Copas 
(19)  'Copy Cat'
(RQ-7)'There'll Come A Time Someday'

Cowboy Slim Rinehart 
(F)   'Memories Of That Silver Haired Daddy'
(A-8) 'My Buddy'
(A-9) 'Ridin' Down That Old Texas Trail'

Crazy Elmer 
(8)   'I Heard A Rainbow'
(8)   'Swiss On Rye'
(RQ-6)'Bills And Yodels'
(RQ-6)'Make Your Own Sunshine'

Crystal Gayle 
(27)  'I've Cried The Blue (Right Out Of My Eyes)'
(A-11)'Talking In Your Sleep'
(RQ-6)'Wrong Road Again'

Curly Fox
(RQ-6)'The Model T And The Train Race'

Curly Fox and Texas Ruby
(RQ-6)'Hang Out The Front Door Key'

Curly O'Brien 
(21)  'Every Step Of The Way'

Curly Williams 
(A-4) 'Grandma's Turned Over Again'
(A-13)'When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts'

Curt Massey 
(A-5) 'Honey Song'

Dallas Frazier 
(A-1) 'Big Mabel Murphy'

Danny Davis and The Nashville Brass 
(4J)  'Bicentennial Medley'

Danny Harper 
(M)   'A Visit With Mom'

Darby and Tarlton 
(A-1) 'Birmingham Jail'

Darnell Miller
(RQ-1)'Mommie Will My Doggie Understand'

Darrell McCall 
(14)  'Lily Dale'
(32)  'Dreams Of A Dreamer'
(RQ-5)'Pictures Can't Talk Back'
(RQ-8)'I'll Break Out Again Tonight'
(RQ-8)'There's Still A Lot Of Love In San Antone'

Dave and Sugar
(RQ-9)'The Door Is Always Open'

Dave Dudley 
(1)   'Rolaids Doan's Pills And Preparation H'
(A-10)'Six Days On The Road'
(V-1) 'Lili Marlene'
(V-2) 'Then I'll Come Home Again'
(V-2) 'Viet Nam Blues'
(V-2) 'What We're Fighting For'
(RQ-2)'There Ain't No Easy Run'
(RQ-2)'The Pool Shark'
(RQ-6)'Nashville Blues'
(RQ-6)'Big Ole House'
(RQ-10)'Rooster Hill'
(RQ-12)'Jack Knife'

Dave Dudley and Charlie Douglas 
(15)  'Where's The Truck'

David Allen Coe 
(A-13)'You Never Even Called Me By My Name'

David Frizzell 
(16)  'I'm Gonna Hire A Wino'

David Houston 
(24)  'Mountain Of Love'
(9)   'Almost Persuaded'
(RQ-10)'I Do My Swingin' At Home'
(RQ-10)'With One Exception'
(RQ-11)'Baby Baby'
(RQ-12)'Watching My World Walk Away'
(RQ-13)'Before The Next Teardrop Falls'

David Houston and Barbara Mandrell
(RQ-4)'Ten Commandments Of Love'

David Houston and Tammy Wynette
(RQ-3)'My Elusive Dreams'

David Kirby 
(6)   'Her And The Car And The Mobile Home Were Gone'

David Price
(RQ-8)'The World Lost A Man'

David Wills 
(11)  'From Barrooms To Bedrooms'
(A-12)'There's A Song On The Jukebox'

Davis Sisters 
(4)   'I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know'
(RQ-9)'Sorrow And Pain'
(RQ-12)'Foggy Mountain Top'
(RQ-12)'Jealous Love'
(RQ-12)'Heartbreak Ahead'

(Ch)  'Rusty Chevrolet'

De Ford Bailey 
(14)  'Up Country Blues'

Dean Martin and Rick Nelson 
(16)  'My Rifle My Pony And Me'

Del Reeves 
(13)  'Be Glad'
(13)  'Laughter Keeps Running Down My Cheeks'
(26)  'If I Lived Here'
(A-1) 'Belles Of Southern Bell'
(A-4) 'Girl On The Billboard'
(RQ-3)'Looking At The World Through A Windshield'
(RQ-5)'Dime At A Time'
(RQ-6)'The Only Girl I Can't Forget'
(RQ-7)'Be Quiet Mind'
(RQ-9)'A Dozen Pair Of Boots'
(RQ-9)'This Must Be The Bottom'
(RQ-9)'Good Time Charlie's'
(RQ-10)'No Rings No Strings'

Delmore Brothers 
(23)  'Rounder's Blues'
(A-7) 'Lonesome Yodel Blues'
(13)  'Blow Yo Whistle'
(13)  'Last Old Shovel'
(13)  'Prisoner's Farewell'
(13)  'Remember I Feel Lonesome Too'
(31)  'Blues Stay Away From Me'
(RQ-6)'Red Ball To Natchez'
(RQ-10)'When We Held Our Hymn Books Together'
(RQ-10)'I Now Have A Bugle To Play'
(RQ-13)'Fifty Miles To Travel'
(RQ-13)'The Girl By The River'

Denver Darling
 (17) 'My Little Buckaroo'
(A-5) 'Honey Song'
(E)   'Easter Sunday On The Prairie'
(V-1) 'Care Of Uncle Sam'
(V-2) 'Send This Purple Heart To My Sweetheart'
(V-2) 'The Modern Cannonball'
(V-2) 'When Mussolini Laid His Pistol Down'

Dezurik Sisters
(RQ-8)'Arizona Yodeler'
(RQ-8)'I Left Her Standing There'
(RQ-13)'Birmingham Jail'

Diana Duke
(RQ-3)'Tonight The Jukebox Plays For Me'
(RQ-3)'Nothing In Common'

Diana Trask
(RQ-1)'It's A Man's World'

Diana Williams 
(11)  'Teddy Bear's Last Ride'

Dick Curless
(34)  'Cottage In The Pines'
(34)  'Heart Talk'
(12)  'Wintertime In Maine'
(16)  'Room Full Of Roses'
(21)  'Rocky Mountain Queen'
(25)  'Teardrops In My Heart'
(4)   'The Friend Who Makes It Four'
(7)   'Jelly Doughnuts'
(9)   'A Brand New Bed Of Roses'
(9)   'January April And Me'
(A-1) 'Beautiful Dreamer'
(A-1) 'Big Wheel Cannonball'
(A-11)'Tater Raisin' Man'
(A-12)'Tombstone Every Mile'
(A-2) 'Chick Inspector'
(A-2) 'China Nights'
(A-2) 'Cowboy Jack'
(A-3) 'Down By The Old River'
(A-7) 'Long Lonesome Highway'
(F)   'When Dad Was Around'
(V-1) 'Deck Of Cards'
(RQ-4)'All Of Me Belongs To You'
(RQ-5)'Snap Your Fingers'
(RQ-6)'Travelin' Man'
(RQ-6)'House Of Memories'
(RQ-6)'Singing A Country Song'
(RQ-6)'Sixty Minute Man'
(RQ-6)'Truck Stop' (with Jerry Smith)
(RQ-7)'Over The Edge'
(RQ-8)'Streets Of Laredo'
(RQ-10)'Six Times A Day'
(RQ-12)'I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town'

Dick Feller 
(35)  'A Room For A Boy Never Used'
(A-1) 'Bif The Friendly Purple Bear'
(A-11)'The Credit Card Song'
(A-12)'Uncle Hiram And The Homemade Beer'
(RQ-13)'Makin The Best Of A Bad Situation'

Dick Flood
(RQ-5)'Another Stretch Of Track Is Calling Me'
(RQ-7)'Chime Bells'

Dick Thomas
(RQ-10)'They'll Never Take The Texas Out Of Me'
(RQ-10)'The Sister Of Sioux City Sue'
(RQ-10)'Charlotte Belle'

Dickey Lee 
(20)  '9,999,999 Tears'
(28)  'Never Ending Song Of Love'
(29)  'Amelia Earhart's Last Flight'
(RQ-13)'Angels Roses And Rain'

Doc Morrill 
(A-1) 'Almost Persuaded'

Doc Watson 
(4)   'No Telephone In Heaven'
(A-8) 'My Grandfather's Clock'
(RQ-1)'Pretty Little Pink'
(RQ-12)'Nine Pound Hammer'

Doc and Merle Watson 
(11)  'Carroll County Blues'
(RQ-11)'Meet Me Somewhere'

Doc Williams
(10)  'Mary Of The Wild Moor'
(10)  'The Three Wishes'
(11)  'Silver Bell'
(18)  'Abdul Abulbul Ameer'
(18)  'Peg Leg Jack'
(7)   'A Faded Rose A Broken Heart'
(7)   'Nell Of Narragansett Bay'
(8)   'Wheeling Back To Wheeling'
(A-1) 'Big Rock Candy Mountain'
(A-12)'There's A Little Box Of Pine'
(A-12)'Under The Double Eagle'
(A-13)'When They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree'
(A-3) 'Daddy's Little Angel'
(A-4) 'Happy Days Long Ago'
(A-8) 'My Old Brown Coat And Me'
(A-9) 'Red Wing'
(F)   'Thank You For My New Dad'
(M)   'There's A Mother Always Waiting'
(RQ-2)'Fiddler Joe'
(RQ-7)'Willy Roy'
(RQ-7)'The Man In The Moon'
(RQ-11)'Two Little Orphans'
(RQ-12)'A Message From Home Sweet Home'

Doc and Chickie Williams 
(7)   'Polka Dots And Polka Dreams'
(A-10)'Sweet Fern'
(F)   'Your Father Is Always At Home'
(V-1) 'He Said He Had A Friend'
(V-2) 'Searching For A Soldier's Grave'
(RQ-1)'Night Wind Waltz'
(RQ-2)'There's Only One Love In A Lifetime'
(RQ-7)'One Heart One Life'

Doc Williams Family 
(E)   'Take Up Thy Cross'

Dolly Parton 
(15)  'Joshua'
(22)  'Letter To Heaven'
(22)  'My Blue Tears'
(6)   'Little Blossom'
(A-2) 'Coat Of Many Colors'
(A-5) 'I Will Always Love You'
(A-6) 'Just Because I'm A Woman'
(A-8) 'My Tennessee Mountain Home'
(RQ-1)'Me And Little Andy'
(RQ-1)'Daddy Come And Get Me'
(RQ-1)'Dumb Blonde'
(RQ-2)'Two Little Orphans'
(RQ-6)'Love Is Like A Butterfly'
(RQ-11)'Daddy's Working Boots'

Don and Earl 
(Ch)  'Birth Of Jesus'
(V-1) 'Letter From A Soldier'
(RQ-6)'Memories Of Home'
(RQ-6)'Old Time Preacher'
(RQ-6)'Railway To Heaven'

Don Bowman 
(A-2) 'Coward Of The Alamo'
(RQ-8)'Poor Old Ugly Gladys Jones'
(RQ-12)'Hello DJ'

Don Gibson 
(33)  'Don't Tell Me Your Troubles'
(13)  'One Day At A Time'
(2)   'Oh Lonesome Me'
(23)  'Watch Where You're Going'
(A-9) 'Sea Of Heartbreak'
(RQ-2)'Who Cares'
(RQ-2)'It Happens Everytime'
(RQ-4)'I Can't Stop Loving You'
(RQ-6)'Lonesome Number One'
(RQ-6)'A Legend In My Time'
(RQ-6)'Country Green'
(RQ-11)'Is This The Best I'm Gonna Feel'
(RQ-11)'Give Myself A Party'
(RQ-11)'Look Who's Blue'
(RQ-11)'I Think It's Best'
(RQ-12)'Woman Sensuous Woman'

Don Gibson and Dottie West 
(13)  'Rings Of Gold'

Don Messer and His Islanders  
(1)   'The Tread On The Tail 'O Me Coat'
(5)   'Rubber Dolly'
(A-10)'St. Anne's Reel'
(A-13)'Yesterday's Roses'
(A-2) 'Clancy Lowered The Boom'
(RQ-7)'Ranger's Waltz'
(RQ-7)'Maple Sugar Two Step'

Don Reno and Arthur Smith
(RQ-5)'Bye Bye Black Smoke Choo Choo'

Don Reno and Benny Martin 
(V-2) 'Soldier's Prayer In Viet Nam'

Don West 
(A-1) 'Ballad Of Moosehead Lake'

Don Williams
(10)  'Tulsa Time'
(14)  'Circle Driveway'
(26)  'Amanda'
(A-12)'Till The Rivers All Run Dry'
(A-2) 'Country Boy'
(A-5) 'I Believe In You'
(32)  'Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma'
(32)  'You're My Best Friend'
(RQ-1)'The Shelter Of Your Eyes'
(RQ-1)'Say It Again'
(RQ-3)'Some Broken Hearts Never Mend'
(RQ-8)'I Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't Love Me'
(RQ-10)'Lay Down Beside Me'
(RQ-10)'Ghost Story'
(RQ-11)'The Ties That Bind'

Donn Reynolds 
(A-3) 'Cukoo Waltz'
(RQ-3)'Blue Canadian Rockies'
(RQ-9)'Joe's Been A Gettin' There'
(RQ-9)'Stockman's Lullaby'

Donn abd Cindy Reynolds 
(34)  'Now Is The Hour'

Donna Fargo
(13)  'Do I Love You'
(13)  'Little Girl Gone'
(13)  'You Were Always There'
(15)  'Don't Be Angry'
(17)  'Daddy Dumpling'
(23)  'That Was Yesterday'
(4J)  'US Of A'
(A-4) 'Funny Face'
(A-4) 'Happiest Girl In The Whole USA'
(RQ-6)'It Do Feel Good'
(RQ-9)'Just A Friend Of Mine'

Donna Harris
(RQ-1)'He Was Almost Persuaded'

Donny Young
(RQ-6)'Window Up Above'
RQ-6)'Shaking The Blues'

Donny Young and Roger Miller
(RQ-6)'On This Mountain'

Dorothy Shay
(RQ-1)'The Old Apple Tree'
(RQ-1)'Feudin' And Fightin'

Dottie West 
(A-2) 'Country Girl'
(A-2) 'Country Sunshine'
(RQ-1)'Let Me Off At The Corner'
(RQ-1)'Here Comes My Baby'
(RQ-3)'Angel On Paper'
(RQ-7)'Would You Hold It Against Me'
(RQ-7)'Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)'
(RQ-7)'Forever Yours'
(RQ-9)'House Of Love'
(RQ-12)'Paper Mansions'

Dottie West and Don Gibson 
(20)  'There's a Story (Goin' Round)'

(RQ-8)'I'll Be Your San Antone Rose'
(RQ-8)'Tryin' To Satisfy You'
(RQ-11)'(After Sweet Memories) Play Born To Lose Again'

Doug Davis and The Noteropers 
(A-2) 'Cowboy Blues'

Doug LaValley And Jean Marie 
(20)  'I Wonder Who (Is Kissing You)'

Down Homers 
(A-9) 'Out Where The West Winds Blow'
(RQ-5)'White Waterfall'
(RQ-5)'We Won't Say Goodbye Just So Long'
(RQ-10)'In My Arms'
(RQ-10)'My Mountain Gal'

Doye O'Dell
(RQ-3)'Everybody Likes A Little Lovin'
(RQ-12)'Take Any Number'
(RQ-12)'Horses Women And Wine'
(RQ-12)'I Want More Mustard On My Hotdog'

Doyle Holly 
(1)   'Queen Of The Silver Dollar'

Duane Eddy 
(13)  'Rebel Rouser'
(15)  'Dixie'

Dub Dickerson 
(4)   'Mama Laid The Law Down'

Dusty Owens  
(32)  'Forget My Broken Heart'
(RQ-4)'Wouldn't You'
(RQ-4)'Give Me A Little Chance'
(RQ-4)'Somewhere She's Waiting'
(RQ-10)'Who Do You Think They Would Blame'

Earlene Pike 
(22)  'They'll Never Take His Love From Me'
(RQ-10)'To Warm And Comfort You'
(RQ-10)'Mule Skinner Blues'
(RQ-11)'No One Now'

Ebb Lovley 
(21)  'One Rose'

Eck Robertson 
(13)  'Brown Kelly Waltz (Part 1)'
(13)  'Brown Kelly Waltz (Part 2)'

Ed Bruce 
(33)  'Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven'
(34)  'Walker's Woods'

Ed Camp
(RQ-9)'Magnolia Waltz

Eddie Dean 
(E)   'From The Crib To The Cross'
(RQ-8)'A Cowboy's Dream'
(RQ-8)'I Called And I Called'
(RQ-13)'Toodle Oo My Darlin'

Eddie Rabbitt 
(7)   'Two Dollars In The Jukebox'
(RQ-3)'Do You Right Tonight'
(RQ-13)'Every Which Way But Loose'

Eddie Wilson
(RQ-11)'Foolin' Around'

Eddie Zack
(RQ-4)'You Knew Me When You were Lonely'
(RQ-4)'I Never Saw Her Again'

Eddy Arnold
(M)   'Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair'
(10)  'Misty Blue'
(15)  'Each Minute Seems A Million Years'
(24)  'Welcome To My World'
(25)  'Here Comes The Rain Baby'
(27)  'A Million Miles From Your Heart'
(28)  'You Know How Talk Gets Around'
(30)  'Did It Rain'
(30)  'Mommy Please Stay Home With Me'
(30)  'Mother's Prayer'
(31)  'Chip Off The Old Block'
(4)   'Cowpoke'
(6)   'Molly'
(6)   'Seven Years With The Wrong Woman'
(9)   'Little Angel With The Dirty Face'
(A-1) 'Anytime'
(A-10)'Somebody's Been Beatin' My Time'
(A-10)'Something Old Something New'
(A-11)'Tennessee Stud'
(A-11)'Texarkana Baby'
(A-11)'The Echo Of your Footsteps'
(A-11)'The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me'
(A-12)'There's Not A Thing I Wouldn't Do For You'
(A-12)'To My Sorrow'
(A-2) 'Bouquet Of Roses'
(A-2) 'Cattle Call'
(A-2) 'Chained To A Memory'
(A-3) 'Does He Mean That Much To You'
(A-3) 'Easy On The Eyes'
(A-3) 'Eddy's Song'
(A-6) 'I'll Hold You In My Heart'
(A-6) 'I'm Throwing Rice'
(A-6) 'Jealous Hearted Me'
(A-6) 'Just A Little Lovin'
(A-7) 'Kentucky Waltz'
(A-7) 'Love Bug Itch'
(A-7) 'Make The World Go Away'
(A-7) 'Many Tears Ago'
(A-8) 'Molly Darling'
(A-8) 'Moonlight And Roses'
(A-8) 'One Kiss Too Many'
(Ch)  'C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S'
(Ch)  'Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town'
(Ch)  'Will Santy Come To Shanty Town?'
(E)   'Robe Of Calvary'
(F)   'My Daddy Is Only A Picture'
(F)   'Someone Calls Me Daddy'
(34)  'That's All I Want From You'
(M)   'I Wouldn't Trade The Silver In My Mother's Hair'
(M)   'M-O-T-H-E-R'
(V-1) 'Did You See My Daddy Over There'
(RQ-1)'That Do Make It Nice'
(RQ-1)'Across The Wide Missouri'
(RQ-1)'That's How Much I Love You'
(RQ-1)'If I Never Get To Heaven'
(RQ-1)'The Rockin Mockin Bird'
(RQ-2)'The Richest Man'
(RQ-2)'He's Got You'
(RQ-3)'I Wouldn't Know Where To Begin'
(RQ-4)'Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again'
(RQ-5)'Leanin' On The Old Top Rail'
(RQ-5)'What's He Doing In My World'
(RQ-5)'Don't Ever Take The Ribbons From Your Hair'
(RQ-5)'There's Been A Change In Me'
(RQ-6)'What A Fool I Was'
(RQ-6)'Here Comes Heaven'
(RQ-6)'Heart Strings'
(RQ-6)'The Kentuckian Song'
(RQ-6)'The Red Headed Stranger'
(RQ-7)'Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye'
(RQ-7)'The Lily Of The Valley'
(RQ-7)'Wagon Wheels'
(RQ-8)'All Alone In This World Without You'
(RQ-8)'Just Call Me Lonesome'
(RQ-8)'It's A Sin'
(RQ-8)'How's The World Treating You'
(RQ-8)'Mama Come Get Yout Baby Boy'
(RQ-8)'Bundle Of Southern Sunshine'
(RQ-8)'Be Sure There's No Mistake'
(RQ-8)'Condemned Without Trial'
(RQ-9)'Carry Me Back To The Prairie'
(RQ-9)'Nellie Sits A-Waitin'
(RQ-9)'The Missouri Waltz'
(RQ-9)'What Is Life Without Love'
(RQ-10)'This Is The Thanks I Get'
(RQ-10)'I'm Writing A Letter To The Lord'
(RQ-11)'You Must Walk The Line'
(RQ-11)'Can't Win Can't Place Can't Show'
(RQ-11)'Before This Day Ends'

Eddy Gibson and The Country Ambassadors 
(15)  '470'
(15)  'Why Oh Why'

Elmo and Patsy 
(Ch)  'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer'

Elton Britt 
(1)   'Merry Maiden Polka'
(18)  'Will The Angels Let Me Play'
(21)  'Red Wing'
(22)  'Maybe I'll Cry Over You'
(23)  'Blue Bird Yodel'
(23)  'I'm A Convict With Old Glory In My Heart'
(4J)  'Stars And Stripes Forever'
(4J)  'There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere'
(6)   'Daddy's Little Girl'
(6)   'I'm Tying The Leaves'
(A-2) 'Chime Bells'
(A-3) 'Detour'
(A-9) 'Put Me In Your Pocket'
(A-9) 'Red River Valley'
(M)   'My Mother's Picture'
(V-2) 'Buddy Boy'
(V-2) 'Korean Mud'
(V-2) 'The Rotation Blues'
(RQ-6)'In The Pines'
(RQ-6)'Cannonball Yodel'
(RQ-6)'Sod Shanty'
(RQ-8)'Broken Wings'
(RQ-10)'Rogue River Valley'
(RQ-10)'Patent Leather Boots'
(RQ-11)'Wartime Lullaby'
(RQ-11)'I Love To Be A U.S. Soldier'
(Ch)  'Christmas In November' 

Elton Britt and Rosalie Allen

Emmylou Harris 
(Ch)  'Light Of The Stable'
(11)  'You Never Can Tell (C'est La Vie)'
(15)  'If I Could Only Win Your Love'
(27)  'Montana Cowgirl'
(RQ-11)'Save The Last Dance For Me'
Eric Weissberg 
(A-3) 'Dueling Banjos'

Eric Wight and The Kennebec Valley Boys 
(5)   'The Battle Of Quebec'

Ernest Ashworth
(13)  'I Take The Chance'
(14)  'A Week In The Country'
(14)  'The DJ Cried'
(15)  'Everybody But Me'
(15)  'Lonelys Ony Bar'
(16)  'You Can't Pick A Rose In December'
(17)  'Heartaches Headaches And Hangovers'
(A-11)'Talk Back Trembling Lips'

Ernest Phipps
(RQ-4)'Shine On Me'

Ernest Stoneman 
(31)  'All I Got's Gone'
(E)   'I Remember Calvary'

Ernest Tubb 
(14)  'What Kind Of God Do You Think You Are'
(19)  'When The World Has Turned You Down'
(2)   'Walkin' The Floor Over You'
(20)  'In And Out Of Every Heart In Town'
(21)  'Farther And Farther Apart'
(24)  'Family Bible'
(28)  'Half My Hearet's In Texas'
(28)  'If We Never Meet Again'
(28)  'Rose Of The Mountain'
(31)  'Don't Trifle On Your Sweetheart'
(4)   'Don't She Look Good'
(4J)  'It's America (Love It Or Leave It)'
(A-1) 'Blue Eyed Elaine'
(A-10)'Somebody Loves You'
(A-10)'Somebody's Stolen My Honey'
(A-11)'That Wild And Wicked Look In Your Eye'
(A-12)'Tommy's Doll'
(A-12)'Try Me One More Time'
(A-12)'Unfaithful One'
(A-12)'Waltz Across Texas'
(A-13)'Yellow Rose Of Texas'
(A-13)'You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry'
(A-13)'You Nearly Lose Your Mind'
(A-3) 'Driftwood On The River'
(A-3) 'Driving Nails In My Coffin'
(A-4) 'Filipino Baby'
(Ch)  'Blue Snowflakes'
(Ch)  'Christmas Island'
(Ch)  'I'll Be Walkin' The Floor This Christmas'
(Ch)  'Merry Texas Christmas You All'
(Ch)  'White Christmas'
(V-1) 'I'm A Heartsick Soldier On Heartbreak Ridge'
(V-1) 'Missing In Action'
(V-2) 'Rainbow At Midnight'
(RQ-1)'Letters Have No Arms'
(RQ-1)'May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You'
(RQ-1)'Dear Judge'
(RQ-1)'Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello'
(RQ-2)'Soldier's Last Letter'
(RQ-2)'Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right'
(RQ-2)'I'll Keep On Loving You'
(RQ-3)'Careless Darlin'
(RQ-3)'Yesterday's Winner Is A Loser Today'
(RQ-3)'Slippin' Around'
(RQ-3)'Another Story Another Time Another Place'
(RQ-3)'Show Her Lots Of Gold'
(RQ-3)'Half A Mind'
(RQ-3)'I'm With A Crowd But So Alone'
(RQ-3)'Women Make A Fool Out Of Me'
(RQ-3)'I'm Gonna Make Like A Snake'
(Ch)  'We Need God For Christmas'
(RQ-4)'I'm Not Looking For An Angel'
(RQ-5)'Hey La La'
(RQ-6)'Time After Time'
(RQ-6)'I'll Step Aside'
(RQ-7)'(A Memory) That's All You'll Ever Be To Me'
(RQ-7)'Baby Your Mother'
(RQ-7)'Seaman's Blues'
(RQ-8)'When I Take My Vacation In Heaven'
(RQ-8)'Yesterday's Tears'
(RQ-9)'When Ole Goin' Gets A-Goin'
(RQ-9)'Jealous Loving Heart'
(RQ-10)'I've Got A Good Mind To Love Her Anyway'
(RQ-13)'(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You'

Ernest Tubb and The Andrews Sisters
(RQ-1)'I'm Biting My Fingernails And Thinking Of You'
(RQ-1)'Don't Rob Another Man's Castle'

Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn 
(A-5) 'I Chased You Til You Caught Me'
(A-8) 'Mr. and Mrs. Used To Be'
(A-10)'Sweet Thang'
(35)  'Who's Gonna Take The Garbage Out'
(RQ-7)'Beautiful Friendships'
(RQ-7)'That Odd Couple'
(RQ-9)'Our Hearts Are Holding Hands'
(RQ-9)'Stop Me'

Ernest Tubb and Marty Robbins
(RQ-7)'Rainbow At Midnight'

Ernest Tubb and Wilburn Brothers 
(1)   'Mr. Love'

(A-13)'Whoopin' In The Holler'
(A-2) 'Clementine'

Ethel Delaney
(ED)  'Tiny Thread Of Hope'
(ED)  'Can You Go Back To That Ole Jukebox'
(ED)  'Cowboy's Sweetheart'
(ED)  'Echo Valley'
(ED)  'Goin' To The Country'
(ED)  'He Taught Me How To Yodel'
(ED)  'Hillbilly Leprechauns'
(ED)  'Howdy Neighbor Howdy'
(ED)  'I Almost'
(ED)  'Just Outside The Door'
(ED)  'Ridin' Down The Trail Together'
(ED)  'Sing Me A Song Of Sadness'
(ED)  'Some Of My Best Friends Are Old Songs'
(ED)  'Taste Of The Blues'
(ED)  'That Pioneer Mother Of Mine'
(ED)  'The Chair That Rocked Us All'
(ED)  'Turn Back The Hands Of Time'
(ED)  'We've Come A Long Way Baby'
(ED)  'You Are Everything To Me'
(ED)  'Your Heart Taught My Heart To Cry'
(V-2) 'The Shining Medal'

Everly Brothers 
(F)   'Oh My Papa'
(RQ-8)'That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine'

Farmer Boys 
(A-13)'You're A Humdinger'

Faron Young
(12)  'Face To The Wall'
(13)  'Just What I Had In Mind'
(13)  'Step Aside'
(14)  'Some Kind Of A Woman'
(15)  'I Can't Wait (For The Sun To Go Down)'
(15)  'The Locket'
(15)  'Turn Her Down'
(19)  'I Heard The Jukebox Playing'
(23)  'Every Time I'm Kissing You'
(26)  'It's Not The Miles'
(3)   'Walk Tall'
(4)   'The Yellow Bandana'
(33)  'Your Old Used To Be'
(34)  'Wine Me Up'
(35)  'Alone With You'
(A-13)'You'll Drive Me Back'
(A-13)'Your Time's Comin''
(A-13)'You're Still Mine'
(A-2) 'Country Girl'
(A-4) 'Four In The Morning'
(A-5) 'Hello Walls'
(A-5) 'I Just Came To Get My Baby'
(A-6) 'I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night'
(A-9) 'Rhinestones'
(A-9) 'Riverboat'
(Ch)  'I'm Gonna Tell Santa On You'
(RQ-2)'The Guns Of Johnny Rondo'
(RQ-2)'Occasional Wife'
(RQ-3)'I'll Be Yours'
(RQ-3)'Moments To Remember'
(RQ-5)'If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'
(RQ-7)'I Miss You Already'
(RQ-8)'A Place For Girls Like You'
(RQ-8)'Forgive Me Dear'
(RQ-8)'Live Fast Love Hard Die Young'
(RQ-9)'All Right'
(RQ-10)'Unmitigated Gall'
(RQ-10)'Baby My Heart'
(RQ-11)'That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome'
(RQ-11)'Imagination Running Wild'
(RQ-11)'Tattletale Tears'
(RQ-12)'There's Not Any Like You Left'
(RQ-12)'Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye'
(RQ-12)'Goin' Steady'
(RQ-12)'If I Ever Fall In Love With A Honky Tonk Girl'
(RQ-13)'Pickin' Time'

Faron Young and Margie Singleton 
(28)  'Keeping Up With The Joneses'

(A-8) 'Mule Skinner Blues'

Ferlin Husky 
(11)  'Eli The Camel'
(11)  'Next To Jimmy'
(12)  'Draggin' The River'
(22)  'White Fences And Evergreen Trees'
(29)  'Flowers Speak Louder Than Words'
(9)   'Money Greases The Wheels'
(A-1) 'A Fallen Star'
(A-12)'Waltz You Saved For Me'
(A-13)'Wings Of A Dove'
(A-3) 'Drunken Driver'
(A-4) 'Gone'
(A-5) 'I Feel Better All Over'
(A-7) 'Little Tom'
(A-8) 'Once'
(32)  'Rosie Cries A Lot'
(34)  'Open Up The Book (Take A Look)'
(RQ-2)'Prize Possession'
(RQ-3)'My Reason For Living'
(RQ-3)'Wang Dang Doo'
(RQ-4)'Freckles And Polliwog Days'
(RQ-4)'Heavenly Sunshine'
(RQ-4)'Forgotten Heartaches'
(Ch)  'Lonely Christmas'
(Ch)  'Christmas Dream'
(RQ-7)'I Hear Little Rock Calling'
(RQ-8)'Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By'
(RQ-8)'Baby's Blue'
(RQ-10)'Hank's Song'
(RQ-10)'Father's Table Grace'
(RQ-11)'Twenty One'
(RQ-11)'True True Lovin'
(RQ-11)'Slow Down Brother'
(RQ-12)'There Ain't Enough Whiskey In Tennessee'
(RQ-12)'I'll Sail My Ship Alone'

Fess Parker 
(21)  'Ballad Of Davy Crockett'

Fiddlin' John Carson 
(13)  'I'm Going To Take The Train At Charlotte'

Fisher Hendley
(RQ-12)'Darling Do You Know Who Loves You'

Flatt and Scruggs
(A-3) 'Dim Lights Thick Smoke'
(15)  'My Little Girl In Tennessee'
(19)  'Salty Dog'
(24)  'Rock Salt And Nails'
(26)  'Rambling Gambler'
(27)  'Branded Wherever I Go'
(28)  'Mama Don't Allow'
(3)   'Cabin On The Hill'
(31)  'That Little Old Country Church House'
(A-4) 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown'
(A-4) 'Green Acres'
(A-9) 'Petticoat Junction'
(A-9) 'Polka On A Banjo'
(E)   'He Took Your Place'
(M)   'Give Mother My Crown'
(RQ-1)'Ballad Of Jed Clampett'
(RQ-1)'Jimmy Brown The Newsboy'
(RQ-1)'Pearl Pearl Pearl'
(RQ-1)'My Cabin In Caroline'
(RQ-2)'Drink That Mash And Talk That Trash'
(RQ-3)'Home Sweet Home'
(RQ-3)'The Great Historical Bum'
(RQ-3)'Cring My Heart Out Over You'
(RQ-3)'Bouquet In Heaven'
(RQ-4)'Before I Met You'
(RQ-4)'Dear Old Dixie'
(RQ-4)'Father's Table Grace'
(RQ-8)'Over The Hill To The Poorhouse'
(RQ-9)'Joy Bells'
(RQ-10)'Long Road To Houston'
(RQ-11)'Crying Alone'
(RQ-12)'The Storms Are On The Ocean'
(RQ-12)'On My Mind'
(RQ-13)'Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me'

Flo Hooper
(RQ-8)'Little Sweetheart Of The Ozarks'

Floyd Cramer 
(A-7) 'Last Date'

Floyd Tillman 
(A-5) 'I Love You So Much It Hurts Me'
(V-1) 'Each Night At Nine'
(RQ-2)'I'll Still Be Loving You'
(RQ-5)'What Can I Do With You'
(RQ-11)'It Just Tears Me Up'

Foy Willing 
(A-1) 'Beautiful Moon Over Texas'
(A-8) 'No One To Cry To'

Frank Welling and John McGhee 
(A-9) 'School Days'
(M)   'Picture On The Wall'

Frankie Laine 
(A-5) 'High Noon'
(A-8) 'Mule Train'
(RQ-1)'Wanted Man'
(RQ-9)'Moonlight Gambler'

Frankie Miller 
(26)  'Family Man'
(34)  'My Wedding Song To You'
(RQ-6)'Big Talk Of The Town'
(RQ-9)'Black Land Farmer'
(RQ-11)'Too Hot To Handle'
(RQ-13)'The Way It Was In '51'

Frankie Yankovic 
(A-2) 'Blue Skirt Waltz'
(Ch)  'Christmas Memories'
(Ch)  'What Christmas Means To Me'

Fred Pike
(RQ-8)'How Do I Say Goodby'

Freddie Hart
(13)  'Bless Your Heart'
(13)  'If You Can't Feel It'
(17)  'Hang In There Girl'
(24)  'Snatch It And Grab It'
(27)  'Trip To Heaven'
(8)   'The Wall'
(9)   'Easy Lovin''
(A-4) 'Hank Williams' Guitar'
(Ch)  'I Believe In Santa Claus'
(RQ-1)'Phoenix City'
(RQ-1)'Brother Bluebird'
(RQ-1)'My Woman's Man'
(RQ-6)'Ugly Duckling'
(RQ-8)'Drink Up And Go Home'
(RQ-9)'If Fingerprints Showed Up On Skin'
(RQ-11)'First Time'
(RQ-12)'My Hangup Is You'

Freddy Fender 
(22)  'My Special Prayer'
(A-1) 'Before The Next Teardrop Falls'
(A-12)'Wasted Days And Wasted Nights'
(A-13)'You'll Lose A Good Thing'
(RQ-6)'I'm Leaving It All Up To You'
(RQ-6)'I Love My Rancho Grande'
(RQ-6)'After The Fire Is Gone'
(RQ-7)'You Can't Get Here From There'
Freddy Weller 
(22)  'The Promised Land'
(27)  'The Perfect Stranger'

Ft. Worth Doughboys 
(A-8) 'Nancy Jane'

Gary Stewart 
(A-11)'Ten Years Of This'
(RQ-7)'Drinkin' Thing'
(RQ-7)'She's Actin' Single'
(RQ-9)'Stone Wall (Around Your Heart)'

Geezinslaw Brothers 
(A-2) 'Change Of Wife'
(34)  'Chubby'
(RQ-1)'I Couldn't Spell Yuuk'

Gene Autry
(16)  'Louisiana Moon'
(28)  'Rocky Mountain Rose'
 (2)  'Back In The Saddle Again'
(1)   'Crime Will Never Pay'
(10)  'Guffy The Goofy Gobbler'
(10)  'Little Johnny Pilgrim'
(12)  'Don't Hang Around Me Anymore'
(12)  'Don't Live A Lie'
(12)  'I Want To Be Sure'
(12)  'Silver Spurs'
(12)  'Wave To Me My Lady'
(12)  'You Only Want Me When You're Lonely'
(12)  'You're Not My Darling Anymore'
(17)  'A Yodeling Hobo'
(17)  'I Want A Pardon For Daddy'
(33)  'They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree'
(35)  'Dear Old Western Skies'
(28)  'Smokey The Bear'
(28)  'The Old Covered Wagon'
(4J)  'God Bless America'
(4J)  'God Must've Loved America'
(4J)  'The Statue In The Bay'
(A-11)'Tears On My Pillow'
(A-11)'That Little Kid Sister Of Mine'
(A-11)'The Last Mile'
(A-11)'The Last Roundup'
(A-11)'The Place Where I Worship'
(A-12)'There's An Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight'
(A-12)'When It's Springtime In The Rockies'
(A-3) 'Deep In The Heart Of Texas'
(A-3) 'Diesel Smoke And Dangerous Curves'
(A-4) 'God's Little Candles'
(A-4) 'Gonna Build A Big Fence Around Texas'
(A-5) 'Home On The Range'
(A-6) 'I'll Be Back'
(Ch)  '32 Feet And 8 Little Tails'
(Ch)  'If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas'
(Ch)  'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer'
(E)   'Easter Morning'
(E)   'Peter Cottontail'
(E)   'The Funny Little Bunny'
(E)   'The Horse With The Easter Bonnet'
(F)   'That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine'
(V-1) 'At Mail Call Today'
(V-1) 'Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You'
(V-1) 'Old Soldiers Never Die'
(V-2) 'The Bible On The Table And The Flag Upon The Wall'
(RQ-1)'The Leaf Of Love'
(RQ-2)'Texas Plains'
(RQ-2)'Slue Foot Lou'
(RQ-2)'South Of The Border'
(RQ-2)'Rainbow On The Rio Colorado'
(RQ-3)'The Last Letter'
(RQ-3)'Be Honest With Me'
(RQ-4)'Ages And Ages Ago'
(RQ-4)'Answer To Nobody's Darlin'
(RQ-4)'Little Ranch House On The Old Circle B'
(RQ-4)'Answer To Red River Valley'
(RQ-4)'Ridin' Down The Canyon'
(RQ-4)'Mother Here's A Bouquet For You'
(RQ-4)'Pretty Mary'
(RQ-4)'Dixie Cannonball'
(RQ-4)'Old Buckaroo'
(RQ-5)'Ridin' Double'
(RQ-6)'Beautiful Texas'
(RQ-6)'Mary Dear'
(RQ-8)'Goodbye Little Darlin'
(RQ-8)'Someday In Wyoming'
(RQ-8)'20/20 Vision'
(RQ-9)'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You'
(RQ-9)'Mr. And Mississippi'
(RQ-10)'Mexicali Rose'
(RQ-10)'Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle'
(RQ-10)'Atlanta Bound'
(RQ-11)'Bear Cat Papa Blues'
(RQ-11)'Little Old Band Of Gold'
(RQ-11)'When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies'
(RQ-12)'Serenade Of The Bells'

Gene Hooper 
(1)   'Cross Eyed Gal'
(7)   'The Good People Of Maine'
(A-6) 'I'm All Dressed Up And Lonely'
(V-2) 'Your Little Band Of Gold'

Gene and Flo Hooper 
(7)   'My Mary'

Gene Snowden
(RQ-11)'Quit Your Triflin'

Gene Watson  
(17)  'Paper Rosie'
(17)  'Pick The Wildwood Flower'
(21)  'The Old Man And His Horn'
(A-3) 'Farewell Party'
(RQ-2)'If I'm A Fool For Leaving'
(RQ-2)'Where Love Begins'
(RQ-2)'Love In The Hot Afternoon'

George Alexander
(RQ-1)'El Dorado'

George Hamilton IV  
(A-1) 'Abilene'
(4)   'If You Don't Know'
(A-1) 'A Rose And A Baby Ruth'
(A-12)'Truck Driving Man'
(A-3) 'Everglades'
(RQ-1)'Candy Apple Red'
(RQ-2)'The Ballad Of Widder Jones'
(RQ-2)'The Little Grave'
(RQ-5)'Canadian Pacific'
(RQ-9)'West Texas Highway'
(RQ-9)'China Doll'
(RQ-12)'Twist Of The Wrist'

George Jones 
(1)   'If My Heart Had Windows'
(10)  'The Green Grass Grows All Around'
(14)  'This Wanting You'
(15)  'The Right Left Hand'
(18)  'Let Him Know'
(19)  'Frozen Heart'
(19)  'Heartaches And Hangovers'
(22)  'A Rose From A Bride's Bouquet'
(25)  'Shoulder To Shoulder'
(25)  'The Door'
(25)  'Where Grass Won't Grow'
(35)  'Window Up Above'
(31)  'You Comb Her Hair'
(A-10)'She Thinks I Still Care'
(A-11)'The Grand Tour'
(A-11)'The Race Is On'
(A-12)'Walk Through This World With Me'
(A-13)'White Lightning'
(A-13)'You Better Treat Your Man Right'
(A-3) 'Family Bible'
(A-4) '4033'
(A-4) 'Flowers For Mama'
(A-4) 'He Stopped Loving Her Today'
(A-5) 'Her Name Is...'
(A-5) 'I Love You Because'
(A-6) 'I'll Share My World With You'
(Ch)  'Lonely Christmas Call'
(Ch)  'My Mom And Santa Claus'
(Ch)  'New Baby For Christmas'
(RQ-1)'Your Heart Turned Left'
(RQ-1)'Tender Years'
(RQ-1)'Trouble In Mind'
(RQ-2)'Rain Keeps A Fallin'
(RQ-2)'Say It's Not You'
(RQ-2)'My Tears Are Overdue'
(RQ-3)'These Days I Barely Get By
(RQ-3)'Mr. Fool'
(RQ-3)'I'd Rather Switch Than Fight'
(RQ-3)'Things Have Gone To Pieces'
(RQ-4)'Book Of Memories'
(RQ-4)'When The Grass Grows Over Me'
(RQ-4)'I Just Lost My Favorite Girl'
(RQ-4)'Same Ole Me'
(RQ-7)'Gonna Take Me Away From You'
(RQ-7)'Leaving Love All Over The Place'
(RQ-7)'That Heart Belongs To Me'
(RQ-8)'Too Much Water'
(RQ-8)'Diary Of My Mind'
(RQ-8)'Accidentally On Purpose'
(RQ-8)'A Picture Of Me Without You'
(RQ-9)'Once You've Had The Best'
(RQ-9)'Old Brush Arbors'
(RQ-9)'What Am I Worth'
(RQ-9)'Still Hurtin'
(RQ-10)'Don't Stop The Music'
(RQ-10)'Big Harlan Taylor'
(RQ-10)'Tall Tall Trees'
(RQ-10)'Who Shot Sam'
(RQ-11)'Nothin' Can't Stop Me'
(RQ-11)'Hold Everything'
(RQ-11)'Love Bug'
(RQ-11)'I'm A People'
(RQ-12)'Honky Tonk Downstairs'
(RQ-12)'I'm A One Woman Man'
(RQ-12)'House Without Love'
(RQ-12)'Color Of The Blues'
(RQ-12)'You Gotta Be My Baby'
(RQ-12)'Root Beer'
(RQ-12)'Best Guitar Picker'
(RQ-13)'Seasons Of My Heart'

George Jones and Brenda Carter 
(A-8) 'Milwaukee Here I Come'

George Jones and Gene Pitney 
(31)  'Your Old Standby'
(RQ-1)'Wreck On The Highway'
(RQ-6)'I'm A Fool To Care'

George Jones and Jeannette Hicks

George Jones and Johnny Paycheck
(RQ-6)'Proud Mary'

George Jones and Margie Singleton 
(22)  'Waltz Of The Angels'

George Jones and Melba Montgomery 
(31)  'Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last Night Together' 
(6)   'We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds' 
(A-7) 'Let's Invite Them Over Again'
(RQ-4)'Don't Go'
(RQ-7)'Multiply The Heartaches'
(RQ-7)'Please Be My Love'
(RQ-11)'I Let You Go'
(RQ-11)'I Can't Get Over You'

George Jones and Tammy Wynette 
(A-10)'Southern California'
(A-12)'We're Gonna Hold On'
(A-12)'We're Not The Jet Set'
(A-8) 'Near You'
(Ch)  'The Greatest Gift'
(Ch)  'Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus'
(RQ-2)'Take Me'
(RQ-2)'Two Story House'
(RQ-3)'Golden Ring'

George Kent 
(A-5) 'Hello I'm A Jukebox'

George Morgan 
(11)  'Cry Baby Heart'
(22)  'Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town'
(27)  'Almost'
(A-1) 'All Right I'll Sign The Papers'
(A-2) 'Candy Kisses'
(A-7) 'Little Dutch Girl'
(A-8) 'Mr. Ting-a-Ling (Steel Guitar Man)'
(RQ-2)'A Candy Mountain Melody'
(RQ-2)'Waltzing By The Ohio'
(RQ-4)'Blue Snowfall'
(RQ-5)'Makin' Heartaches'
(RQ-5)'You Turn Me On'
(RQ-6)'You're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me)'
(RQ-6)'I'm In Love Again'
(RQ-7)'Gentle Rains Of Home'
(RQ-8)'All I Need Is Some More Lovin'
(RQ-9)'Look What Followed Me Home Tonight'
(RQ-9)'The Best Mistake'
(RQ-12)'Live And Let Live And Be Happy'
(RQ-12)'By The River Of The Roses'

Georgia Mae 
(32)  'Hills Of Old New England'
(21)  'Squeaky Leather Saddle'

Gid Tanner 
(A-1) 'Back Up And Push'
(A-3) 'Down Yonder'
(17)  'Molly Put The Kettle On'
(14)  'On Tanners Farm'
(15)  'Watermelon On The Vine'
(3)   'Three Nights Drunk'
(RQ-10)'Ida Red'
(RQ-10)'I'm Satisfied'

Ginny Wright 
(A-1) 'Answer To The Bridge Washed Out'

Ginny Wright and Jim Reeves 
(23)  'I Love You'

Ginny Wright and Tom Tall 
(A-1) 'Are You Mine'
(RQ-8)'I Want You'

Girls Of The Golden West 
(11)  'Ragtime Cowboy Joe'
(A-9) 'Roundup In Cheyenne'
(A-9) 'Roamin' In The Gloamin'
(A-9) 'Roundup Time In Texas'
(RQ-2)'Silvery Moon On The Golden Gate'

Glen Campbell 
(25)  'That's All That Matters'
(A-2) 'Bonaparte's Retreat'
(RQ-1)'Rhinestone Cowboy'
(RQ-3)'I Wanna Live'
(RQ-3)'Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife'
(RQ-5)'Wichita Lineman'
(RQ-5)'Manhattan Kansas'
(RQ-5)'Lying In Your Loving Arms Again'

Glenn Barber
(RQ-1)'Poison Red Berries'

Goebel Reeves 
(1)   'Big Rock Candy Mountain'
(M)   'My Mother'

Goldie Hill 
(3)   'Baby Blue' 
(3)   'I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes'
(RQ-3)'I'm Yvonne From The Bayou'
(RQ-12)'Yankee Go Home'

Gordon Lightfoot 
(RQ-1)'The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald'

Gordon Terry
(RQ-9)'Johnson's Old Grey Mule'

Grady Martin 
(29)  'The One Rose'

Grandpa Jones
(15)  'I'll Meet You In The Morning'
(19)  'Lullabye Yodel'
(19)  'Tritzem Yodel'
(2)   'Eight More Miles To Louisville'
(20)  'The Code Of The Mountains'
(26)  'Our Father's Had Religion'
(26)  'Where They Say You All'
(28)  'Gone Home'
(30)  'That New Vitamine'
(A-3) 'Falling Leaves'
(A-5) 'Here Rattler Here'
(A-8) 'Old Rattler'
(Ch)  'Christmas Roses'
(Ch)  'The Christmas Guest'
(RQ-1)'Old Dan Tucker'
(RQ-1)'Come My Little Pink'
(RQ-1)'Banjo Sam'
(RQ-2)'Young Charlotte'
(RQ-3)'Make The Rafters Ring'
(RQ-4)'Daylight Savings Time'
(RQ-5)'I Don't Know Gee From Haw'
(RQ-6)'The Bald Headed End Of The Broom'
(RQ-7)'Goodbye Reb'
(RQ-7)'Mountain Dew'
(RQ-8)'I Don't Love Nobody'
(RQ-8)'Cannonball Blues'
(RQ-9)'I'm No Communist'
(RQ-9)'I Often Wonder Why You Changed Your Mind'
(RQ-9)'Nellie Bly'
(RQ-11)'T For Texas'
(RQ-12)'The Closer To The Bone'
(RQ-13)'Happy Little Home In Arkansas'

Grandpa Jones and Ramona 
(A-8) 'Mountain Laurel'
(RQ-1)'I Wonder Where My Darlin' Is Tonight'
(RQ-6)'When It's Time For The Whipoorwill To Sing'

Grant Turner 
(20)  'Old North Star'

Green River Boys
(RQ-1)'Kentucky Means Paradise'

Guy Drake 
(A-12)'Welfare Cadillac'

Hack and Sack 
(A-12)'There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea'

Hal Lone Pine
(11)  'Lucky Lucky Someone Else'
(18)  'Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley'
(18)  'Gonna Be A Country Star'
(18)  'Lipstick On Your Collar'
(18)  'Prince Edward Island'
(A-11)'Testing 1-2-3'
(A-12)'Trail Of The Lonesome Pine'
(A-3) 'Down By The Railroad Tracks'
(A-4) 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy Bear'
(A-4) 'Hannah'
(V-1) 'I Joined The Navy'
(RQ-3)'A Winding Lane On The Coast Of Maine'
(RQ-3)'Walk Me To The Door'
(RQ-4)'Time Goes By'
(RQ-4)'Little Ole You'

Hal Lone Pine and Betty Cody 
(1)   'Goodbye And So Long To You'
(27)  'O Lord Please Tell Me Do'
(RQ-7)'The Waltz Of The Bride'

Hal Willis 
(A-11)'The Lumberjack'

Hank Cochran 
(A-13)'When You Gotta Go'
(RQ-7)'Sally Was A Good Old Girl'

Hank Locklin
(17)  'Mysteries Of Life'
(10)  'We're Gonna Go Fishin' '
(19)  'Queen Of Hearts'
(31)  'The Girls Get Prettier Everyday'
(6)   'Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On'
(A-12)'Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral'
(A-2) 'Country Hall Of Fame'
(A-4) 'Geisha Girl'
(A-8) 'My Old Home Town'
(A-8) 'My Wild Irish Rose'
(A-9) 'Please Help Me I'm Falling'
(34)  'The Same Sweet Girl'
(RQ-1)'These Ruins Belong To You'
(RQ-1)'Let Me Be The One'
(RQ-1)'A Kiss On The Door'
(RQ-2)'Come Share The Sunshine With Me'
(RQ-2)'Happy Birthday To Me'
(RQ-3)'Oh How I Miss You'
(RQ-4)'Maple On The Hill'
(RQ-5)'One Step Ahead Of My Past'
(RQ-6)'This Song Is Just For You'
(RQ-8)'Ivory Tower'
(RQ-8)'Forty Nine Fifty One'
(RQ-9)'You Can't Never Tell'
(RQ-9)'Whispering Scandal'
(RQ-10)'Our Love Will Show The Way'
(RQ-12)'It's A Little More Like Heaven'
(RQ-13)'I'm Tired Of Bumming Around'

Hank Penny 
(14)  'I Told Them All About You'
(RQ-4)'No Muss No Fuss No Bother'
(RQ-4)'A Bad Penny Always Returns'
(4J)  'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
(RQ-9)'I Like Molasses'
(RQ-11)'Steel Guitar Stomp'

Hank Rivers
(RQ-4)'Red River Valley'
(RQ-4)'Blue Canadian Rockies'

Hank Snow
(22)  'My Two Timin' Woman'
(17) 'Yodeling Back To You'
(12)  'With This Ring I Thee Wed'
(14)  'Bluer Than Blue'
(15)  'Put My Little Shoes Away'
(15)  'The Name Of The Game Was Love'
(16)  'Crack In The Boxcar Door'
(16)  'Little Buddy'
(16)  'There's The Chair'
(18)  'When You And I Were Young Maggie'
(19)  'Call Of The Wild'
(19)  'There's A Pony That's Lonely'
(20)  'Music Makin' Mama From Memphis'
(20)  'These Things Shall Pass'
(24)  'Marriage Vow'
(26)  'I Stepped Over The Line'
(33)  '(The Angel's Are Lighting) God's Little Candles'
(26)  'I Wonder Where You Are Tonight'
(27)  'Broken Wedding Ring'
(29)  'I'll Go On Alone'
(30)  'I Knew That We'd Meet Again'
(30)  'The Big Silver Screen At The Strand'
(4)   'I've Been Everywhere'
(4)   'Nobody's Child'
(4J)  'Under The Double Eagle'
(7)   'The Horse's Prayer'
(A-10)'Spanish Fireball'
(A-10)'Stolen Moments'
(A-11)'The Engineer's Child'
(A-13)'Your Little Band Of Gold'
(A-2) 'Blue Velvet Band'
(A-4) 'Fool Such As I'
(A-4) 'For Now And Always'
(A-4) 'Galway Bay'
(A-4) 'Golden Rocket'
(A-5) 'Hello Love'
(A-5) 'Hobo Bill's Last Ride'
(A-5) 'Hula Rock'
(A-6) 'I'm Moving On'
(A-6) 'I'm Sending You Red Roses'
(A-6) 'It Don't Hurt Anymore'
(A-6) 'Jimmy The Kid'
(A-7) 'Let Me Go Lover'
(A-7) 'Lili Marlene'
(A-8) '90 Miles An Hour'
(A-8) 'Miller's Cave'
(A-8) 'My Filipino Rose'
(A-8) 'My Memories Of You'
(A-9) 'Rhumba Boogie'
(Ch)  'Little Stranger In A Manger'
(Ch)  'Reindeer Boogie'
(E)   'Jesus Wept'
(F)   'Answer To That Silver Haired Daddy'
(HS)  'A Message From The Tradewinds'
(HS)  'Answer To Galveston Rose'
(HS)  'Blossoms In The Springtime'
(HS)  'Caribbean'
(HS)  'Galveston Rose'
(HS)  'How She Could Yodel'
(HS)  'I Went To Your Wedding'
(HS)  'In Memory Of You Dear Old Pal'
(HS)  'Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet'
(HS)  'My Lucky Friend'
(HS)  'My Nova Scotia Home'
(HS)  'Old Doc Brown'
(HS)  'On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You'
(HS)  'One More Ride'
(32)  'Somewhere Someone Is Waiting'
(HS)  'Squid Jiggin' Grounds'
(HS)  'The Blue Velvet Band'
(HS)  'The Drunkard's Son'
(HS)  'The Face On The Barroom Floor'
(HS)  'The Gal Who Invented Kissing'
(HS)  'The Gloryland March'
(HS)  'The Governor's Hand'
(HS)  'The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan's Gin'
(HS)  'The Restless One'
(HS)  'The Texas Cowboy'
(HS)  'We'll Never Say Goodbye Just So Long'
(HS)  'Would You Mind'
(HS)  'When Mexican Joe Met Jolie Blon'
(HS)  'Lonesome Blue Yodel'
(V-1) 'I Traded My Saddle For A Rifle'
(M)   'My Mother'
(V-1) 'A Letter From Viet Nam (to Mother)'
(V-1) 'Mother I Thank You For The Bible You Gave'
(V-2) 'The Blind Boy's Dog'
(V-2) 'When It's Reveille Time In Heaven'
(RQ-1)'Brand On My Heart'
(RQ-1)'Somewhere Along Life's Highway'
(RQ-1)'No Longer A Prisoner'
(RQ-1)'Bury Me Deep'
(RQ-1)'Just Across That Bridge Of Gold'
(RQ-1)'Lonely And Heartsick'
(RQ-1)'Ramblin' Rose'
(RQ-1)'Black Diamond'
(RQ-2)'These Hands'
(RQ-2)'You Didn't Have To Tell Me'
(RQ-3)'The Texas Silver Zephyr'
(RQ-3)'Calypso Sweetheart'
(RQ-3)'Follow Me'
(RQ-3)'The Gold Rush Is Over'
(RQ-4)'The Queen Of Draw Poker Town'
(RQ-4)'Answer To The Blue Velvet Band'
(RQ-4)'Wabash Cannonball'
(RQ-4)'The Isle Of Sicily'
(Ch)  'Christmas Wants'
(Ch)  'God Is My Santa Claus'
(RQ-5)'Ben Dewberry's Final Run'
(RQ-5)'Born To Be Happy'
(RQ-5)'Wabash Blues'
(RQ-6)'I Ain't Been Anywhere'
(RQ-6)'Hilo March'
(RQ-6)'I'm Movin' In'
(RQ-7)'Married By The Bible Divorced By The Law'
(RQ-7)'Nothing But Sweet Lies'
(RQ-8)'The Last Ride'
(RQ-9)' The Wreck Of The Old 97'
(RQ-9)'Prisoned Cowboy'
(RQ-9)'Love Entered The Iron Door'
(RQ-10)'The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe'
(RQ-10)'She's A Rose From The Garden Of Prayer'
(RQ-10)'The Change Of The Tide'
(RQ-10)'Act 1 Act 2 Act 3'
(RQ-11)'Lord It's Me Again'
(RQ-11)'Put Your Arms Around Me'
(RQ-11)'In Daddy's Footsteps'
(RQ-11)'Tangled Mind'
(RQ-12)'There Wasn't An Organ At Our Wedding'
(RQ-12)'The Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud' 
(RQ-12)'I'm Asking For A Friend'
(RQ-13)'I'll Tell The World That I Love You'

Hank Snow And Anita Carter 
(12)  'For Sale'
(18)  'Bluebird Island'
(A-3) 'Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts'
(RQ-3)'I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair'
(RQ-5)'Let's Pretend'
(RQ-9)'I Never Will Marry'
(RQ-9)'If It's Wrong To Love You'
(RQ-9)'If Today Were Yesterday'
(RQ-11)'A Woman Captured Me'
(RQ-12)'She Was Happy Till She Met You'
(RQ-12)'How To Play The Guitar'
(RQ-12)'Trouble Trouble Trouble'
Hank Snow and Betty Cody 
(8)    'It's You Only You That I Love'

Hank Snow and Jimmie Rodgers Snow
(RQ-7)'When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye'

Hank Thompson
(12)  'Who Left The Door To Heaven Open'
(13)  'Little Blossom'
(14)  'Squaws Along The Yukon'
(17)  'Don't Flirt With Me'
(19)  'I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair'
(19)  'My Old Flame'
(23)  'I Find You Cheating On Me'
(23)  'I Saw My Mother's Name'
(23)  'Just An Old Flame'
(23)  'She's Just A Whole Lot Like You'
(27)  'Cab Driver'
(27)  'The Mark Of A Heel'
(28)  'Soft Lips'
(30)  'Yesterday's Mail'
(34)  'California Women'
(34)  'Where Is The Circus'
(4)   'May I Sleep Un Your Barn Tonight Mr.'
(A-1) 'A Six Pack To Go'
(A-1) 'Beer Barrel Polka'
(A-1) 'Blackboard Of My Heart'
(A-12)'Three Times Seven'
(A-12)'Under The Double Eagle'
(A-12)'Waiting In The Lobby Of Your Heart'
(A-13)'Wild Side Of Life'
(A-13)'Yesterday's Girl'
(A-2) 'Blue Skirt Waltz'
(A-3) 'Dance With Me Molly'
(A-4) 'Green Light'
(A-5) 'Humpty Dumpty Heart'
(A-8) 'Most Of All'
(A-8) 'Oklahoma Hills'
(V-2) 'Stars And Stripes On Iwo Jima'
(A-8) 'On Tap In The Can Or In The Bottle'
(A-9) 'Rub-A-Dub-Dub'
(Ch)  'Gonna Wrap My Heart In Ribbons'
(Ch)  'Little Christmas Angel'
(32)  'You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You'
(RQ-2)'What Are We Gonna Do About The Moonlight'
(RQ-2)'Dear Okie'
(RQ-3)'A Cat Has Nine Lives'
(RQ-6)'The Older The Violin The Sweeter The Music'
(RQ-6)'A Fooler A Faker'
(RQ-7)'Annie Over'
(RQ-7)'Smoky The Bar'
(RQ-7)'It's Better To Have Loved A Little'
(RQ-7)'I've Run Out Of Tomorrows'
(RQ-8)'Left My Gal In The Mountains'
(RQ-8)'I'm Standing On The Outside Looking In'
(RQ-9)'Crying In The Deep Blue Sea'
(RQ-10)'There My Future Goes'
(RQ-10)'Wake Up Irene'
(RQ-11)'Honky Tonk Girl'
(RQ-12)'He's Got A Way With Women'

Hank Thompson and Merle Travis 
(13)  'Wildwood Flower'

Hank Williams***** See also LUKE THE DRIFTER *****
 (A-6) 'Just Waitin'
 (A-6) 'Kawliga'
(18)  'A House Of Gold'
(21)  'I Saw The Light'
(25)  'Ten Little Numbers'
(26)  'A Mansion On The Hill'
(28)  'Your Cheatin' Heart'
(29)  'Lost Highway'
(35)  'Thy Burdens Are Greater That Mine'
(31)  'It Just Don't Matter Now'
(4)   'Honky Tonk Blues'
(5)   'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain'
(A-1) 'A Teardrop On A Rose'
(A-1) 'Alone And Forsaken'
(A-10)'Settin' The Woods On Fire'
(A-10)'Singing Waterfall'
(A-10)'Someday You'll Call My Name'
(A-11)'Thank God'
(A-11)'The Log Train'
(A-12)'Waltz Of The Wind'
(A-12)'Wearing Out Your Walking Shoes'
(A-12)'Wedding Bells'
(A-13)'When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts'
(A-13)'Window Shopping'
(A-13)'You Win Again'
(A-2) 'Calling You'
(A-2) 'Cold Cold Heart'
(A-4) 'First Year Blues'
(A-5) 'Hey Good Lookin''
(A-5) 'Howlin' At The Moon'
(A-5) 'I Can't Help It'
(A-5) 'I Told A Lie To My Heart'
(A-6) 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry'
(A-6) 'Jambalaya'
(A-7) 'Little Paper Boy'
(A-7) 'Lovesick Blues'
(A-7) 'May You Never Be Alone Like Me'
(A-7) 'Message To My Mother'
(A-8) 'Mind Your Own Business'
(A-8) 'Moanin' The Blues'
(A-8) 'Move It On Over'
(A-8) 'My Bucket's Got A Hole In It'
(A-8) 'Never Again Will I Knock At Your Door'
(A-8) 'On The Banks Of The Old Ponchertrain'
(A-9) 'Please Don't Let Me Love You'
(33)  'They'll Never Take Her Love From Me'
(M)   'I Dreamed About Mama Last Night'
(V-1) 'No No Joe'
(RQ-1)'Roly Poly'
(RQ-2)'I'm Satisfied With You'
(RQ-2)'Nobody's Lonesome For Me'
(RQ-3)'I Won't Be Home No More'
(RQ-3)'The California Zephyr'
(RQ-4)'There's A Tear In My Beer'
(RQ-5)'Let's Turn Back The Years'
(RQ-5)'My Son Calls Another Man Daddy'
(RQ-6)'At The First Fall Of Snow'
(RQ-6)'I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive'
(RQ-6)'I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You'
(RQ-6)'Six More Miles To The Graveyard'
(RQ-7)'I Wish I Had A Nickel'
(RQ-7)'All The Love I Ever Had'
(RQ-7)'I'd Still Want You'
(RQ-7)'Rootie Tootie'
(RQ-7)'You're Gonna Change'
(RQ-8)'Why Don't You Love Me'
(RQ-9)'Faded Love And Winter Roses'
(RQ-9)'Are You Walkin' And A-Talkin'
(RQ-9)'How Can You Refuse Him Now'
(RQ-10)'Rockin' Chair Money'
(RQ-10)'Cool Water'
(RQ-11)'I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)'
(RQ-11)'Long Gone Lonesome Blues'
(RQ-11)'Ramblin' Man'
(RQ-12)'Mansion On The Hill'
(RQ-12)'When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels'
(RQ-12)'Half As Much'
(RQ-13)'I've Just Told Mama Goodbye'
(RQ-13)'Cherokee Boogie'
(RQ-13)'I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Living'
(RQ-13)'The Prodigal Son'

Hank and Audrey Williams 
(E)   'Jesus Died For Me'
(RQ-2)'Dear Brother'
(RQ-10)'I Heard My Mother Praying For Me'
(RQ-11)'Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies'
(RQ-13)'Jesus Remembered Me'

Hank Williams and Jimmy Dickens
(15)  'The Old Country Church'

Hank Williams Jr.  
(25)  'The Glass'
(15)  'It's All Over But The Crying'
(A-2) 'Cajun Baby'
(24)  'Standing In The Shadows'
(A-6) 'I'd Rather Be Gone'
(34)  'Stoned At The Jukebox'
(RQ-1)'Eleven Roses'
(RQ-2)'All For The Love Of Sunshine'
(RQ-2)'Nobody's Child'
(RQ-4)'Blues My Name'
(RQ-5)'Raining In My Heart'
(RQ-5)'A Time To Sing'
(RQ-7)'Old Frank'
(RQ-7)'The Old Ryman'
(RQ-9)'Angels Are Hard To Find'
(RQ-9)'It Don't Take But One Mistake'
(RQ-10)'The Blizzard'
(RQ-10)'The Rainmaker'
(RQ-10)'Family Tradition'
(RQ-13)'Hamburger Steak Holiday Inn'

Hank Williams Jr. and Lois Johnson 
(29)  'Removing The Shadow'
(RQ-5)'Send Me Some Lovin'

Harden Trio 
(17)  'Tippy Toeing'

Harlan Howard 
(7)   'She Called Me Baby'
(A-1) 'Baby Sister'
(A-10)'Sunday Morning Christian'

Harlow Wilcox and The Oakies
(RQ-7)'Groovy Grubworm'

Harold Crosby 
(12)  'The Bastille Blues'

Harold Lowry 
(V-1) 'Leatherneck'

Harold Morrison 
(A-7) 'Life Of A Poor Boy'

Harry McClintock 
(32)  'Goodbye Old Paint'
(RQ-13)'More Of The Bum Song'
(RQ-13)'Sam Bass'

Hasa Ortega 
(Ch)  'Christmas Eve On The Big Bayou'

Hawkshaw Hawkins 
(29)  'Car Hoppin' Momma'
(9)   'Twenty Miles From Shore'
(A-7) 'Lonesome 77203'
(A-8) 'Moonlight On My Cabin'
(V-2) 'Soldier's Joy'
(34)  'Put A Nickel In The Jukebox'
(RQ-4)'If I Ever Get Rich Mom'
(RQ-5)'I Wasted A Nickel'
(RQ-5)'Be My Life's Companion'
(RQ-5)'Rattlesnakin' Daddy'
(RQ-5)'Dog House Boogie'
(RQ-6)'Got You On My Mind'
(RQ-9)'Darkness On The Face Of The Earth'
(RQ-10)'Sunny Side Of The Mountain'
(RQ-11)'Pan American'
(RQ-11)'I'm A Lone Wolf'
(RQ-12)'The Life Of Hank Williams'

Helen Carter
(RQ-9)'Sweet Talkin' Man'
(RQ-9)'A Heart Full Of Shame'

Henson Cargill 
(9)   'Row Row Row'
(A-10)'Skip A Rope'

Hermes Nye 
(A-3) 'Devil Made Texas'

Hobo Jack Turner 
(A-11)'The Bum Song'
(A-4) 'Hallelujah I'm A Bum'
(RQ-8)'Oney A Bum'
(RQ-8)'In A Little Graveyard On The Hill'

Homemade Theatre 
(Ch)  'C.B. Santa'

Homer and Jethro
(13)  'Friendship'
(13)  'I Don't Flirt Anymore'
(33)  'I'll Never Waltz Again'
(13)  'San Antonio Rose'
(13)  'Wildwood Flower'
(14)  'Come Here Little Wifey'
(14)  '(We Didn't) Sink The Bismarck'
(32)  'Swappin' Partners'
(14)  'Tiger By The Tail'
(15)  'Mama Get The Hammer (There's a Fly On Papa's Head)'
(17)  'I've Got Tears In My Ears'
(24)  'Let Me Go Blubber'
(26)  'D-I-V-O-R-C-E (B-A-C-O-N and E-G-G-S)'
(29)  'I Really Don't Want To Know'
(3)   'Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyeballs'
(A-11)'The Chase Is On'
(A-13)'Yaller Rose Of Texas'
(A-2) 'Charlie Cheated On His Income Tax'
(A-6) 'I'm Moving On'
(Ch)  'All I Want For Christmas Is My Upper Plate'
(Ch)  'I Saw Mommy Smoochin' Santa Claus'
(RQ-3)'I Guess Things Happen That Way'
(Ch)  'Santa's Movin' On'
(RQ-5)'Daddy Played First Base'
(RQ-8)'Two Tone Shoes'
(RQ-8)'Tennessee Border No. 2'
(RQ-9)'San Antonio Rose/Tennessee Waltz'
(RQ-11)'I'm An Old Cowhand'
(RQ-11)'Oh Give Me A Home'
(RQ-12)'They Laid Him In The Ground'
(RQ-12)'Sifting Whimpering Sands'
(RQ-12)'That's Good That's Bad'

Homer and Jethro and June Carter 
(29)  'Baby It's Cold Outside'

Hoosier Hot Shots 
(28)  'Sioux City Sue'
(11)  'Them Hillbillies Are Mountain Willies Now'
(13)  'I Like Mountain Music'
(33)  'They Go Wild Simply Wild'
(33)  'Way Down In Arkansaw'
(33)  'When Lightning Struck The Coon Creek Party Line'

Howard Vokes 
(32)  'Cyclone Of Rycove'

Hoyt Axton 
(A-10)'Speed Trap'
(A-13)'When The Mornin' Comes'
(A-2) 'Bony Fingers'
(RQ-1)'Mountain Right'
(RQ-3)'Lion In The Winter'
(RQ-8)'Della And The Dealer'

(A-8) 'Old Betsy Goes Boing Boing Boing'

Hylo Brown 
(22)  'In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree'
(33)  'Little John Henry'
(22)  'The Hole In The Wall'
(32)  'The Last Mile Of The Way'
(22)  'Walk Slowly Darling'
(Ch)  'Christmas In The Hills'
(F)   'Daddy's Place'
(RQ-5)'The Old Arm Chair'
(RQ-5)'Sweet Betsy From Pike'
(RQ-12)'Let's Stop Fooling Our Hearts'
(RQ-12)'The Wrong Kind Of Life'
(RQ-12)'A One Sided Love Affair'

Ira Louvin 
(A-13)'Yodel Sweet Molly'
(A-13)'You're Looking For An Angel'
(E)   'The Master Of The Universe'

Irish Rovers 
(A-1) 'Black Velvet Band'
(A-9) 'Orange And The Green'

J.E. Mainer 
(24)  'Old And In The Way'

J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers 
(A-7) 'Maple On The Hill'
(A-9) 'Ramshackle Shack'

Jack Barlow 
(33)  'The Man On Page 602'
(34)  'Singing Country Soul'
(34)  'The Birmingham Blues'

Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan 
(A-11)'Tennessee Bird Walk'

Jack Cardwell 
(31)  'Dear Joan'
(A-3) 'Death Of Hank Williams'

Jack Clement
(RQ-6)'My Voice Is Changing'

Jack Greene 
(A-1) 'All The Time'
(A-10)'Statue Of A Fool'
(A-12)'There Goes My Everything'
(A-12)'Until My Dreams Come True'
(RQ-2)'I Need Somebody Bad'

Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely
(RQ-9)'I Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You'

Jack Guthrie 
(A-13)'When The Cactus Is In Bloom'
(A-8) 'Oklahoma Hills'
(33)  'Oakie Boogie'

Jack Hall
(RQ-5)'I Took A Memory To Lunch'

Jack Reno 
(11)  'Juke Box'
(RQ-7)'I Want One'

Jack Rivers
(RQ-4)'Dear Oakie'

Jack Scott 
(18)  'What Am I Living For'
(A-12)'What In The World's Come Over You'
(A-2) 'Burning Bridges'

Jack Turner 
(20)  'Shoot I Reckon I Love You'

Jack Woodbury 
(A-11)'The Old Pecos Trail'
(SC)  'Ballad Of Slim Clark'

Jackie King 
(A-12)'Wedding Song'
(A-4) 'Flying High'
(V-1) 'From Paree To Tennessee'

Jacky Ward 
(1)   'Big Blue Diamond'

Jake Watts 
(21)  'I Never Want To See You Cry'
(21)  'Too Late To Regret'

James Burton and Ralph Mooney 
(19)  'The Texas Waltz'
(RQ-6)'Corn Pickin'

James Hollie
(RQ-12)'It Sure Looks Drunk Outside'

James O'Gwynn 
(A-5) 'House Of Blue Lovers'
(RQ-3)'Talk To Me Lonesome Heart'
(RQ-12)'Bubbling Over'
(RQ-12)'One Drink Is Too Many (And A Hundred's Not Enough)'

James Pastell
(RQ-10)'Hell Yes I Cheated'

Jamie O'Hara 
(V-2) '50,000 Names'

Jan Howard 
(A-7) 'Let Him Have It'
(RQ-3)'Roll Over And Play Dead'
(RQ-4)'My Son'
(RQ-5)'The One You Slip Around With'
(RQ-10)'I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again'

Jane Morgan 
(26)  'A Girl Named Johnny Cash'

Janet McBride
(JM)  'A Little At A Time'
(JM)  'Cheaters'
(JM)  'Cowboy Rhythm'
(JM)  'Daddy Was A Yodeling Cowboy'
(JM)  'Guilty'
(JM)  'Harmful If Swallowed'
(JM)  'I Want To Be A Cowboy's Dream Girl'
(JM)  'Pride Of The Prairie'
(JM)  'Smoky Mountain Yodeler'
(JM)  'Swing Time Cowgirl'
(JM)  'The Ballad Of North Whitefield Maine'
(JM)  'The Texas Cowgirl'
(JM)  'When A Cowgirl Is Happy'
(JM)  'When The Bloom Is On The Sage'
(JM)  'Wrong Enough'
(JM)  'Yodel Your Troubles Away'
(JM)  'Yodeler's Lament'
(JM)  'You Look Just Like Someone I Knew In Texas'

Jay Lee Webb
(RQ-11)'I Come Home A Drinkin'

Jean Shepard
(12)  'If Teardrops Were Silver'
(13)  'That's What Lonesome Is'
(14)  'Crying Steel Guitar'
(15)  'Second Fiddle'
(18)  'Two Whoops And A Holler'
(23)  'I Thought Of You'
(24)  'The Other Woman'
(24)  'The Root Of All Evil'
(24)  'Two Voices Two Faces Two Shadows'
(26)  'The Waltz Of The Angels'
(27)  'You'll Come Crawlin'
(A-1) 'Beautiful Lies'
(A-10)'Seven Lonely Days'
(A-10)'Slippin' Away'
(A-3) 'Don't Take Advantage Of Me'
(A-4) 'Forgive Me John'
(A-4) 'Franklin County Moonshine'
(A-9) 'Satisfied Mind'
(RQ-1)'The Glass That Stands Beside You'
(RQ-1)'I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded'
(RQ-1)'Only a Phone Call'
(RQ-1)'Poor Sweet Baby'
(RQ-2)'Two Little Boys'
(RQ-2)'You Sent Her An Orchid You Sent Me A Rose'
(RQ-4)'Hello Old Broken Heart'
(RQ-4)'Key's In The Mailbox'
(RQ-5)'Twice The Lovin' In Half The Time'
(RQ-5)'The Color Song'
(RQ-6)'Got You On My Mind'
(RQ-8)'How In The World'
(RQ-8)'Many Happy Hangovers'
(RQ-9)'Heart To Heart'
(RQ-9)'Just Call Me Lonesome'
(RQ-10)'Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law'
(RQ-10)'Mockin' Bird Hill'
(RQ-10)'For The Children's Sake'
(RQ-10)'At The Time'
(RQ-11)'If You Can Live With It'
(RQ-11)'Then He Touched Me'
(RQ-12)'I'd Rather Die Young'

Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky 
(V-1) 'Dear John'
(RQ-2)'What'll You Have'

Jean Shepard and Ray Pillow 
(A-6) 'I'll Take The Dog'
(RQ-10)'It Was Too Late'

Jeanette Hicks

Jeanne Black 
(A-4) 'He'll Have To Stay'

Jeanne Pruett 
(A-9) 'Satin Sheets'
(RQ-3)'A Poor Man's Woman'
(RQ-7)'Just Like Your Daddy'
(RQ-7)'Temporarily Yours'

Jeannie C. Riley 
(14)  'Harper Valley P.T.A.'
(25)  'Sunday After Church'
(RQ-4)'What Was Her Name'
(RQ-6)'There Never Was A Time'
(RQ-6)'Sippin' Shirley Thompson'
(RQ-6)'Run Jeannie Run'
(RQ-8)'I'll Be A Woman Of The World'
(RQ-12)'The Price I Pay To Stay'

Jeannie Seely 
(9)  'Don't Touch Me'
(3)  'I'll Love You More'
(35) 'Can I Sleep In Your Arms Tonight Mr.'
(RQ-12)'He Can Be Mine'

Jenks Tex Carman
(RQ-11)'Another Good Dream Gone Wrong'
(RQ-11)'The Caissons Go Rolling Along'

Jenny Lou Carson 
(A-6) 'Jealous Heart'
(23)  'I Feel Like Crying Over You'

Jerry and Skye 
(29)  'Driftwood On The River'
(29)  'Goodbye My Lover Goodbye'

Jerry Byrd
(RQ-4)'Steel Guitar Rag'

Jerry Clower 
(31)  'Tater Rides The Moped'

Jerry Hanlon
(RQ-9)'Boy With A Future'

Jerry Jeff Walker 
(15)  'The Pickup Truck Song'

Jerry Lee Lewis 
(32)  'Another Place Another Time'
(RQ-1)'She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye'
(RQ-2)'To Make Love Sweeter For You'
(RQ-2)'He Can't Fill My Shoes'
(RQ-3)'There Must Be More To Love Than This'
(RQ-3)'What Made Milwaukee Famous'
(RQ-9)'Invitation To Your Party'
(RQ-11)'Once More With Feeling'
(RQ-11)'Would You Take Another Chance On Me'

Jerry Reed 
(13)  'I'm A Lover Not A Fighter'
(A-1) 'Amos Moses'
(A-3) 'East Bound And Down'
(V-1) 'Fightin' For The USA'
(RQ-7)'Tupelo Mississippi Flash'
(RQ-11)'Georgia Sunshine'
(RQ-12)'Today Is Mine'

Jerry Smith
(RQ-6)'Truck Stop'

Jerry Wallace
(RQ-1)'The Song That Nobody Sings'
(RQ-2)'Do You Know What It's Like To Be Lonesome'
(RQ-5)'If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry'
(RQ-10)'To Get To You'

Jesse Rogers
(RQ-8)'Cry Baby Heart'
(RQ-8)'Jukebox Cannonball'
(RQ-8)'Little Girl Dressed In Blue'
(Ch)  'Red White And Blue Christmas'
(Ch)  'An Old Fashioned Christmas'
(RQ-10)'Old Conestoga Wagon'
(RQ-10)'Roll Along Prairie Moon'

Jessi Colter 
(5)   'I'm Not Lisa'
(RQ-4)'For The First Time'
(RQ-9)'What's Happened To Blue Eyes'

Jewell Clark 
(SC)  'My Dad'

Jim and Jesse
(29)  'Where The Roses Never Fade'
(6)   'Better Times A-Coming'
(32)  'When The Wagon Was New'
(6)   'Wild Georgia Boys'
(V-1) 'Purple Heart'
(RQ-6)'Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes'
(RQ-6)'Old Time Religion'
(RQ-9)'Midnight Train'
(RQ-11)'Where The Chilly Winds Don't Blow'

Jim Eanes 
(16)  'Log Cabin In Te Lane'
(32)  'Budded Roses'
(32)  'I've Had Enough'
(32)  'You Made Me What I Am'
(20)  'Wiggle Worm Wiggle'
(22)  'Mary Was A Little Lamb'
(25)  'In His Arms I'm Not Afraid'
(RQ-3)'In A Little Spanish Restaurant'
(Ch)  'Christmas Doll'
(RQ-7)'Round Town Gals'

Jim Ed Brown 
(5)   'Morning'
(A-12)'They Call The Wind Maria'
(A-8) 'On This Hill'
(A-9) 'Pop-A-Top'
(35)  'Whispering Hope'
(F)   'A Letter To Daddy'
(RQ-3)'You're The Part Of Me'
(RQ-6)'Broad Minded Man'

Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius 
(A-5) 'I Don't Want To Have To Marry You'

Jim King 
(4)   'My Closing Love Song'
(5)   'Fool's Stool'

Jim Lowe 
(Ch)   'Santa Claus Rides A Strawberry Roan'

Jim Nesbitt
(RQ-5)'Runnin' Bare'
(RQ-6)'Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives'

Jim Reeves
(10)  'The God's Were Angry With Me'
(10)  'Then I'll Stop Loving You'
(11)  'Pride Goes Before A Fall'
(12)  'The Blizzard'
(16)  'Hillbilly Waltz'
(20)  'I Won't Come In While He's There'
(20)  'Rosa Rio'
(22)  'Anna Marie'
(26)  'Good Morning Self'
(5)   'In A Mansion Stands My Love'
(6)   'Distant Drums'
(8)   'Lonely Music'
(9)   'Why Do I Love You'
(A-1) 'Am I Losing You'
(A-1) 'Bimbo'
(A-1) 'Blue Boy'
(A-10)'Stand At Your Window'
(A-13)'Wreck Of The Old Number 9'
(A-13)'You'll Never Know'
(A-2) 'Blue Side Of Lonesome'
(A-2) 'But You Love Me Daddy'
(A-2) 'Butterfly Love'
(A-2) 'Carolina Moon'
(A-3) 'Danny Boy'
(32)  'Dear Hearts And Gentle People'
(35)  'Little Ole Dime'
(A-4) 'Four Walls'
(A-4) 'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You'
(A-4) 'He'll Have To Go'
(A-5) 'How Can I Write On Paper'
(A-5) 'I Can't Fly'
(A-6) 'If Heartache Is The Fashion'
(A-7) 'Maureen'
(A-7) 'Mexicali Rose'
(A-7) 'Mexican Joe'
(A-8) 'Oh What It Seemed To Be'
(A-8) 'Old Tige'
(Ch)  'An Old Christmas Card'
(Ch)  'Senor Santa Claus'
(RQ-1)'Angels Don't Lie'
(RQ-1)'Is This Me'
(RQ-1)'Then I'll Stop Loving You'
(RQ-2)'Billy Bayou'
(RQ-3)'The Tie That Binds'
(RQ-3)'I've Lived A Lot In My Time'
(RQ-3)'A Railroad Bum'
(RQ-3)'Yonder Comes A Sucker'
(RQ-3)'This World Is Not My Home'
(RQ-4)'I'll Fly Away'
(RQ-4)'Drinking Tequila'
(RQ-4)'The Farmer And The Lord'
(RQ-5)'Don't You Want To Be My Girl (Poor Little Doll)'
(RQ-6)'You'll Never Be Mine Again'
(RQ-6)'I Missed Me'
(RQ-6)'Teardrops Of Regret'
(RQ-6)'My Heart's Like A Welcome Mat'
(RQ-6)'Penny Candy'
(RQ-6)'The White Cliffs Of Dover'
(RQ-6)'Across The Bridge'
(RQ-7)'I'm Gettin' Better'
(RQ-8)'Where Does A Broken Heart Go'
(RQ-8)'I'd Fight The World'
(RQ-9)'The Fool's Paradise'
(RQ-9)'Don't Ask Mr Why'
(RQ-10)'Nickel Piece Of Candy'
(RQ-10)'My Mary'
(RQ-10)'I'm Gonna Change Everything'
(RQ-10)'Waltzing On Top Of The World'
(RQ-11)'How Long Has It Been'
(RQ-11)'Mother Went A Walking'
(RQ-12)'Pickin' A Chicken'
(RQ-12)'I've Forgotten You'
(RQ-12)'Waitin' For A Train'
(RQ-13)'Gypsy Heart'
(RQ-13)'I Could Cry'

Jim Reeves and Carol Johnson 
(A-11)'The Mother Of A Honky Tonk Girl'

Jim Reeves and Deborah Allen
(RQ-4)'Oh How I Miss You Tonight'

Jim Reeves and Dottie West 
(6)   'Love Is No Excuse'
(RQ-6)'Look Who's Talking'

Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline 
(A-4) 'Have You Ever Been Lonely'

Jim Stafford 
(A-13)'Wildwood Weed'

Jimmie Davis 
(31)  'There Won't Be A Wedding'
(A-8) 'Nobody's Darlin' But Mine'
(E)   'Blood On The Silver'
(2)   'You Are My Sunshine'
(RQ-2)'It Makes No Difference Now'
(Ch)  'Forgive Me Santa'
(RQ-5)'When A Boy From The Mountains Weds A Girl From The Valley'
(RQ-5)'There's A Chill On The Hill Tonight'
(RQ-6)'Big Mamou'
(RQ-6)'There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder'
(RQ-7)'Some Must Win (Some Must Lose)'
(RQ-7)'I Hung My Head And Cried'
(RQ-8)'Two Glasses Of Buttermilk'
(RQ-10)'Doggone That Train'
(Ch)'Going Home For Christmas'

Jimmie John 
(A-9) 'Rosie's Gone Again'

Jimmie Osborne
(25)  'An Empty Old Cottage'
(26)  'Helpless Heart'
(26)  'My Heart Echoes'
(5)   'Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus'
(14)  'Tears Of St. Ann'
(33)  'The Door To My Heart Is Wide Open'
(23)  'A Tennessee Ocean'
(23)  'Blue Days And Lonely Nights'
(23)  'HE'll Come Like A Thief In The Night'
(23)  'Hills Of Roan County'
(33)  'I Did And I Does And I Do'

Jimmie Revard and His Oklahoma Playboys 
(A-8) 'My Little Girl'

Jimmie Rodgers 
(6)   'Way Out On The Mountain'
(F)   'Daddy And Home'
(A-11)'T For Texas'
(A-11)'The One Rose'
(A-12)'Waitin' For A Train'
(A-13)'You And My Old Guitar'
(A-5) 'Hobo's Meditation'
(A-6) 'In The Jailhouse Now'
(A-8) 'My Mother Was A Lady'
(M)   'Mother The Queen Of My Heart'
(V-2) 'Soldier's Sweetheart'
(RQ-3)'Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea'
(RQ-3)'My Old Pal'
(RQ-3)'The Sailor's Plea'
(RQ-3)'Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes'
(RQ-3)'My Little Lady'
(RQ-4)'The Carter Family And Jimmie Rodgers In Texas'
(RQ-8)'Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family'
(RQ-8)'Memphis Yodel'
(RQ-8)'She Was Happy Till She Met You'
(RQ-10)'Yodeling My Way Back Home'
(RQ-10)'Old Love Letters'
(RQ-10)'Old Pal Of My Heart'
(RQ-10)'In The Hills Of Tennessee'
(RQ-10)'For The Sake Of Days Gone By'
(RQ-10)'I'm Lonesome Too'
(RQ-11)'I've Ranged I've Roamed And I've Traveled'
(RQ-11)'Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues'
(RQ-11)'Jimmie's Texas Blues'
(RQ-11)'Blue Yodel No. 4'
(RQ-12)'Frankie And Johnny'
(RQ-12)'Miss The Mississippi And You' 

Jimmie Skinner 
(18)  'Things That Might Have Been'
(RQ-4)'Send Me A Penny Postcard'
(RQ-5)'Old Bill Dollar'
(RQ-5)'100 Proof Heartaches'
(RQ-11)'I Found My Girl In The USA'

Jimmy Buffett 
(A-7) 'Margaritaville'

Jimmy Copeland
(RQ-12) 'Radar'
(RQ-12) 'What Kind Of Life Am I Living'

Jimmy Cox 
(24)  'Little Brown Jug'

Jimmy Dean
(34)  'A Thing Called Love'
(13)  'Oklahoma Bill'
(27)  'The Cajun Queen'
(A-1) 'Big Bad John'
(A-11)'The First Thing Every Morning'
(A-2) 'Bummin' Around'
(A-7) 'Little Bitty Big John'
(A-7) 'Little Black Book'
(Ch)  'Yes, Patricia, There IS a Santa Claus'
(F)   'To A Sleeping Beauty'
(M)   'IOU'
(V-1) 'P.T. 109'
(RQ-2)'Sam Hill'
(RQ-4)'Please Pass The Biscuits'
(Ch)  'Little Sandy Sleighfoot'
(RQ-10)'Deep Blue Sea'
(RQ-12)'Days When Jim Liked Jenny'

Jimmy Dickens
(10)  'They Locked God Outside The Iron Curtain'
(20)  'A Ribbon And A Rose'
(20)  'A-Sleepin' At The Foot Of The Bed'
(22)  'We Could'
(23)  'The Violet And A Rose'
(24)  'The Back Of My Hand'
(25)  'Country Music Lover'
(26)  'Go Way From My Door'
(26)  'Hey Worm'
(26)  'Out Of Business'
(29)  'Alone With God'
(29)  'Butter Beans'
(29)  'Little Jack Daniels'
(6)   'I'm Little But I'm Loud'
(6)   'The Galvanized Washing Tub'
(9)   'Raggedy Ann'
(A-11)'Take An Old Cold Tater And Wait'
(A-11)'The Sign On The Highway'
(A-13)'When That Love Bug Bites You'
(A-13)'When You're 17'
(A-4) 'Foolish Me'
(A-6) 'It May Be Silly'
(A-9) 'Out Behind The Barn'
(34)  'Sidemeat And Cabbage'
(Ch)  'Barefooted Little Cowboy'
(Ch)  'There's No Place Like Home For Christmas'
(RQ-1)'Waitress Waitress'
(RQ-2)'Doggone It'
(RQ-2)'I Love Lucy Brown'
(RQ-2)'I'll Dance At Your Wedding'
RQ-3)'Honky Tonk Troubles'
(RQ-4)'A Death In The Family'
(RQ-5)'Country Boy'
(RQ-5)'Family Reunion'
(RQ-8)'My Heart's Bouquet'
(RQ-9)'Another Bridge To Burn'
(RQ-10)'May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose'
(RQ-10)'Beautiful Morning Glory'
(RQ-11)'Bessie The Heifer'
(RQ-11)'My Eyes Are Jealous'
(RQ-12)'I've Just Got To See You Once More'
(RQ-12)'One Foot In The Grave'
(RQ-13)'Country Ways And City Ideas'

Jimmy Dolan 
(34)  'Hot Rod Race'

Jimmy Driftwood
(30)  'The Pony Express'
(4J)  'My Mammy's Miss America And My Daddy's Uncle Sam'
(A-11)'Tennessee Stud'
(A-13)'You Got To Stop Kickin' My Dog Around'
(14)  'The Ship That Never Returned'
(22)  'The Mixed Up Family'
(V-2) 'The Bear Flew Over The Ocean'
(RQ-6)'Straighten Out My Leg'
(RQ-12)'The Battle Of New Orleans'
(RQ-12)'The Answer To The Battle Of New Orleans'

Jimmy Jay 
(A-11)'The Lady From The Country'

Jimmy Martin
(26)  'Shut-In's Prayer'
(24)  'Homesick'
(24)  'Poor Little Bull Frog'
(24)  'The Old Man's Drunk Again'
(24)  'Wooden Shoes'
(25)  'The Good Things Outweigh The Bad'
(31)  'Lost To A Stranger'
(A-4) 'Grand Old Opry Song'
(A-4) 'Guitar Pickin' President'
(Ch)  'Old Fashioned Christmas'
(RQ-2)'Stepping Stones'
(RQ-2)'I Can't Quit Cigarettes'
(RQ-5)'Ocean Of Diamonds'
(RQ-5)'There's More Pretty Girls Than One'
(RQ-9)'What Was I Supposed To Do'
(RQ-9)'Play Me Some More George Jones Songs'
(RQ-9)'Pretending I Don't Care'
(RQ-9)'Living Like a Fool'
(RQ-10)'Hold Whatcha Got'
(RQ-10)'Hit Parade Of Love'

Jimmy Newman
(12)  'Artificial Rose'
(12)  'Grin And Bear It'
(17)  'A Fallen Star'
(7)   'I Miss You Already'
(A-2) 'Carry On'
(33)  'Cry Cry Darling'
(RQ-2)'The Devil Was Laughing At Me'
(RQ-5)'God Was So Good'
(RQ-5)'I Thought I'd Never Fall In Love Again'
(RQ-7)'Once Again'
(RQ-7)'Let The Whole World Talk'
(RQ-12)'Tibby Dough And His Cajun Band'

Jimmy C. Newman  
(17)  'Lache Pas La Patate'
(25)  'D.J. For A Day'
(26)  'Louisiana Saturday Night'
(RQ-2)'Back Pocket Money'
(RQ-9)'Back In Circulation'
(RQ-12)'You're Making A Fool Out Of Me'

Jimmy Stewart  
(17)  'The Legend Of Shenandoah'

Jimmy Swan
(RQ-6)'The Way That You're Living (Is Breaking My Heart)

Jimmy Wakely 
(14)  'Lomesome Guitar Man'
(28)  'Mine All Mine'
(28)  'Walkin' The Sidewalks Of Shame'
(A-8) 'One Has My Name'
(V-2) 'White Cross On Okinawa'
(28)  'I Wish I Had A Nickel'
(35)  'Standing Outside Of Heaven'
(RQ-2)'I'm Sending You Red Roses'
(RQ-9)'Between The Lines'
(RQ-11)'Forever More'
(RQ-12)'At The Close Of A Long Long Day'

Jo Ann Campbell 
(A-6) 'I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain'

Joann Bon
(RQ-3)'I'll Release You'

Jody Miller
(RQ-7)'Don't Take It Away'

Joe and Rose Lee Maphis 
(18)  'Lonesome Jailhouse Blues'
(34)  'I'm Gonna Wear The Pants'
(RQ-8)'Ridin' Down Ole 99'

Joe Maphis
(RQ-8)'Flying Fingers'

Joe Maphis and Merle Travis
(RQ-7)'Grandma's Favorites'

Joe Carson 
(17)  'I Gotta Get Drunk'
(21)  'Love Transfusion'
(RQ-10)'Forbidden Wine'
(RQ-11)'Double Life'

Joe South 
(25)  'Don't It Make You Want To Go Home'

Joe Stampley 
(A-9) 'Roll On Big Mama'
(RQ-2)'If You Touch Me You've Got To Love Me'
(RQ-6)'If You've Got Ten Minutes (Let's Fall In Love)'
(RQ-9)'All These Things'
(RQ-9)'The Hall Of Famous Losers'

Joe Val 
(14)  'Don't Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey'

John Avener 
(A-7) 'Martins And The Coys'
(V-2) 'Soldier's Last Letter'

John D. Loudermilk
(RQ-7)'Bad News'
(RQ-7)'Blue Train'

John Denver 
(A-11)'Take Me Home Country Roads'
(A-11)'Thank God I'm A Country Boy'
(RQ-2)'Back Home Again'
(Ch)  'Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas'

John Edgerton
(RQ-4)'Wreck Of The Royal Palm Express'

John Hartford 
(20)  'Birdie'
(20)  'Gum Tree Canoe'
(A-12)'Good Old Electric Washing Machine'
(RQ-2)'Gentle On My Mind'
(RQ-3)'Don't Leave Your Records In The Sun'

John O'Reilly and Tim Forsman 
(A-13)'Will The Circle Be Unbroken'

John Wakely 
(22)  'Please Don't Hurt Me Anymore'

John Wayne 
(4J)  'The Pledge Of Allegiance'
(4J)  'Why I Love Her'

John Wesley Ryles

Johnnie Allan
(RQ-6)'South To Louisiana'

Johnnie and Jack
(20)  'Ashes Of Love'
(28)  'Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight"
(30)  'Lord Watch O'er My Daddy'
(A-10)'Stop The World'
(A-7) 'Love Love Love'
(A-9) 'Poison Love'
(3)   'Oh Baby Mine'
(RQ-5)'The Old Country Church'
(RQ-6)'That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles'
(RQ-6)'I Can't Tell My Heart That'
(RQ-8)'Slow Poison'
(RQ-8)'Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide'
(RQ-9)'What About You'
(RQ-11)'You're Just What The Doctor Ordered'
(RQ-11)'Beware Of It'
(RQ-12)'Tom Cat's Kitten'
(RQ-12)'Thirty Six Twenty Two Thirty Six'

Johnny and Jonie Mosby 
(V-1) 'Keep Those Cards And Letters Coming In'
(18)  'Make A Left And Then A Right'
(RQ-1)'Just Hold My Hand'
(RQ-1)'The Answer To Charlie's Shoes'
(RQ-1)'Take Me Home'
(RQ-12)'Walkin' Papers'

Johnny Barfield
(RQ-4)'Highway Hobo'

Johnny Bond
(12)  'The Daughter Of Jolie Blon'
(13)  'I'm A Prisoner Of War'
(19)  'Don't Mention Her Name'
(34)  'Hot Rod Lincoln'
(34)  'Oklahoma Waltz'
(4J)  'Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You'
(4J)  'The Girl Who Carries The Torch For Me'
(A-10)'Show Me The Way To Go Home'
(A-11)'10 Little Bottles'
(A-4) 'Glad Rags'
(A-5) 'Here Come The Elephants'
(A-9) 'Over The Hill'
(V-1) 'I Ain't Gonna Go'
(V-2) 'Under The Red White And Blue'
(RQ-1)'The First Rose'
(RQ-3)'Keep Your Cotton Pickin' Hands Off My Gal'
(RQ-5)'Tennessee Kentucky And Alabam'
(RQ-5)'Tomorrow Never Comes'
(RQ-6)'Three Sheets In The Wind'
(RQ-6)'Let Me Go Devil'
(RQ-8)'Trail To Mexico'
(RQ-11)'So Long To The Red River Valley'
(RQ-13)'There Once Was'

Johnny Bush 
(14)  'Cold Cold Hands'
(17)  'Green Snakes On The Ceiling'
(A-12)'Undo The Right'
(A-13)'Whiskey River'
(A-13)'You Gave Me A Mountain'
(RQ-3)'You Ought To Hear Me Cry'

Johnny Cash
(12)  'The Frozen Logger'
(13)  'Time And Time Again'
(13)  'Wanted Man'
(19)  'Chicken In Black'
(19)  'Tennessee Flat-Top Box'
(2)   'Ballad Of A Teenage Queen'
(21)  'I Ride An Old Paint'
(21)  'One More Ride'
(22)  'Down The Street To 301'
(22)  'Sugartime'
(23)  'Don't Make Me Go'
(26)  'See Ruby Fall'
(4J)  'From Sea To Shining Sea'
(4J)  'The Gettysburg Address'
(4J)(V1)'Ragged Old Flag'
(9)   'The Matador'
(A-1) 'All Over Again'
(A-1) 'Big River'
(A-10)'Strawberry Cake'
(A-10)'Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down'
(A-11)'The One On The Left'
(A-13)'You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven'
(A-2) 'Cisco Clifton's Filling Station'
(A-2) 'Cry Cry Cry'
(A-3) 'Daddy Sang Bass'
(A-3) 'Delia's Gone'
(A-3) 'Don't Take Your Guns To Town'
(A-4) 'Forty Shades Of Green'
(A-5) 'I Got Stripes'
(A-6) 'I've Got A Thing About Trains'
(A-7) 'Lorena'
(A-7) 'Mean Eyed Cat'
(A-8) 'One Piece At A Time'
(A-9) 'Oney'
(A-9) 'Ring Of Fire'
(A-9) 'Roll Call'
(A-9) 'Run Softly Blue River'
(A-9) 'Second Honeymoon'
(35)  'You Wild Colorado'
(Ch)  'I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day'
(Ch)  'The Little Drummer Boy'
(E)   'Here Was A Man'
(F)   'Daddy'
(V-1) 'Ballad Of Ira Hayes'
(V-2) 'Song Of The Patriot'
(RQ-1)'Bull Rider'
(RQ-1)'The Troubadour'
(RQ-1)'Don't Step On Mother's Roses'
(RQ-1)'Accidentally On Purpose'
(RQ-1)'Still In Town'
(RQ-2)'Frankie's Man Johnny'
(RQ-2)'Hey Porter'
(RQ-2)'Wrinkled Crinkled Wadded Dollar Bill'
(RQ-2)'Blue Train'
(RQ-3)'Happiness Is You'
(RQ-3)'Life Has It's Little Ups And Downs'
(RQ-3)'I Saw A Man'
(RQ-4)'Wings In The Morning'
(RQ-4)'You Dreamer You'
(Ch)  'Merry Christmas Mary'
(RQ-4)'Cocaine Blues'
(RQ-5)'A Boy Named Sue'
(RQ-5)'The Baron'
(RQ-5)'Give My Love To Rose'
(RQ-6)'Five Feet High And Rising'
(RQ-7)'Loading Coal'
(RQ-7)'Dorraine Of Ponchartrain'
(RQ-7)'I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You'
(RQ-7)'My Old Faded Rose'
(RQ-7)'What Is Truth'
(RQ-8)'The Wall'
(RQ-8)'Luther Played The Boogie'
(RQ-8)'Pickin' Time'
(RQ-8)'The Lady Came From Baltimore'
(RQ-9)'Flesh And Blood'
(RQ-9)'He Turned The Water Into Wine'
(RQ-9)'What Do I Care'
(RQ-9)'There You Go'
(RQ-9)'Train Of Love'
(RQ-9)'I'll Remember You'
(RQ-9)'Everybody Loves A Nut'
(RQ-10)'Goodbye Little Darlin'
(RQ-10)'Man In Black'
(RQ-10)'You Tell Me'
(RQ-10)'I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone'
(RQ-11)'Guess Things Happen That Way'
(RQ-11)'Come In Stranger'
(RQ-11)'Understand Your Man'
(RQ-12)'Get Rhythm'
(RQ-12)'Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog'
(RQ-12)'I Walk The Line'
(RQ-12)'Katy Too'
(RQ-12)'The Story Of A Broken Heart' 
(RQ-13)'I Still Miss Someone'
(RQ-13)'The Big Battle'
(RQ-13)'When Papa Played The Dobro'

Johnny Cash and June Carter 
(15)  'Allegheny'
(A-6) 'Jackson'
(RQ-11)'If I Were A Carpenter'

Johnny Cash and Mother Maybelle Carter 
(26)  'Pick The Wildwood Flower'

Johnny Cash and The Carter Family 
(A-1) 'Banks Of The Ohio'

Johnny Darrell 
(A-10)'Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp'

Johnny Dollar 
(20)  'The Wheels Fell Off The Wagon Again'

Johnny Duncan 
(33)  'Itching For My Baby'
(RQ-3)'Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous'
(RQ-6)'She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed (Anytime)'
(RQ-9)'Hello Mexico'
(RQ-9)'The Lady In The Blue Mercedes'
(RQ-11)'Charley Is My Name'
(RQ-12)'Scarlet Water'

Johnny Duncan and Janie Fricke
(RQ-6)'Come A Little Bit Closer'

Johnny Duncan and The Bluegrass Boys
(RQ-1)'Last Train To San Fernando' 

Johnny Gimble  
(17)  'Under The X In Texas'

Johnny Horton
(2)   'Battle Of New Orleans'
(25)  'Old Slewfoot'
(26)  'Happy Millionaire'
(3)   'All For The Love Of A Girl'
(30)  'Big Wheels Rollin'
(30)  'I Won't Get Dreamy Eyed'
(30)  'Miss Marcy'
(4J)  'Johnny Freedom'
(A-10)'Springtime In Alaska'
(A-11)'The Woman I Need'
(A-13)'Whispering Pines'
(A-6) 'I'm A One Woman Man'
(A-8) 'North To Alaska'
(Ch)  'They Shined Up Rudolph's Nose'
(V-2) 'Sink The Bismarck'
(V-2) 'The Sinking Of The Ruben James'
(RQ-1)'Coal Smoke Valve Oil And Steam'
(RQ-3)'I Got A Hole In My Pirogue'
(RQ-3)'Sugar Coated Baby'
(RQ-4)'The Electrified Donkey'
(RQ-7)'Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor'
(RQ-7)'Johnny Reb'
(RQ-11)'Plaid And Calico'
(RQ-12)'Betty Lorraine'
(RQ-12)'I'm Ready If You're Willing'

Johnny Paycheck
(23)  'Between Love And Hate'
(25)  'A-11'
(A-11)'The Cave'
(A-11)'The Outlaw's Prayer'
(A-3) 'Don't Take Her'
(A-6) 'Jukebox Charlie'
(A-7) 'Me And The IRS'
(V-2) 'Ballad Of The Green Berets'
(RQ-2)'For A Minute There'
(RQ-5)'Colorado Cool-Aid'
(RQ-6)'The Late Great Me'
(RQ-6)'I'm The Only Hell Mama Ever Raised'
(RQ-6)'Take This Job And Shove It'
(RQ-6)'Someone To Give My Love To'
(RQ-7)'Georgia In A Jug'
(RQ-8)'Heartbreak Tennessee'
(RQ-11)'You Can Hear A Teardrop'
(RQ-11)'11 Months And 29 Days'

Johnny Rodriguez 
(A-9) 'Pass Me By'
(RQ-7)'I Just Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind'
(RQ-7)'You Always Come Back (To Hurting Me)'

Johnny Russell
(22)  'Catfish John'
(23)  'In A Mansion Stands My Love'
(23)  'The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor'
(26)  'What a Price'
(28)  'Making Plans'
(A-9) 'Red Necks White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer'
(RQ-10)'Mr. Fiddle Man'

Johnny Tillotson 
(29)  'It Keeps Right On A Hurtin''

Johnny White
(RQ-8)'If I Live To Be A Hundred'
(RQ-8)'I'm Yodelin' Crazy For You'

Johnny Wright 
(29)  'Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin' Broken Heart'
(V-1) 'Hello Viet Nam'
(RQ-2)'Nickels Quarters And Dimes'

Joyce Paul 
(A-6) 'I'm The Girl On The Billboard'

Jud Strunk 
(A-1) 'Bill Jones' General Store'
(A-3) 'Daisy A Day'
(29)  'My Country'
(Ch)  'The Santa Song'
(RQ-10)'Next Door Neighbor's Kid'

Judy Canova
(2)   'Go To Sleepy Little Baby'
(3)   'Just Because'
(4)   'Blow Whistle Blow'
(5)   'Wabash Blues'
(6)   'The Butcher's Boy'
(A-12)'25 Chickens And 35 Cows'
(A-6) 'It's About Time'

Judy Lynn 
(20)  'Betcha My Heart I Love You'
(20)  'Maybe He Still Cares'
(20)  'Mr. and Mrs. Minus The Kisses'
(V-2) 'Transistor Tape Recorder'

Judy Thomas
(RQ-3)'Never Say Devil Woman'

June Black 
(V-1) 'Postmarked Viet Nam'
(RQ-4)'The Other Woman Is Your Wife'

June Carter
(RQ-7)'Without A Love To Call My Own'
(RQ-7)'Let Me Go Lover'
(RQ-7)'Tennessee Mambo'
(RQ-7)'Tall Loverman'
(RQ-8)'Juke Box Blues'
(RQ-9)'No Swallerin' Place'

June Stearns
(RQ-2)'Tying Strings'
(RQ-5)'It's Just Another Song Now'
(RQ-12)'River Of Regret'

June Stearns and Gene Martin 
(18)  'We've Got Things In Common'
(RQ-8)'Family Man'

Justin Tubb 
(A-12)'What's Wrong With The Way That We're Doing It Now'
(A-4) 'Five Minutes Of The Latest Blues'
(A-6) 'It Takes A Lot Of Heart'
(RQ-1)'Blackjack County Chain'
(RQ-6)'Pepper Hot Baby'
(RQ-6)'My Heart's Not For Little Girls To Play With'
(RQ-9)'The Great River Road Mystery'

Justin Tubb and Goldie Hill 
(A-10)'Sure Fire Kisses'

Justin Tubb and Lorene Mann 
(A-5) 'Hurry Mr. Peters'

Justin Tubb and Norma Gallant
(RQ-10)'Heaven 7-7203'

Karl and Harty 
(A-6) 'I'm S-A-V-E-D'
(RQ-5)'There's Nothing In The World A Man Won't Do'
(RQ-10)'Tombigbee River Farewell'

Kathie Clark 
(SC)  'Barbara Allen'
(SC)  'I'll Be All Smiles Tonight'
(SC)  'Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream'
(SC)  'The Frozen Logger'
Kathy Dee 
(21)  'Don't Leave Me Lonely Too Long'

Kay Adams 
(A-10)'She Didn't Color Daddy'
(A-10)'Six Days 'A Waitin''
(RQ-3)'Little Pink Mack'

Keith Bradford 
(M)   'I Picked A Rose For Mama'

Ken MacKenzie  
(3)   'Texas Plains'

Ken Maynard 
(33)  'The Lone Star Trail'

Kendall Morse 
(21)  'I Got No Use For The Women'
(21)  'Rolling Home'

(RQ-3)'Heaven's Just A Sin Away'
(RQ-9)'Pittsburgh Stealers'

Kenny Dale
(RQ-9)'Shame Shame On Me'

Kenny Price
(RQ-3)'Walking On New Grass'
(RQ-3)'Round Mound Of Sound'
(RQ-3)'Sheriff Of Boone County'
(RQ-4)'The Old Courthouse'
(RQ-5)'Sea Of Heartbreak'
(RQ-7)'Northeast Arkansas Mississippi County Bootlegger'

Kenny Roberts
(10)  'The Best Part Of My Years '
(14)  'River Of Tears'
(A-2) 'Bully Of The Town'
(A-6) 'I'm Gonna Hitch Up My Pony'
(KR)  'Any Old Time'
(KR)  'Blue'
(KR)  'Cannonball Yodel'
(KR)  'Cheer Up'
(KR)  'Chime Bells'
(KR)  'Chocolate Ice Cream Cone'
(KR)  'Dear Evelina'
(KR)  'Ding Dong Bells'
(KR)  'Dream Little Cowboy'
(KR)  'Fly Away Mockingbird'
(KR)  'F.O.B. Tennessee'
(KR)  'Goin Down The Country'
(KR)  'Green River'
(KR)  'Guitar Ringing'
(KR)  'I Can't Live Without My Yodel Lay Dee He'
(KR)  'I Finally Got Maggie Alone'
(KR)  'I Never See Maggie Alone'
(KR)  'I Was Born To Yodel'
(KR)  'Just A Yodel For Me'
(KR)  'Just Look Don't Touch'
(KR)  'Roll Along Kentucky Moon'
(KR)  'She Taught Me How To Yodel'
(KR)  'Sing Me A Hurtin Song'
(KR)  'Sioux City Sue'
(KR)  'Slide Them Jugs Down The Mountain'
(KR)  'Tavern Town'
(KR)  'The Arizona Yodeler'
(KR)  'The Bottle Holds The Man'
(KR)  'The Man Called E.T.'
(KR)  'The Same Ol Tune'
(KR)  'The Singing River'
(KR)  'The Yodel Polka'
(KR)  'Wedding Bells'
(KR)  'You Left Too Much'
(KR)  'The Christmas Cannonball'
(KR)  'The Little Christmas Bell'
(KR)  'Grandfather Kringle'
(KR)  'Elfy The Elf'
(KR)  'He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney'
(KR)  'The Sleighbell Polka'
(KR)  'Christmas Roses'

Kenny Roberts and Bettyanne 
(11)  'One Night Of Lovin'

Kenny Roberts with The Downhomers 
(KR)  'Out Where The West Winds Blow'

Kenny Rogers 
(1)   'San Francisco Mabel Joy'
(23)  'The Gambler'
(A-5) 'I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again'
(A-7) 'King Of Oak Street'
(A-7) 'Lucille'
(RQ-12)'Coward Of The County'

Kenny Rogers and Dottie West 
(A-3) 'Every Time Two Fools Collide'
(RQ-7)'Til I Can Make It On My Own'
(RQ-12)'All I Ever Need Is You'

Kenny Rogers and First Edition 
(A-9) 'Reuben James'

Kenny Starr 
(25)  'Texas Proud'
(25)  'The Blind Man In The Bleachers'

Kentucky Gentlemen 
(25)  'Matthew Twenty-four'

Kentucky Travelers
(RQ-7)'Will There Be A Rainbow'

Kingston Trio 
(A-3) 'Desert Pete'
(RQ-2)'Red River Shore'

Kirby Buchanan

Kitty Wells
(14)  'I'll Always Be Your Fraulein'
(15)  'I Don't Claim To Be An Angel'
(21)  'Divided By Two'
(21)  'Just A Cheap Affair'
(21)  'We Buried Her Beneath The Willow'
(25)  'Amigo's Guitar'
(28)  'Careless Love'
(29)  'Thank You For The Roses'
(29)  'You'll Never Be Mine Again'
(30)  'My Cold Cold Heart Is Melted Now'
(30)  'Paul's Ministry'
(30)  'They're Stepping All Over My Heart'
(8)   'Rank Stranger'
(A-1) 'Paying For That Back Street Affair'
(A-12)'This White Circle'
(A-3) 'Day Into Night'
(A-3) 'Dust On The Bible'
(A-4) 'Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet'
(A-4) 'Heartbreak USA'
(A-5) 'How Far Is Heaven'
(A-6) 'It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels'
(A-7) 'Left To Right'
(A-7) 'Making Believe'
(A-8) 'Mommy For A Day'
(A-8) 'Old Records'
(A-9) 'Open Up Your Heart'
(Ch)  'Christmas Ain't Like Christmas Anymore'
(Ch)  'Dasher'
(M)   'My Mother'
(34)  'That Ain't A Woman's Way'
(RQ-2)'A Woman Half My Age'
(RQ-4)'Queen Of Honky Tonk Street'
(RQ-4)'I Wish I Had A Mommy Like You'
(Ch)  'Old Kris Kringle'
(RQ-6)'Love Makes The World Go Around'
(RQ-6)'I'm Just Not Smart'
(RQ-7)'I Gave My Wedding Dress Away'
(RQ-7)'Crying Steel Guitar Waltz'
(RQ-8)'Will Your Lawyer Talk To God'
(RQ-8)'Three Ways (To Love You)'
(RQ-9)'She's No Angel'
(RQ-10)'Lonesome Valley'
(RQ-10)'Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus'
(RQ-11)'There's Poison In Your Heart'
(RQ-11)'Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down'
(RQ-11)'Don't Wait The Last Minute To Pray'
(RQ-11)'Honky Tonk Waltz'
(RQ-11)'Unloved Unwanted'
(RQ-11)'I'd Rather Stay Home'
(RQ-12)'Searching For A Soldier's Grave'

Kitty Wells and Ray Crisp 
(25)  'Broken Marriage Vows'

Kitty Wells and Roy Drusky
(RQ-10)'I Can't Tell My Heart That'

Kitty Wells and Red Foley 
(30)  'Hello Number One'
(5)   'I'm A Stranger In My Home'
(A-13)'You And Me'
(A-8) 'One By One'
(RQ-10)'Make Believe'
(RQ-10)'As Long As I Live'

Kitty Wells and Webb Pierce 
(30)  'Oh So Many Years'
(RQ-5)'He Made You For Me'
(RQ-10)'Can You Find It In Your Heart'

Korn Kobblers 
(7)   'Don't Shoot The Bartender'
(A-10)'Since They Stole The Spitoon'
(A-5) 'I Can't Get Off Of My Horse'
(RQ-1)'We Got To Put Shoes On Willie'

Kris Kristofferson 
(A-10)'Silver Tongued Devil'
(RQ-5)'Why Me Lord'
(RQ-10)'The Pilgrim Chapter 33'
(RQ-12)'Darby's Castle'

L.W. Harold 
(V-1) 'Battle In Korea'

Larry Higgins 
(M)   'Mother's Day'

Lawanda Lindsey 
(3)   'Hello Trouble'
(RQ-4)'Today Will Be The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life'

Lawanda Lindsey and Kenny Vernon
(RQ-8)'Looking Over Our Shoulders'

Lawton Williams
(RQ-9)'I'm Not All Here'

Lazy Jim Day
(RQ-4)'I Tickled Her Under The Chin'
(RQ-4)'Singing The News'
(RQ-4)'The Burglar'
(RQ-4)'When I Worked On The Farm'

Leapy Lee
(RQ-3)'Little Arrows'

Lee Howell 
(19)  'A Season For Broken Hearts'
(19)  'I Cry For You'
(19)  'Life Goes Better With Love'
(19)  'Talk About Me'
(V-2) 'Don't Blow Sad Bugles'

Lee Moore 
(3)   'The Royal Telephone'
(A-11)'The Cat Came Back'
(A-12)'When Father Hung The Paper On The Wall'
(A-13)'Wildwood Flower'
(E)   'The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree'
(RQ-8)'When Mother Played The Organ'

Lefty Frizzell
(11)  'Mama'
(2)   'Long Black Veil'
(20)  'Saginaw Michigan'
(24)  'Forbidden Lovers'
(A-1) 'Always Late'
(A-4) 'Give Me More More More'
(A-4) 'Gone Gone Gone'
(A-5) 'I Love You 1000 Ways'
(A-5) 'I Never Go Around Mirrors'
(M)   'Mom And Dad's Waltz'
(V-1) 'Ballad Of The Blue And Gray'
(RQ-4)'Watermelon Time In Georgia'
(RQ-5)'Darkest Moment'
(RQ-7)'Cigarettes And Coffee Blues'
(RQ-11)'Keep Them Flowers Watered While I'm Gone'
(RQ-11)'Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again'
(RQ-11)'Lucky Arms'
(RQ-12)'If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time'

Lefty Frizzell and Wayne Raney 
(23)  'The Tragic Letter'

Lenny Bowman 
(A-12)'We Made It Back In Love By Monday'

Leon Ashley 
(35)  'Flower Of Love'
(RQ-10)'Mental Journey'
(RQ-10)'Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)'
(RQ-10)'Our Old Love Song'

Leon Payne 
(19)  'Joe Lopez'
(33)  'Weeping Willow'
(33)  'You've Still Got A Place In My Heart'
(RQ-1)'I Love You Because'
(RQ-11)'If I Could Only Live My Life Over'
(RQ-11)'I'm A Lone Wolf'
(RQ-12)'Injun Joe'

Leona Williams 
(30)  'Taste Of Life'
(30)  'Yes, Ma'm (He Found Me In A Honky Tonk)'
(RQ-3)'Country Girl With Hot Pants'
(RQ-4)'Watch Her Go'
(RQ-4)'If I'd Only Listened To Mama And Dad'
(RQ-4)'This Ain't A Home No More'

Leroy VanDyke 
(A-1) 'Auctioneer'
(A-12)'Walk On By'
(RQ-1)'Anne Of A Thousand Days'
(RQ-11)'If A Woman Answers'

Les Paul and Mary Ford 
(15)  'The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise'
(A-12)'Vaya Con Dios'
(A-8) 'Mocking Bird Hill'
(A-8) 'No Letter Today'

Lesley Miller 
(V-1) 'He Wore The Green Beret'

Lester Flatt
(RQ-12)'Jesus Gold'

Lester Flatt and Mac Wiseman 
(19)  'The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me'
(A-8) 'More Pretty Girls Than One'

Lew Childre 
(22)  'Everybody's Fishing'
(22)  'Moonshine Blues'
(RQ-5)'Elevated Railroad'
(RQ-10)'Horsie Keep Your Tail Up'

Lewis Pruitt 
(9)   'Crazy Bullfrog'

Light Crust Doughboys 
(15)  'Blue Guitars'
(A-1) 'Beautiful Texas'

Lilly Brothers
(RQ-3)'Little Annie'

Lilly Brothers and Don Stover 
(A-2) 'Boil Dem Cabbage Down'
(RQ-7)'That Star Belongs To Me'

Linda Manning 
(A-10)'Shade Tree Mechanic'
(RQ-9)'The Girl From Saginaw Michigan'

Link Davis

Little Cindy 
(17)  'HE's Around When Everybody Turns You Down'
(Ch)  'Happy Birthday Jesus'

Little David Wilkins
(RQ-1)'Whoever Turned You On Forgot To Turn You Off'
(RQ-1)'Love In The Back Seat'

Liz and Lynn Anderson 
(6)   'Mother May I'

Liz Anderson  
(17)  'Mama Spank'
(A-10)'Show And Tell'
(A-5) 'Husband Hunting'
(Ch)  'Christopher The Christmas Seal'
(RQ-5)'The Wife Of The Party'
(RQ-5)'Go Now Pay Later'
(RQ-5)'Be Quiet Mind'
(RQ-10)'Tonight I'll Throw A Party'

Lois Williams
(RQ-2)'A Girl Named Sam'
(RQ-3)'From Miss To Mistake'

Lone Star Slim 
(A-7) 'Mathilda'

Lonesome Valley Singers 
(5)   'Erie Canal'

Lonzo and Oscar
(13)  'Catfish Dinner'
(32)  'Crawdad Song'
(19)  'Country Music Time'
(4)   'I'm My Own Grandpa'
(A-2) 'Charmin Betsy'
(A-4) 'Get Along Mulie'
(Ch)  'Jangle Bells'
(RQ-1)'Hey Joe #2'
(RQ-1)'I Worship The Ground You Walk On'
(RQ-3)'A Fallen Star'

Lorene Mann
(RQ-7)'So I Could Be Your Friend'

Loretta Lynn
(A-1) 'A Boy Like You'
(16)  'Here I Am Again'
(22)  'Hey Loretta'
(22)  'One's On The Way'
(23)  'Mama Why'
(28)  'Kinfolks Holler'
(A-1) 'Bargain Basement Dress'
(A-1) 'Before I'm Over You'
(A-1) 'Blue Kentucky Girl'
(33)  'Indian Lake'
(A-11)'The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight'
(A-12)'When Dreams Go Out Of Style'
(A-13)'Who'll Help Me Get Over You'
(A-13)'Wine Women And Song'
(A-13)'Wings Upon Your Horns'
(A-13)'You're Looking At Country'
(A-2) 'Coal Miner's Daughter'
(A-3) 'Don't Come Home A Drinkin'
(A-4) 'Fist City'
(A-5) 'Honky Tonk Girl'
(A-5) 'I Wanna Be Free'
(A-6) 'I've Got Texas In My Heart'
(Ch)  'Away In A Manger'
(Ch)  'To Heck With Ole Santa Claus'
(F)   'They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore'
(M)   'My Angel Mother'
(V-1) 'Dear Uncle Sam'
(RQ-2)'You Wanna Give Me A Lift'
(RQ-4)'Two Mules Pull This Wagon'
(RQ-4)'What Sundown Does To You'
(RQ-4)'Tippy Toeing'
(Ch)  'I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree'
(RQ-5)'Saint To A Sinner'
(RQ-5)'I Got Caught'
(RQ-5)'Trouble In Paradise'
(RQ-6)'Heartaches Meet Mr. Blues'
(RQ-6)'Blue Steel'
(RQ-6)'The Pill'
(RQ-7)'Singing The Blues'
(RQ-9)'Yesterday Will Come Again Tonight'
(RQ-9)'Pregnant Again'
(RQ-10)'The Home You're Tearin' Down'
(RQ-11)'Where Were You'
(RQ-11)'This Stranger (My Little Girl)'

Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty 
(A-1) 'After The Fire Is Gone'
(A-7) 'Lead Me On'
(A-7) 'Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man'
(RQ-4)'As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone'
(RQ-7)'You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly'
(RQ-12)'The Bed I'm Dreaming On'

Lorne Greene 
(A-9) 'Ringo'

Lou Dee 
(20)  'My Darling Rosie'
(8)   'I'll Never Be The Same'

Louden Wainwright III 
(A-3) 'Dead Skunk'

Louise Massey 
(A-8) 'Mistakes'
(3)   'Put Your Little Foot'
(A-9) 'River Of The Roses'

Louvin Brothers
(13)  'In The Pines'
(13)  'The Drunkard's Doom'
(13)  'The Family Who Prays'
(13)  'Weary Lonesome Blues'
(31)  'Leaning On The Everlasting Arms'
(A-11)'The New Partner Waltz'
(A-13)'When I Stop Dreaming'
(A-2) 'Cash On The Barrelhead'
(A-3) 'Don't Laugh'
(A-5) 'Hoping That You're Hoping'
(A-5) 'How's The World Treating You'
(A-5) 'I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby'
(A-7) 'Love Thy Neighbor'
(A-8) 'Must You Throw Dirt In My Face'
(V-1) 'From Mother's Arms To Korea'
(V-1) 'I Died For The Red White And Blue'
(V-2) 'Robe Of White'
(32)  'The Get Acquainted Waltz'
(V-2) 'The Weapon Of Prayer'
(V-2) 'There's A Grave In The Wave Of The Ocean'
(V-2) 'There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere'
(Ch)  'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear'
(RQ-2)'When I Loved You'
(RQ-3)'My Baby's Gone'
(RQ-3)'You're Running Wild'
(RQ-3)'Satan's Jeweled Crown'
(RQ-4)'Why Not Confess'
(RQ-9)'Time Goes By So Slow'
(RQ-10)'There's No Excuse'
(RQ-10)'Childish Love'
(RQ-11)'Keep Your Eyes On Jesus'
(RQ-12)'The Angels Rejoiced Last Night'
(RQ-13)'I Love You Best Of All'

Lucille Starr 
(33)  'Bonjours Tristesse (Hello Sadness)'
(14)  'The French Song'
(34)  'The Sun Shines Again'
(33)  'Wishing It Were You'

Lucille Starr and Bob Regan 
(33)  'My Happiness'

Lucky Look 
(A-5) 'I Wish I Was 18 Again'
(RQ-4)'Bangor Bound'

Luke The Drifter ***** See also Hank Williams *****
(24)  'Men With Broken Hearts'
(25)  'The Funeral'
(25)  'When The Book Of Life Is Read'
(A-1) 'Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw'
(A-1) 'Beyond The Sunset'
(A-3) 'Everything's O.K.'
(RQ-1)'Help Me Understand'

Lulu Belle and Scotty
(34)  'Ay Round The Corner'
(34)  'These Things I Promise You'
 (17) 'Lonesome Whippoorwill'
(15)  'The First Whippoorwill Song'
(A-2) 'Brown Mountain Light'
(A-2) 'Company's Comin'
(A-3) 'Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor'
(A-5) 'I Get A Kick Out Of Corn'
(A-9) 'Remember Me'
(Ch)  'The Empty Christmas Stocking'
(V-2) 'That Crazy War'
(RQ-3)'Sunday School'
(RQ-3)'My Best To You'
(RQ-8)'Get Along Home Cindy'
(RQ-11)'Bonnie Blue Eyes'
(RQ-13)'Rockin' Alone'

Lynn Anderson
(12)  'Listen To A Country Song'
(12)  'Outstanding In Your Field'
(13)  'Promises Promises'
(22)  'There's A Party Going On'
(23)  'If I Kiss You'
(23)  'Talkin' To The Wall'
(4)   'I'd Run A Mile To You'
(A-10)'Stay There Till I Get There'
(A-11)'That's A No No'
(A-4) 'Flattery Will Get You Everywhere'
(A-5) 'How Can I Unlove You'
(A-9) 'Rocky Top'
(A-9) 'Rose Garden'
(Ch)  'Ding-a-ling The Christmas Bell'
(RQ-2)'What A Man My Man Is'
(RQ-2)'You're My Man'
(RQ-2)'Fool Me'
(RQ-5)'All The King's Horses'
(RQ-6)'Sweet Talkin' Man'
(RQ-7)'He Turns It Into Love Again'

Mac and Bob 
(31)  'When I Was A Boy From The Mountains'

Mac Davis 
(5)   'Stop And Smell The Roses'
(A-4) 'Forever Lovers'
(A-6) 'It's Hard To Be Humble'
(34)  'Whoever Finds This I Love You'
(RQ-4)'Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me'

Mac O'Dell 
(A-7) 'Mansion Over The Hilltop'

Mac Wiseman
(17)  'Turkey In The Straw'
(10)  'I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers'
(15)  'May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mr.'
(2)   'Jimmy Brown The Newsboy'
(24)  'Light At The River'
(24)  'Rainbow In The Valley'
(24)  'Rovin' Gambler'
(24)  'What A Waste Of Good Corn Likker'
(24)  'Where Is My Boy Tonight'
(25)  'It Rains Just The Same In Missouri'
(35)  'Johnny's Cash And Charley's Pride'
(4)   'Tragic Romance'
(A-1) 'A Strand From a Yellow Curl'
(22)  'Remembering'
(A-11)'The Little Mohee'
(A-12)'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered'
(35)  'Bringing In The Sheaves'
(A-2) 'Bringing Mary Home'
(A-2) 'Cotton Fields'
(A-5) 'I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home'
(A-6) 'In The Baggage Coach Ahead'
(A-6) 'Legend Of the Irish Rebel'
(A-7) 'Love Letters In The Sand'
(Ch)  'The First Noel'
(RQ-1)'Lean On Me'
(RQ-2)'When They Ring Those Golden Bells'
(RQ-2)'The Scene Of The Crime'
(RQ-2)'When The Roses Blom Again'
(RQ-3)'Legend Of The Haunted Woods'
(RQ-3)'Put My Little Shoes Away'
(RQ-3)'Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown'
(RQ-4)'I Wonder Where You Are Tonight'
(RQ-4)'Maple Sugar Sweetheart'
(RQ-9)'My Little Home In Tennessee'
(RQ-9)'I'll Be All Smiles Tonight'
(RQ-10)'The Girl Of My Dreams'
(RQ-10)'Shackles And Chains'
(RQ-11)'Your Best Friend And Me'
(RQ-11)'I Still Write Your Name In The Sand'
(RQ-12)'Atlantic Lullaby'

Mac Wiseman and The Osborne Brothers 
(A-7) 'Little White Church'
(RQ-6)'The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me'
(RQ-10)'You're The Girl Of My Dreams'

Maddox Brothers and Rose 
(8)   'Green Grow The Lilacs'
(RQ-4)'Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down'
(RQ-6)'Dark As A Dungeon'

Mainer's Mountaineers
(RQ-10)'My Old Pal Of Yesterday'

Major Spaulding 
(V-2) 'Roses Of Picardy'

Margaret Lewis
(RQ-3)'Honey I Miss You Too'

Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely 
(A-10)'Slippin' Around'
(Ch)  'Silver Bells'

Margie Bowes 
(14)  'Understand Your Gal'
(RQ-3)'Little Miss Belong To No One'
(RQ-9)'Judge Not'

Margie Singleton
(RQ-9)'Forget Me Not'
(RQ-12)'The Well's Not Dry'
(RQ-12)'Cheaters Win'

Marilyn Sellars
(RQ-5)'One Day At A Time"

Margo Smith  
(17)  'The Way It Used To Be'
(14)  'Hand Clappin' Foot Stompin''
(18)  'I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart'

(A-7) 'Ma Petite Maison'

Marion Worth 
(A-10)'Shake Me I Rattle'

Martha Carson 
(28)  'Satisfied'

Marty Martin 
(A-2) 'Boxcar Willie'

Marty Robbins
(17)  'Singing The Blues'
(17)  'Two Gun Daddy'
(11)  'Lolene'
(14)  'All Around Cowboy'
(15)  'Crying 'Cause I Love You'
(20)  'Crossroads Of Life'
(22)  'This Broken Heart Of Mine'
(23)  'Billy Venero'
(23)  'Camelia'
(23)  'Five Brothers'
(23)  'Old Red'
(32)  'Padre'
(32)  'Tonight Carmen'
(26)  'Fly Butterfly Fly'
(29)  'Love Me'
(29)  'Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away'
(29)  'Yours'
(31)  'Ain't Life A Crying Shame'
(31)  'The Story Of My Life'
(8)   'Long Long Ago'
(A-1) 'A White Sport Coat'
(A-1) 'April Fool's Day'
(A-1) 'Big Iron'
(A-12)'21 Years'
(A-12)'Utah Carol'
(A-13)'You Gave Me A Mountain'
(A-2) 'Cowboy In The Continental Suit'
(A-3) 'Devil Woman'
(A-3) 'Don't Worry'
(A-3) 'El Paso'
(A-7) 'Little Rosewood Casket'
(A-8) 'Mr. Shorty'
(33)  'Little Rich Girl'
(33)  'Rose Of Old Pawnee'
(34)  'Ruby Ann'
(Ch)  'Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem'
(V-1) 'Ballad Of The Alamo'
(V-1) 'Just Before The Battle Mother'
(RQ-1)'The Master's Call'
(RQ-1)'Aloha Oe'
(RQ-1)'Abilene Rose'
(RQ-1)'With His Hand On My Shoulder'
(RQ-1)'Begging To You'
(RQ-2)'Beyond The Reef'
(RQ-2)'The Hands You're Holding Now'
(RQ-2)'Just Married'
(RQ-2)'No One Will Ever Know'
(RQ-2)'Pretty Words'
(RQ-2)'El Paso City'
(RQ-2)'She Was Only Seventeen'
(RQ-2)'San Angelo'
(RQ-2)'Jimmy Martinez'
(RQ-3)'Paper Face'
(RQ-3)'I Need You To Hold Me Together'
(RQ-4)'Among My Souvenirs'
(RQ-5)'Call Me Up'
(RQ-5)'The Blues Country Style'
(RQ-5)'It's Your World'
(RQ-6)'Down Where The Trade Winds Blow'
(RQ-6)'Shackles And Chains'
(RQ-6)'My Own Native Land'
(RQ-6)'Franklin Tennessee'
(RQ-6)'Ava Maria Morales'
(RQ-6)'Red River Valley'
(RQ-7)'Crawlin' On My Knees'
(RQ-7)'A Castle In The Sky'
(RQ-7)'The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight'
(RQ-7)'The Ballad Of Bill Thaxton'
(RQ-7)'The Hanging Tree'
(RQ-7)'Knee Deep In The Blues'
(RQ-8)'Running Gun'
(RQ-8)'Tall Handsome Stranger'
(RQ-8)'Buenos Dias Argentina'
(RQ-8)'Ride Cowboy Ride'
(RQ-8)'Count Me Out'
(RQ-8)'I Couldn't Keep From Crying'
(RQ-9)'Love Me Or Leave Me Alone'
(RQ-9)'I'm Too Big To Cry'
(Ch)  'Don't Hang The Mistletoe'
(RQ-9)'Would You Take Me Back Again'
(RQ-9)'Ribbon Of Darkness'
(RQ-9)'I Can't Quit'
(V-2)'Private Wilson White'
(RQ-9)'I'll Love You Till The Day I Die'
(RQ-10)'The Strawberry Roan'
(RQ-10)'They're Hanging Me Tonight'
(RQ-11)'Streets Of Laredo'
(RQ-12)'A Man And A Train'
(RQ-12)'Only A Picture Stops Time'
(RQ-12)'Little Spot In Heaven'

Marty Robbins and Jeanne Pruett 
(30)  'Walking Piece Of Heaven'
(RQ-9)'Love Me'

Marvin Rainwater
(5)   'Mr. Blues'
(5)   'My Brand Of Blues'
(A-10)'So You Think You Got Troubles'
(A-4) 'Freight Train Blues'
(A-5) 'I Gotta Go Get My Baby'
(F)   'Daddy's Footprints'
(MR)  'Daddy's Glad You Came Home'
(MR)  'Gonna Find Me A Bluebird'
(MR)  'Half Breed'
(MR)  'Hard Times'
(MR)  'Korea's Northern Mountains'
(MR)  'Moanin' The Blues'
(MR)  'Tennessee Houn' Dog Yodel'
(MR)  'The Albino Stallion'
(MR)  'The Valley Of The Moon'
(MR)  'What Am I Supposed To Do?'
(MR)  'Where Do We Go From Here?'
(MR)  'Why Did You Have To Go And Leave Me? (Lonesome Blues)'
(MR)  'Would Your Mother Be Proud Of You?'
(MR)  'Young Girls'
(RQ-1)'Born To Be Lonesome'
(RQ-1)'Lonely Island'
(RQ-3)'Gamblin' Man'

Marvin Rainwater and Connie Francis 
(MR)  'The Majesty Of Love'

Mary K. Place
(RQ-1)'Something To Brag About'

McCormick Brothers
(RQ-11)'The Banjo Twist'

Mel Street 
(A-2) 'Borrowed Angel'
(A-5) 'I Met A Friend Of Yours Today'
(RQ-4)'Smokey Mountain Memories'
(RQ-5)'Walk Softly On The Bridges'
(RQ-5)'Lovin' On Back Streets'
(RQ-5)'The Town Where You Live'
(RQ-5)'Looking Out My Window Through The Pain'
(RQ-13)'Wine Me Up'

Mel Tillis 
(15)  'The Morning After Baby Let Me Down'
(21)  'Commercial Affection'
(25)  'Life Turned Her That Way'
(27)  'Charlie's Angel'
(33)  'Stomp Them Grapes'
(30)  'Not In Front Of The Kids'
(35)  'Neon Rose'
(A-4) 'Heart Over Mind'
(A-7) 'Midnight Me And The Blues'
(RQ-1)'Ain't No California'
(RQ-1)'Send Me Down To Tuscon'
(RQ-1)'These Lonely Hands Of Mine'
(RQ-2)'Good Woman Blues'
(RQ-2)'One More Drink'
(RQ-3)'Who's Julie'
(RQ-8)'Woman In The Back Of My Mind'
(RQ-8)'Brooklyn Bridge'
(RQ-9)'Brand New Mister Me'
(RQ-10)'Veil Of White Lace'
(RQ-10)'Would You Want The World To End'
(RQ-10)'Son Of A Bum'
(RQ-12)'Old Faithful'

Mel Tillis and Sherry Bryce 
(35)  'Mr. Right And Mrs. Wrong'

Mel Tillis and Bill Phillips
(RQ-12)'Georgia Town Blues'

Melba Montgomery 
(19)  'Yearning'
(A-10)'Shoe Old Ranger'
(M)   'No Charge'
(RQ-4)'Happy You Lonely Me'
(RQ-10)'Pass Me By'

Melvin Endsley 
(29)  'Keep A Lovin' Me Baby'

Merle Haggard
(18)  'The Farmer's Daughter'
(23)  'Little Ole Wine Drinker Me'
(4J)  'Fightin' Side Of Me'
(4J)  'The Freedom Train'
(A-10)'Shelley's Winter Love'
(A-10)'Silver Wings'
(A-11)'The Old Man From The Mountain'
(A-2) 'Cherokee Maiden'
(A-3) 'Daddy Frank'
(A-4) 'Harold's Super Service'
(A-5) 'I Threw Away The Rose'
(A-5) 'I Wonder If They Ever Think Of Me'
(A-6) 'If We Make It Through December'
(A-6) 'If We're Not Back In Love By Monday'
(A-7) 'Kern River'
(A-8) 'Okie From Muskogee'
(A-9) 'Roots Of My Raising'
(Ch)  'Bobby Wants A Puppy Dog For Christmas'
(Ch)  'Santa Claus And Popcorn'
(M)   'Mama Tried'
(M)   'Mama's Hungry Eyes'
(RQ-1)'What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana'
(RQ-1)'My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers'
(RQ-2)'Everybody's Had The Blues'
(RQ-2)'Every Fool Has A Rainbow'
(RQ-2)'Holding Things Together'
(RQ-2)'Sing Me Back Home'
(RQ-2)'Swingin' Doors'
(RQ-2)'It's Not Love But It's Not Bad'
(RQ-2)'Goodbye Comes Hard For Me'
(RQ-3)'You'll Always Be Special To Me'
(RQ-3)'Today I Started Loving You Again'
(RQ-5)'Green Green Grass Of Home'
(RQ-6)'Working Man Blues'
(RQ-6)'The Fugitive'
(RQ-7)'Someday We'll Look Back'
(RQ-7)'The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde'
(RQ-7)'Dad's Old Fiddle'
(RQ-8)'Tulare Dust'
(RQ-8)'Sing A Sad Song'
(RQ-8)'Kentucky Gambler'
(RQ-9)'White Line Fever'
(RQ-9)'Somewhere Between'
(RQ-11)'You Don't Have Very Far To Go'
(RQ-12)'My Own Kind Of Hat'
(RQ-12)'Singing My Heart Out'

Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens 
(A-6) 'Just Between The Two Of Us'
(RQ-10)'Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus'

Merle Kilgore 
(19)  'Baby Rocked Her Dolly'
(RQ-1)'Dear Mama'

Merle Travis 
(1)   'Kentucky Means Paradise'
(11)  'Heart Of My Heart'
(27)  'Sweet Temptation'
(35)  'Shut Up And Drink Your Beer'
(A-10)'So Round So Firm So Fully Packed'
(A-13)'When My Baby Double Talks To Me'
(A-2) 'Cocaine Blues'
(A-3) 'Divorce Me COD'
(A-5) 'I Like My Chicken Fryin' Size'
(A-8) 'No Vacancy'
(RQ-5)'Nine Pound Hammer'
(RQ-6)'Me And The Doggone Blues'
(RQ-11)'Re-enlistment Blues'
(RQ-12)'Dark As A Dungeon'

Michael Nesmith 
(3)   'The One Rose'

Michael Parks 
(A-13)'Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon'
(A-7) 'Long Lonesome Highway'
(RQ-3)'Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again'

Mickey Gilley 
(A-3) 'Don't The Girls Get Prettier At Closing Time'
(RQ-2)'Overnight Sensation'
(RQ-5)'Room Full Of Roses'

Michael Landon
(Ch)  'Santa Got Lost In Texas'

Mike Lunceford 
(34)  'Honey Hungry'

Mike Preston 
(18)  'The Night Is Full Of Romance'

Miller Sisters 
(30)  'Someday You Will Pay'
(RQ-7)'There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong'

Milton Brown  
(17)  'The Eyes Of Texas'

Minnie Pearl 
(13)  'Are All The Children In'
(13)  'If Jesus Came To Your House'
(13)  'Mother's Thimble'
(4J)  'What Is An American?'
(A-5) 'How To Catch A Man'
(A-7) 'Live Some While You're Here'
(34)  'The Tunnel Of Love'
(RQ-4)'Giddyup Go - Answer'
(RQ-9)'Jealous Hearted Me'
(RQ-13)'Careless Love'

Minnie Pearl and Archie Campbell
(RQ-4)'As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone'

Minnie Pearl and Grandpa Jones
(RQ-4)'Gotta Marry Off Our Daughter'

Minnie Pearl and Red Sovine
(RQ-9)'Nobody's Business'

Mitchell Torok
(RQ-5)'Mexican Joe'

Moe Bandy 
(13)  'I Cheated Me Right Out Of You'
(A-1) 'Bandy The Rodeo Clown'
(A-1) 'Barstool Mountain'
(A-5) 'Here I Am Drunk Again'
(32)  'One Thing Leads To Another'
(35)  'There's Nobody Home On The Range Anymore'
(35)  'Hank Williams You Wrote My Life'
(35)  'Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry'
(RQ-6)'That's What Makes The Jukebox Play'
(RQ-7)'She Took More Than Her Share'
(RQ-10)'It Was Always So Easy'
(RQ-13)'Two Lonely People'

Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley  
(A-11)'Tell Ole I Ain't Here He'd Better Get On Home'

Molly Bee 
(A-11)'The Kids Who Pay'
(RQ-1)'Tennessee Tango'

Molly O'Day 
(30)  'Teardrops Falling In The Snow'
(8)   'The Blind Child'
(E)   'When The Angels Rolled The Stone Away'
(V-1) 'A Hero's Death'
(33)  'Why Do You Weep Dear Willow'
(RQ-11)'Heaven's Radio'

Mom And Dads 
(A-11)'The Ranger's Waltz'

Monroe Brothers 
(19)  'What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul'
(8)   'Mother's Not Dead She's Only Sleeping'
(RQ-7)'Goodbye Maggie'
(RQ-8)'Bringing In The Georgia Mail'

Montana Slim***** See also Wilf Carter *****
(10)  'I'll Get Mine'
(22)  'It's Later Than You Think'
(3)   'Blind Boy's Prayer'
(4)   'Capture Of Albert Johnson'
(5)   'Dynamite Trail'
(5)   'My French Canadian Girl'
(8)   'My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down'
(A-1) 'Alpine Milkman'
(A-10)'Strawberry Roan'
(A-10)'Streamlined Yodel Song'
(A-12)'21 Years'
(A-12)'There's A Bluebird On Your Windowsill'
(A-12)'There's A Love Knot In My Lariet'
(A-13)'When The Work's All Done This Fall'
(A-13)'X's From Down In Texas'
(A-4) 'Grandma's Courtin' Again'
(A-6) 'I'm Gonna Ride To Heaven On A Streamlined Train'
(A-7) 'Little Joe The Wrangler'
(A-8) 'One Golden Curl'
(A-9) 'Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy'
(Ch)  'Jolly Old St. Nickolas'
(F)   'Dad's Little Texas Lad'
(M)   'What A Friend We Have In Mother'
(V-1) 'A Mother's Son In Viet Nam'
(V-1) 'Goodbye Maria'

Moon Mullican 
(22)  'Make Friends'
(24)  'I Was Sorta Wonderin'
(25)  'I'll Sail My Ship Alone'
(A-2) 'Cherokee Boogie'
(34)  'Jole Blon'
(RQ-3)'New Jole Blon'
(RQ-8)'The Leaves Mustn't Fall'
(RQ-9)'Magnolia Rag'

Mother Maybelle Carter 
(14)  'Bells Of St. Mary's'
(17)  'Charlie Brooks'
(18)  'Give Me Your Love and I'll Give You Mine'
(19)  'A Letter From Home'
(20)  'Sail Away Lady'
(20)  'Strummin' My Guitaro'
(26)  'Gold Watch And Chain'
(A-13)'Wildwood Flower'
(A-7) 'March Winds'
(M)   'Sweeter Than The Flowers'
(V-1) 'Faded Coat Of Blue'
(V-2) 'I Told Them What You're Fighting For'
(RQ-9)'Let's Be Lovers Again'
(RQ-12)'He's Solid Gone'

Mother Maybelle Carter and Johnny Cash
(19)  'Diamonds In The Rough'

Mundo Earwood
(RQ-1)'Behind Blue Eyes'
(RQ-1)'Things i'd Do For You'

Myrna Lorrie and Buddy DeVal
(RQ-4)'Are You Mine'
(RQ-4)'You Bet I Kissed Him'

Narvel Felts 
(14)  'Funny How Time Slips Away'
(14)  'Reconsider Me'
(RQ-7)'Somebody Hold Me Until She Passes By'
(RQ-11)'Drift Away'

Nat Stuckey
(RQ-1)'Cut Across Shorty'
(RQ-5)'Sweet Thang'
(RQ-5)'Sweet Thang And Cisco'
(RQ-8)'Sun Comin' Up'
(RQ-11)'I Knew Her When'
(RQ-12)'Is It Any Wonder That I Love You'

Ned Landry
(RQ-2)'Ragtime Annie'
(RQ-2)'Little Burnt Potato'
(RQ-5)'Darling Nellie Gray'
(RQ-5)'Country Waltz'

Ned Miller 
(A-4) 'From A Jack To A King'
(35)  'The Ring On The Bar'

Nelson Bragg, Tex Logan and Lane Bros. 
(32)  'A Beautiful Life'

Nevada Slim 
(A-11)'The Tie That Binds'
(RQ-3)'Oh Susanna'

New Riders Of The Purple Sage  
(17)  'Panama Red'

Norma Jean 
(30)  'Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town'
(A-11)'The Future Ex Mrs. Jones'
(A-12)'Then Go Home To Her'
(A-13)'You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind'
(A-4) 'Go Cat Go'
(A-6) 'I Wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Him'
(A-7) 'Let's Go All The Way'
(RQ-2)'Whiskey Six Years Old'
(RQ-4)'I Cried All The Way To The Bank'
(RQ-4)'I Can't See Me Without You'
(RQ-8)'Heaven Help The Working Girl'
(RQ-11)'You Changed Everything About Me But My Name'

Norma Jean and Porter Wagoner
(RQ-4)'I'll Take A Chance On Loving You'

Norman Wade 
(24)  'Close Every Honky Tonk'
(A-10)'Shut Up And Drink Your Beer'
(RQ-5)'Blue House Painted White'

Norville Dollar
(RQ-9)'Who'll Be Next'

Oak Ridge Boys 
(A-13)'Y'all Come Back Saloon'

Okie Jones 
(F)   'They Don't Want Me Anymore'

Olivia Newton-John 
(19)  'If You Love Me Let Me Know'

Onie Wheeler 
(13)  'John's Been Shuckin' My Corn'
(33)  'Mother Prays Loud In Her Sleep'
(A-12)'Too Hot To Handle'
(33)  'White Lightning Cherokee'
(RQ-3)'Onie's Bop'
(RQ-3)'I Wanna Hold My Baby'
(RQ-5)'Bonaparte's Retreat'
(RQ-5)'I Saw Mom With God'

Orval Prophet 
(34)  'A Chaser For The Blues'
(34)  'I Walk A Lonely Street'
(HS)  'The Traveling Snowman'
(RQ-5)'Judgement Day Express'
(RQ-5)'Going Back To Birmingham'

Orville Couch
(RQ-1)'Hello Trouble'
(RQ-1)'I Will If You Will'

Osborne Brothers 
(24)  'I'll Go Steppin' Too'
(31)  'My Favorite Memory'
(A-3) 'Each Season Changes You'
(A-8) 'Once More'
(13)  'Rocky Top'
(25)  'Cut The Cornbread Mama'
(RQ-4)'The Kind Of Woman I Got'
(RQ-4)'Shelly's Winter Love'
(RQ-6)'Georgia Mules And Country Boys'

Osborne Brothers and Red Allen
(RQ-6)'Ruby Are You Mad'
(RQ-6)'My Aching Heart'

Ott Stephens and Trina Love
(RQ-8)'Don't Let Your Big Mouth Take You (Where Your Feet Can't Walk You Out)

Pal Brady
(RQ-8)'My Better Half'
(RQ-8)'Trading Stamps'

Pard and The Countrymen
(RQ-8)'Curse Of The Saco River'

Patsy Cline 
(19)  'Come On In'
(19)  'I Can't Forget You'
(21)  'A Church A Courtroom Then Goodbye'
(28)  'Crazy'
(28)  'Heartaches'
(9)   'Sweet Dreams'
(A-10)'She's Got You'
(A-12)'There He Goes'
(A-12)'Walking After Midnight'
(A-3) 'Faded Love'
(A-5) 'I Can See An Angel'
(A-5) 'I Fall To Pieces'
(A-6) 'Just A Closer Walk With Thee'
(A-7) 'Life's Railway To Heaven'
(33)  'You Took Him Off My Hands'
(RQ-1)'Honky Tonk Merry Go Round'
(RQ-3)'San Antonio Rose'
(RQ-4)'Crazy Dreams'
(RQ-6)'When I Get Through With You'
(RQ-7)'I've Loved And Lost Again'
(RQ-8)'Tra Le La Le La Triangle'
(RQ-8)'Let The Teardrops Fall'
(RQ-10)'Hidin' Out'
(RQ-11)'You're Stronger Than Me'
(RQ-11)'Pick Me Up On Your Way Down'
(RQ-11)'Your Cheatin' Heart'
(RQ-13)'Lovin' In Vain'

Patsy Montana 
(19)  'Ridin' Old Paint'
(28)  'That Ranch In The Sky'
(A-13)'Woman's Answer To Nobody's Darlin''
(A-5) 'High Falutin' Newton'
(A-5) 'I Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart'
(V-1) 'Goodnight Soldier'
(35)  'Mama's Egg Money'
(RQ-2)'Slap Er Down Again Paw'
(RQ-4)'Shy Little Anne From Cheyenne'
(RQ-4)'If I Could Only Learn To Yodel'
(RQ-6)'Little Old Rag Doll'
(RQ-6)'Sixteen Pounds'
(RQ-11)'I'm An Old Cowhand'
(RQ-12)'Ridin' The Sunset Trail'

Patti Page 
(A-11)'Tennessee Waltz'
(RQ-10)'One Of Us'

Paul Marx 
(5)   'I Love You Like A Pig Loves Slop'

Paul Metcalf 
(3)   'Ayuh'
(A-3) 'Duct Tape'

Paul Westmoreland 
(32)  'From Now On'

Peanuts Montgomery 
(A-10)'Slim And None'

Pee Wee King
(PK)  'Backward, Turn Backward'
(PK)  'Bimbo'
(PK)  'Bonaparte's Retreat'
(PK)  'Changing Partners'
(PK)  'Chew Tobacco Rag'
(PK)  'Kentucky Waltz'
(PK)  'Last Night On The Back Porch'
(PK)  'Silver And Gold'
(PK)  'Slowpoke'
(PK)  'Steel Guitar Rag'
(PK)  'Tennessee Waltz'
(PK)  'The Strange Little Girl'
(PK)  'Waitin'
(PK)  'When The Lights Grow Dim Downtown'
(PK)  'You Belong To Me'
(13)  'Texas Toni Lee'
(25)  'Twin Fiddle Polka'
(28)  'Tennessee Tears'
(RQ-6)'In A Garden Of Roses'
(RQ-6)'Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me'
(RQ-8)'Ten Thousand Crying Towels'
(RQ-8)'Waltz Of The Alamo'
(RQ-9)'Gospel Boogie'

Peeper, Poochie and Pumpkin Williams 
(Ch)  'Silent Night'

Peggy Little
(RQ-8)'Sweet Baby Girl'

Peggy Sue
(RQ-11)'I'm Dynamite'

Pete Cassell 
(22)  'Neath The West Virginia Sky'
(24)  'Oh How I Miss You'
(25)  'Letter Edged In Black'
(RQ-5)'A Message To The One I Love'

Pete Lane 
(A-6) 'John's Reply'

Phil Warren 
(V-2) 'When He Went Out To Play'

Picard Family
(RQ-10)'The Old Grey Goose Is Dead'

Pie Plant Pete 
(17)  'Goodbye My Lover Goodbye'

Pike Family
(RQ-11)'Washington Lee Fling'

(9)   'Bell Bottom Polka'

Porter Wagoner
(A-6) 'Katy Did'
(11)  'Little Boy's Prayer'
(17)  'I Haven't Learned A Thing'
(24)  'The Carroll County Accident'
(28)  'I Thought I Heard You Call My Name'
(28)  'Shutters And Boards'
(35)  'Wake Up Jacob'
(29)  'House Of Shame'
(29)  'I Dreamed I Saw America On Her Knees'
(31)  'When You're Hot You're Hot'
(5)   'An Old Log Cabin for Sale'
(A-1) 'A Satisfied Mind'
(A-10)'Sorrow On The Rocks'
(A-11)'The Alley'
(A-11)'The Family Who Prays'
(A-12)'What Would You Do'
(A-13)'Y'all Come'
(A-2) 'Charlie's Picture'
(A-2) 'Cold Hard Facts Of Life'
(A-2) 'Company's Comin'
(A-3) 'Daddy And The Wine'
(A-3) 'Eat Drink And Be Merry'
(A-4) 'Green Green Grass Of Home'
(A-6) 'I'll Go Down Swinging'
(A-6) 'I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand'
(A-8) 'Misery Loves Company'
(A-8) 'Ol Slewfoot'
(A-8) 'One Dime For Wine'
(RQ-1)'What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen'
(RQ-1)'Wasted Years'
(RQ-2)'Pastor's Absent On Vacation'
(RQ-3)'Trouble In The Amen Corner'
(RQ-3)'I Thought Of God'
(RQ-4)'Doll Face'
(RQ-5)'Howdy Neighbor Howdy'
(RQ-5)'Your Old Love Letters'
(RQ-6)'Black Jack's Bar'
(RQ-8)'Big Wind'
(RQ-9)'Hand Me Down My Walking Cane'
(RQ-9)'Let Me In'
(RQ-9)'Who Will He Be'
(RQ-10)'The Last One To Touch Me'
(RQ-10)'In The Shadows Of The Wine'
(RQ-10)'The Funky Grass Band'
(RQ-10)'The World Need A Washin'
(RQ-12)'The Girl Who Didn't Need Love'

Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton 
(22)  'A Good Understanding'
(24)  'Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff'
(30)  'Run That By Me One More Time'
(A-11)'The House Where Love Lives'
(A-11)'The Right Combination'
(A-12)'We'll Get Ahead Someday'
(A-6) 'If Teardrops Were Pennies'
(A-6) 'Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark'
(A-8) 'Mommie Ain't That Daddy'  
(A-6) 'Just Someone I Used To Know'
(F)   'Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man'
(27)  'Lost Forever In Your Kiss'
(RQ-4)'Making Plans'

Ralph Emery 
(31)  'Hello Fool'
(Ch)  'Christmas Can't Be Far Away'
(Ch)  'Christmas Dinner'

Ralph Stanley
(RQ-2)'True Blue Bill'

Randy Erwin 
(20)  'Cannonball Yodel'

Ray Charles 
(A-5) 'I Can't Stop Loving You'

Ray Griff 
(16)  'The Morning After Baby Let Me Down'

Ray Hendrix 
(34)  'Last Night'
(34)  'My Last Memory'

Ray Little Gang 
(A-3) 'Darling You're Breaking My Heart'
(A-6) 'It's My Lazy Day'

Ray Pillow
(RQ-3)'Take Your Hands Off My Heart'

Ray Price
(17)  'Wasted Words'
(11)  'Tearful Earful'
(13)  'She's Got To Be A Saint'
(2)   'Crazy Arms'
(24)  'Invitation To The Blues'
(24)  'I've Got A New Heartache'
(29)  'Pride'
(33)  'Soft Rain'
(30)  'The Same Old Me'
(31)  'The Road Of No Return'
(A-12)'Walk Me To The Door'
(A-13)'Your Old Love Letters'
(A-2) 'City Lights'
(A-2) 'Crazy Arms'
(A-3) 'Curtain In The Window'
(A-4) 'For The Good Times'
(A-4) 'Heart Over Mind'
(A-4) 'Heartaches By The Number'
(A-6) 'I'll Be There'
(35)  'I'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)'
(A-6) 'I'm Tired'
(24)  'My Shoes Keep Walking Back To you'
(A-9) 'Release Me'
(34)  'I Won't Mention It Again'
(35)  'You're Stronger Than Me'
(RQ-1)'You Never Will Be True'
(RQ-1)'Wall Of Tears'
(RQ-2)'Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes'
(RQ-2)'The Twenty-Fourth Hour'
(RQ-2)'Sweetheart Of The Year'
(RQ-2)'April's Fool'
(RQ-3)'Please Don't Leave Me'
(RQ-5)'You're Under Arrest'
(RQ-5)'You Done Me Wrong'
(RQ-6)'I'll Find A Way (To Free Myself From You)'
(RQ-6)'Touch My Heart'
(RQ-6)'Just As I Am'
(RQ-7)'Talk To Your Heart'
(RQ-7)'A Different Kind Of Flower'
(RQ-7)'I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today'
(RQ-8)'Run Boy'
(RQ-9)'Bright Lights And Blonde Haired Women'
(RQ-9)'One More Time'
(RQ-10)'A Girl In The Night'
(RQ-10)'The Other Woman'
(RQ-11)'Who Stole That Train'
(RQ-11)'Weary Blues From Waitin'
(RQ-12)'It's All Your Fault'
(RQ-13)'Much Too Young To Die'

Ray Price and Faron Young
(RQ-2)'Side by Side'
Ray Sanders 
(20)  'Beer Drinkin' Music'

Ray Stevens 
(31)  'Mississippi Squirrel Revival'
(RQ-7)'Turn Your Radio On'
(RQ-7)'The Streak'

Red and Betty Foley 
(A-9) 'Satisfied Mind'
(RQ-1)'As Far As I'm Concerned'

Red Foley 
(10)  'Playin' Dominos And Shootin' Dice'
(11)  'Birmingham Bounce'
(11)  'How Do You Think I Feel'
(23)  'Shake A Hand'
(23)  'The Day My Pa Played Preacher'
(26)  'Ma's Old Galvanized Washing Tub'
(28)  'Tennessee Border'
(29)  'Smoke On The Water'
(3)   'Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes'
(A-10)'Shame On You'
(A-10)'Steal Away'
(A-10)'Sunday Down In Tennessee'
(A-11)'Tennessee Polka'
(A-2) 'Chatanoogie Shoeshine Boy'
(A-4) 'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You'
(A-4) 'Hearts Of Stone'
(A-5) 'Hot Toddy'
(A-6) 'Just Before Dawn'
(A-8) 'Old Shep'
(A-9) 'Peace In The Valley'
(RQ-1)'Kisses On Paper'
(RQ-2)'Tennessee Saturday Night'
(RQ-3)'Two Cents Three Eggs And A Post Card'
(RQ-6)'Cincinnati Dancing Pig'
(RQ-7)'Blues In My Heart'
(RQ-8)'Headin' Back To Texas'
(RQ-11)'Sugarfoot Rag'
(RQ-12)'Yodeling Radio Joe'

Red Foley and Ernest Tubb 
(A-5) 'Hillbilly Fever' 
(A-4) 'Goodnight Irene'
(RQ-4)'Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age'
(RQ-4)'The Chicken Song'
(RQ-4)'Texas Vs Kentucky'
(RQ-5)'You're A Real Good Friend'
(RQ-8)'I'm In Love With Molly'

Red Ingle and The Natural Seven 
(A-11)'Temptation (Tim-tayshun)'

Red Johnson 
(A-12)'There's A Grand Ole Opry Show Playing Somewhere'

Red Kirk 
(7)   'Careless Mind'
(A-3) 'Davy Crockett Blues'

Red River Dave 
(A-11) 'The Little Red Caboose Behind The Train'
(V-1)  'Ballad Of Francis Powers'
(V-1)  'I'd Rather Die For My Country Than Live With My Wife'
(V-2)  'The Viet Nam Guitar'
(RQ-3)'God's Game Of Checkers'
(RQ-4)'She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain'
(RQ-5)'Westward Roll The Wagons'
(RQ-5)'I'd Like To Give My Dog To Uncle Sam'

Red Simpson 
(A-6)  'I'm A Truck'

Red Smiley 
(A-9)  'Prisoner's Dream'

Red Sovine
(F)   'Daddy'
(15)  'Does Steppin' Out Mean Daddy Took A 
(22)  'Dream House For Sale'
(22)  'Giddy Up Go'
(26)  'The Last Foxhole'
(30)  'Mr. F.C.C.'
(30)  'The Old Pine Tree'
(6)   'Daddy's Girl'
(A-1) 'A Kiss And The Keys'
(A-11)'Teddy Bear'
(A-2) 'Bringing Mary Home'
(A-5) 'Hold Everything'
(A-5) 'I Didn't Jump The Fence'
(A-6) 'I'm The Man'
(A-7) 'Little Rosa'
(Ch)  'Is There Really A Santa Claus?'
(V-1) '1460 Elder St.'
(RQ-2)'Woman Behind The Man Behind The Wheel'
(RQ-3)'It Ain't No Big Thing'
(RQ-4)'Little Joe'
(RQ-4)'The Intoxicated Rat'
(Ch)  'Faith In Santa'
(RQ-5)'Roses For Mama'
(RQ-8)'It'll Come Back'
(Ch)  'Santa Is A Texas Cowboy'
(RQ-9)'Roses Of Love'
(RQ-10)'Phantom 309'

Red Steagall 
(1)   'Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music'
(23)  'The Walls Of This Old Honky Tonk'
(25)  'The Lantern On The Wagon'
(25)  'The Wagon Tongue'
(35)  'Under The X In Texas'
(RQ-7)'Texas Silver Zephyr'
(RQ-8)'The Fiddle Man'
(RQ-8)'Rosie (Do You Want To Talk It Over)'

Red Woodland 
(A-2) 'Chicken In The Pan'

Redd Stewart
(RQ-8)'Ballad Of The Country Music Songwriter'

Reno and Smiley 
(1)   'Jimmy Caught The Dickens' 
(14)  'A Pretty Wreath For Mother's Grave'
(2)   'I Wouldn't Change You If I Could'
(A-6) 'I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap'
(RQ-3)'Springtime In Heaven'
(RQ-5)'The Last Mile'
(RQ-7)'I Know You're Married But I Love You Still'
(RQ-8)'All I Have Is Just A Memory'
(RQ-8)'Home Sweet Home'
(RQ-8)'My Mother's Bible'
(RQ-9)'Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die'

Reuben Darnell 
(B)   'I'm Hangin' On'
(B)   'I'm Just A Little Bit Slow'
(B)   'Sha Marie'

Rex Allen
(14)  'Tongue Tied Smith'
(18)  'East Bound Train'
(22)  'Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero'
(31)  'I Went And Got A Bucket For My Tears'
(31)  'Ragtime Melody'
(31)  'Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old 'Tucky Home'
(31)  'Waltz Of The Roses'
(9)   'Barefoot Country Boy'
(A-1) 'Albuquerque Polka'
(A-11)'Take It Back And Change It For A Boy'
(A-11)'The Life Of A Cowboy'
(A-13)'When The Bloom Is On The Sage'
(A-3) 'Crying In The Chapel'
(A-3) 'Don't Go Near The Indians'
(A-3) 'Feudin' And Fightin''
(A-9) 'Queen Of The Rodeo'
(A-9) 'Rack Up The Balls Boys'
(V-1) 'Atomic Power'
(V-1) 'Marine's Let's Go'
(RQ-6)'Johnny Travers'
(RQ-7)'Windy Bill'
(RQ-7)'The Fireman Cowboy'
(RQ-7)'Pedro Gonzales Tennessee Lopez'
(RQ-7)'Loaded Pistol'
(RQ-7)'Tyin' Knots In The Devil's Tail'
(RQ-7)'Dude Ranch Polka'
(RQ-7)'Timber Wind'
(RQ-8)'Hootin' And Howlin'
(RQ-8)'Til The Well Goes Dry'
(RQ-8)'I've Got So Many Million Years'
(RQ-10)'You Don't Care What Happens To Me'
(RQ-10)'You Started Honky Tonkin'
(RQ-10)'Save A Little Corner In Your Heart For Me'
(RQ-11)'The Bell In The Steeple'

Rex Allen Jr. 
(F)   'The Great Mail Robbery'
(RQ-4)'Another Goodbye Song'
(RQ-4)'Teardrops In My Heart'
(RQ-4)'Play Me No Sad Songs'
(RQ-4)'Never Coming Back Again'

Rex Griffin 
(24)  'Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby'
(RQ-6)'The Last Letter'

Rhubarb Red
(RQ-2)'Pretty Little Girl Dressed In Blue'

Rick Nelson 
(A-11)'Take These Chains From My Heart'

Riders In The Sky 
(Ch)  'Christmas At The Triple-X Ranch'
(Ch)  'Riding Home For Christmas'

Riley Puckett 
(23)  'Sauerkraut'
(A-3) 'Curly Headed Baby'
(A-3) 'Don't Let Your Deal Go Down'
(A-5) 'I Only Want A Buddy'
(A-8) 'Old Spinning Wheel'
(A-9) 'Preacher And The Bear'
(RQ-13)'Oh Johnny Oh'

Riley Puckett and Hugh Cross 
(A-9) 'Red River Valley'

Riverside Ramblers
(RQ-12)'Drifting Along'

Rob and Bob 
(22)  'One Day Later'

Robert and Giselle Bouchard 
(34)  'Round And Round She Goes'

Robert E. Lee 
(20)  'Son Of The Filipino Baby'

Robert Lunn
(RQ-5)'The Sow Song'
(RQ-7)'The Original Talking Blues'

Robert Mitchum 
(A-1) 'Ballad Of Thunder Road'

Rocky Mountain Rangers 
(30)  'Seven Years With The Wrong Man'

Rod Bernard 
(A-10)'Somebody Wrote That Song For Me'
(A-11)'Teach Me To Forget'
(A-12)'This Should Go On Forever'
(A-4) 'Go On Go On'
(A-5) 'I Never Had The One That I Wanted'
(A-5) 'I Spent A Week There Last Night'
(V-1) 'A Tear In My Lady's Eye'
(RQ-6)'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do'

Roger Miller 
(A-2) 'Chug A Lug'
(A-3) 'Dang Me'
(A-6) 'Jimmy Brown The Newsboy'
(A-7) 'King Of The Road'
(A-9) 'Poor Little John'
(Ch)  'Old Toy Trains'
(RQ-1)'The Tom Green County Fair'
(RQ-1)'Little Green Apples'
(RQ-1)'Walkin' In The Sunshine'
(RQ-2)'Sorry Willie'
(RQ-3)'When Two Worlds Collide'
(RQ-4)'My Ears Should Burn'
(RQ-6)'Lock Stock And Teardrops'
(RQ-7)'The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey's Plane'

Roland Bolduc 
(A-2) 'Chime Bells'

Ronnie Hawkins 
(A-2) 'Brand New Tennessee Waltz'
(A-9) 'Ramblin' Man'

Ronnie Milsap 
(14)  'Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends'
(A-3) 'Daydreams About Night Things'
(RQ-1)'I'd Be A Legend In My Time'
(RQ-8)'I Hate You'

Ronnie Sessions 
(4)   'If That Back Door Could Talk'
(RQ-12)'Wiggle Wiggle'

Rosalie Allen 
(12)  'Guitar Polka'
(21)  'Columbus Stockade Blues'
(A-13)'Yodel Your Troubles Away'
(A-5) 'Hitler Lives'
(A-6) 'I'd Rather Be A Cowgirl'
(A-9) 'Rose Of The Alamo'
(RQ-5)'Aha San Antone'
(RQ-5)'Wide Rollin' Plains'
(RQ-11)'Yodel Your Troubles Away'

Rosalie Allen and Elton Britt 
(A-13)'Yodel Blues'
(A-6) 'It Is No Secret'
(RQ-5)'Tennessee Yodel Polka'
(RQ-12)'Swiss Lullaby'

Three Suns with Rosalie Allen  and Elton Britt 
(22)  'The Game Of Broken Hearts'

Rose Lee Maphis
(RQ-5)'Blue Moon Of Kentucky'
(RQ-5)'Uncle Pen'
(RQ-5)'I've Come To Take You Home'
(RQ-5)'Remember (I'm Just As Close As The Phone)'

Rose Maddox 
(14)  'Sing A Little Song Of Heartache'
(16)  'Conscience I'm Guilty'
(20)  'The Bottom Of The Glass'
(A-1) 'Beautiful Bouquet'
(A-4) 'Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet'
(A-7) 'Kissing My Pillow'
(A-9) 'Philadelphia Lawyer'
(RQ-1)'Tall Man'
(RQ-3)'Each Season Changes You'
(RQ-4)'Poor Little Heartbroken Rose'
(RQ-7)'Take Me Back Again'
(RQ-7)'Down Down Down'
(RQ-7)'Fool Me Again'
(RQ-11)'Gambler's Love'
(RQ-11)'Let's Pretend We're Strangers'
(RQ-12)'Live And Let Live'

Roy Acuff
(17)  'Things That Might Have Been'
(1)   'The Old Age Pension Check'
(12)  'Once More'
(14)  'Willy Roy The Crippled Boy'
(18)  'The Great Titanic'
(18)  'The Precious Jewel'
(2)   'Wabash Cannonball'
(21)  'Lost John'
(22)  'The Songbirds Are Singing In Heaven'
(24)  'Unloved And Unclaimed'
(27)  'Jole Blon'
(27)  'The Streamlined Cannonball'
(29)  'That Glory Bound Train'
(3)   'Fireball Mail'
(31)  'Sweep Around Your Own Back Door'
(A-13)'Wreck On The Highway'
(A-4) 'Great Speckled Bird'
(A-7) 'Low And Lonely'
(A-9) 'Rushin' Around'
(E)   'Were You There'
(F)   'Please Daddy Forgive'
(V-1) 'Advice To Joe'
(V-1) 'Doug MacArthur'
(RQ-1)'The Great Judgement Morning'
(RQ-1)'I Couldn't Believe It Was True'
(RQ-3)'So Many Times'
(RQ-3)'Come And Knock'
(RQ-4)'That's The Man I'm Looking For'
(RQ-4)'She Isn't Guaranteed'
(RQ-5)'Pliney Jane'
(RQ-5)'Automobile Of Life'
(RQ-6)'Waltz Of The Wind'
(RQ-6)'Lonely Mound Of Clay'
(RQ-6)'Wait For The Light To Shine'
(RQ-6)'Sunshine Special'
(RQ-7)'Freight Train Blues'
(RQ-7)'You'll Reap These Tears'
(RQ-8)'Each Season Changes You'
(RQ-8)'There's A Big Rock In The Road'
(RQ-9)'Blues In My Mind'
(RQ-9)'Mule Skinner Blues'
(RQ-9)'Great Speckled Bird #2'
(RQ-9)'My Tears Don't Show'
(RQ-10)'Steel Guitar Blues'
(RQ-10)'The Prodigal Son'
(RQ-10)'The Heart That Was Broken For Me'
(RQ-13)'Worried Mind'

Roy Acuff and Kitty Wells 
(35)  'Mother Hold Me Tight'

Roy Boren 
(20)  'Disappointed Again'

Roy Clark 
(A-11)'Thank God And Greyhound'
(A-13)'Yesterday When I Was Young'
(35)  'Somewhere Between Love And Tomorrow'
(RQ-2)'Right Or Left At Oak Street'
(RQ-9)'Ghost Riders In The Sky'
(RQ-9)'The Tips Of My Fingers'

Roy Drusky
(15)  'I'd Rather Loan You Out'
(16)  'Birmingham Jail'
(24)  'Red Red Wine'
(25)  'Anymore'
(26)  'Long Long Texas Road'
(29)  'My Grass Is Green'
(33)  'Second Hand Rose'
(29)  'White Lightnin' Express'
(A-12)'Three Hearts In A Tangle'
(A-9) 'Peel Me A Nanner'
(RQ-1)'Jody And The Kid'
(RQ-6)'Room Across The Hall'
(RQ-7)'I'll Make Amends'
(RQ-11)'Columbus Stockade Blues'
(RQ-12)'The Last Time I Called Somebody Darlin'

Roy Drusky and Priscilla Mitchell 
(A-1) 'Back Street Affair'
(32)  'Let's Do What's Right Even If It's Wrong'
(32)  'Trouble On Our Line'
(22)  'Yes Mr. Peters'
(RQ-2)'I'll Never Tell On You'
(RQ-5)'We Must Look In The Mirror'

Roy Folkner
(RQ-2)'Don't You Believe It'

Roy Hall
(RQ-13)'Orange Blossom Special'

Roy Harvey and Earl Shirkey
(RQ-11)'Bootlegger's Dream Of Home'

Roy Head
(RQ-6)'Deep Elem Blues'

Roy King 
(A-13)'Yodeler's Polka'
(A-8) 'Mirror Mirror On The Wall'

Roy Rogers 
(6)   'Lovenworth'
(34)  'Happy Anniversary'
(A-1) 'A Four Legged Friend'
(A-3) 'Don't Fence Me In'
(A-4) 'Headin' For Texas And Home'
(A-5) 'Hoppy Gene And Me'
(A-8) 'My Little Lady'
(A-8) 'No Children Allowed'
(A-8) 'Old Cowhand'
(Ch)  'Jingle Bells'
(V-2) 'She Gave Her Heart To A Soldier Boy'
(RQ-12)'Think Of Me'
(RQ-12)'You're The Answer To My Prayer'
(RQ-12)'Rock Me To Sleep In My Saddle'

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans 
(23)  'The Circuit Ridin' Preacher'
(A-4) 'Happy Trails'
(Ch)  'Christmas On The Plains'
(E)   'The Easter Parade'

Roy Rogers and Sons Of The Pioneers 
(A-9) 'Pecos Bill'
(24)  'A Cowboy Has To Sing'
(RQ-5)'Way Out There'
(RQ-8)'Blue Shadows On The Trail'

Ruby Wright
(RQ-4)'Billy Broke My Heart At Walgreens'

Rusty Draper 
(A-4) 'Freight Train'
(A-6) 'In The Middle Of The House'
(A-7) 'Luck Of The Irish'
(33)  'The Shifting Whispering Sands'
(V-2) 'Two Little Boys'
(RQ-5)'Gambler's Guitar'

Rusty and Doug Kershaw
(RQ-6)'Louisiana Man'

Rusty Wellington 
(12)  'Blue House
(12)  'Packed In Maine'
(13)  'The Convict And The Rose'
(14)  'Beyond The Call'
(A-10)'Soft Shoulders'
(RQ-5)'I'm Sort'a Glad'
(RQ-7)'The Allagash'
(RQ-7)'Circles Again'
(RQ-10)'Away From You So Long'
(RQ-10)'I'm Kinda Missing You'

Sam and Kirk McGee 
(A-8) 'Old Oaken Bucket'

Sammi Smith 
(A-5) 'Help Me Make It Through The Night'
(A-7) 'Long Black Veil'
(RQ-11)'The Rainbow In Daddy's Eyes'

Sammy Masters 
(A-9) 'Rockin' Red Wing'

Sandy Posey 
(35)  'Bring Him Home Safely To Me'

Scotty Stevenson and Ruby Mclean
(V-2)'Jim At Kyrenia Pass'

Senator Everett Dirksen
(RQ-3)'Gallant Men'

Sharlene Hooper 

Sheb Wooley 
(A-10)'Silver The Wonder Horse'
(F)   'That's My Pa'
(M)   'That's My Ma'
(RQ-7)'Big Ole Good Ole Girl'
(RQ-10)'Blue Guitar'

Shel Silverstein 
(A-1) 'A Front Row Seat To Hear Ol Johnny Sing'

Shelton Brothers 
(25)  'Down Among The Budded Roses'
(30)  'When It's Night Time In Nevada'
(RQ-3)'Just Because No. 3'
(RQ-4)'Aura Lee'
(RQ-8)'I Just Don't Care Anymore'
(RQ-8)'Your Own Sweet Darling Wife'
(RQ-11)'Just Because'

Simon Crum 
(12)  'Cuzz You're So Sweet'
(31)  'A Hillbilly's Deck Of Cards'
(5)   'Country Music Is Here To Stay'
(A-2) 'Bop Cat Bop'
(33)  'My Gallina'
(RQ-2)'Little Red Webb'
(RQ-2)'Stand Up Sit Down Shut Your Mouth'
(RQ-2)'Country Music Fiddler'
(RQ-11)'Morgan Poisoned The Water Hole'
(RQ-11)'Simon Crum Needs A Hit'

Simon St.Pierre
(RQ-7)'Montreal Reel'

Singing Post Family
(RQ-7)'That Tragic Day'
(RQ-7)'I Wouldn't Trust You As Far As I Could Throw You'

Skeeter Bonn 
(32)  'Honey Baby'
(RQ-10)'Yodeling Man'

Skeeter Davis 
(A-10)'Somebody Loves You'
(A-3) 'End Of The World'
(A-7) 'Lost To A Geisha Girl'
(RQ-2)'The One You Slip Around With'
(RQ-2)'Just How Much Can A Lonely Heart Stand'
(RQ-4)'My Last Date With You'
(RQ-4)'The Little Music Box'
(RQ-4)'It Was Only A Heart'
(RQ-7)'I'm A Lover Not A Fighter'
(RQ-9)'Silver Threads And Golden Needles'
(RQ-12)'Wave Bye Bye'
(RQ-12)'I'm Saving My Love'

Skeeter Davis and Don Bowman
(RQ-12)'For Loving You'

Skeets McDonald 
(26)  'You Warned Me'
(A-8) 'Number One In Your Heart'
(32)  'Smoke Comes out My Chimney Just The Same'
(RQ-1)'Curtain Of Tears'
(RQ-3)'Big Chief Buffalo Nickel'
(RQ-7)'The All American Boy'
(RQ-9)'You'd Better Not Go'
(RQ-9)'Don't Push Me Too Far'

Sleepy LaBeef 
(A-1) 'Big Boss Man'
(A-12)'There Ain't Much After Taxes'

Slim Clark
(M)   'What A Wonderful Mother Of Mine'
(18)  'When The Ice Worm Nests Again'
(20)  'I Miss My Swiss'
(25)  'Trail Drive To Missoula'
(26)  'Billy Venero'
(8)   'Plantonio The Pride Of The Plains'
(A-11)'The Mountie's Prayer'
(A-11)'The Wild Cowboy'
(A-13)'Yodel Demonstration'
(A-3) 'Did She Mention My Name'
(A-5) 'I Wish I Was Single Again'
(A-8) 'My Little Girl'
(E)   'The Old Rugged Cross'
(SC)  'Big Rock Candy Mountain'
(SC)  'Bully Of The Town'
(SC)  'Cactus Sue'
(SC)  'I Tickled Her Under The Chin'
(SC)  'I'd Like To Be In Texas For The Roundup In The Spring'
(SC)  'Mathilda Higgins'
(SC)  'My Calgary Home'
(SC)  'My Country Home In Heaven'
(SC)  'Old Album Of Memories'
(SC)  'Savin' Up Coupons'
(SC)  'Silver Bell Yodel'
(SC)  'Stampede The Outlaw'
(SC)  'The Cat Came Back'
(SC)  'The Fox'
(SC)  'The Gal I Left Behind Me'
(SC)  'The Jam At Gerry's Rock'
(SC)  'The Smoke Went Up The Chimney Just The Same'
(SC)  'The Swiss Yodelers'
(SC)  'Trailriders' Moon'
(SC)  'When The Bees Are In The Hive'
(SC)  'When You're Blue Just Yodel'
(SC)  'Yodeling Mad'
(RQ-2)'I'm Still Waiting For You'
(RQ-2)'Last Yodel'
(RQ-5)'The Rescue From Moose River Goldmine'
(RQ-5)'The Lane County Bachelor'
(RQ-6)'The Last Letter'
(RQ-10)'The Fiddler'

Slim and Kathie Clark
(SC)  'Call Of The Phantoms'
(SC)  'The Last Farewell'
(SC)  'Vreneli'
(SC)  'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You'
(SC)  'The Chinook Winds'

Slim Cox 
(23)  'Mocking Bird Special'

Slim Dusty 
(10)  'A Pub With No Beer'
(V-2) 'Rusty'

Slim Whitman
(11)  'Rose Marie'
(15)  'Bandara Waltz'
(25)  'If Wishes Were Horses'
(27)  'Careless Hands'
(27)  'When You And I Were Young Maggie'
(A-1) 'Annie Laurie'
(A-10)'Sioux City Sue'
(A-2) 'Cattle Call'
(A-2) 'Chime Bells'
(A-6) 'I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen'
(A-6) 'Indian Love Call'
(A-8) 'North Wind'
(A-9) 'Over The Hill'
(A-9) 'Peggy O'Neill'
(Ch)  'Joy Bells'
(RQ-2)'Love Song Of The Waterfall'
(RQ-2)'Let The Rest Of The World Go By'
(RQ-2)'Singing Hills'
(RQ-3)'The Song Of The Old Waterwheel'
(RQ-3)'By The Waters Of The Minnetonka'
(RQ-3)'I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky'
(RQ-6)'Una Paloma Blanca'
(RQ-7)'Hawaiian Cowboy'
(RQ-7)'China Doll'
(RQ-7)'There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop'
(RQ-7)'Just An Echo In The Valley'
(RQ-8)'Roll River Roll'
(RQ-9)'An Amateur In Love'
(RQ-9)'Tumbling Tumbleweeds'
(RQ-10)'Gonna Find Me A Bluebird'
(RQ-12)'Put Your Trust In Me'

Slim Willet 
(29)  'I've Been A Wonderin''
(A-3) 'Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes'

Smiley Bates 
(19)  'Will You Love Me When I'm Old And Feeble'
(27)  'Don't Tell Jeannie I'm Blind'
(30)  'God Do You Listen To Children'
(30)  'Just An Old Rose From Somebody's Past'
(30)  'Snow White Dove'
(RQ-8)'Teardrops At Midnight (Cinderella's Gone Home)

Smiley Burnette 
(22)  'Lil' Indian'
(28)  'Buffalo Gals'
(RQ-4)'Everybody Makes Me Feel At Home'

Smokey Greene 
(7)   'Dad's Old Dinner Pail'
(A-10)'Slippers With Wings'
(A-2) 'Bring Back The Dobro And Steel'
(F)   'Daddy Played Over The Waves'
(RQ-2)'When Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall'
(RQ-5)'The Lights Are Growing Dim'
(RQ-5)'All Smell Good On Sunday'
(RQ-10)'Wings In The Morning'
(RQ-10)'Give Me A Little Old Fashioned Love'

Smokey Rogers
(RQ-5)'(Without Your) Wedding Ring'
(RQ-5)'Dimples Or Dumplins'

Smokey Stover
(RQ-12)'That's How True My Love Is For You'
(RQ-12)'Go On And Leave My Baby Alone'

Sonny James 
(11)  'When The Snow Is On The Roses'
(23)  'Don't Cut Timber On A Windy Day'
(28)  'I'll Keep Holding On'
(A-11)'Take Good Care Of Her'
(A-13)'Young Love'
(A-4) 'For Rent'
(Ch)  'Barefoot Santa Claus'
(Ch)  'Pocket Full Of Mistletoe'
(RQ-1)'The Minute You're Gone'
(RQ-2)'Jenny Lou'
(RQ-2)'Wildwood Flower'
(RQ-3)'I Love You More And More Every Day'
(RQ-3)'Running Bear'
(RQ-3)'She's Gone And Gave Her Heart To Me'
(RQ-3)'I Wish This Night Would Never End'
(Ch)  'Christmas Letter'
(Ch)  'My Christmas Dream'
(Ch)  'Where The Tree Is'
(RQ-4)'Is It Wrong'
(RQ-5)'You're The Reason I'm In Love'
(RQ-5)'My Love'
(RQ-8)'Little Band Of Gold'
(RQ-8)'A World Of Our Own'
(RQ-9)'You're The Only World I Know'
(RQ-10)'Since I Met You Baby'
(RQ-11)'Bright Lights Big City'
(RQ-12)'Suddenly There's A Valley'
(RQ-12)'My Stolen Love'

Sonny Wright
(RQ-8)'The Trash You Threw Away'
(RQ-11)'Fist City'

Sons Of The Pioneers 
(24)  'Autumn On The Trail'
(17)  'Memories'
(1)   'Old Man Atom'
(1)   'You Must Come In At The Door'
(11)  'A Fiddle, A Rifle, An Axe and A Bible'
(15)  'Ragtime Cowboy Joe'
(21)  'Wagon Wheels'
(29)  'Moonlight On The Colorado'
(29)  'The Old Oaken Bucket'
(A-11)'The Cowpoke'
(A-12)'Tumbling Tumbleweeds'
(A-13)'When Our Old Age Pension Check Comes To Our Door'
(A-2) 'Cool Water'
(A-9) 'Roving Cowboy'
(V-1) 'Private Buckaroo'
(RQ-1)'Pass Around The Bottle'
(RQ-1)'One More Ride'
(RQ-4)'I Love You Truly'
(RQ-4)'There's A Long Long Trail'
(RQ-7)'Little Brown Jug'
(RQ-9)'The Searchers'
(RQ-10)'Dem Golden Slippers'
(RQ-11)'Little Red Barn'
(RQ-11)'Jim Crack Corn'
(RQ-12)'What This Country Needs'
(RQ-12)'Cowboy Camp Meeting'

Spade Cooley 
(15)  'Yodeling Polka'
(25)  'Steel Guitar Rag'
(23)  'You Clobbered Me'
(23)  'Honky Tonkin''
(23)  'In The Chapel In The Moonlight'
(23)  'Crazy 'Cause I Love You'
(25)  'I've Taken All I'm Gonna Take From You'
(RQ-2)'You Can't Break My Heart'

Stanley Brothers 
(A-12)'Tragic Romance'
(A-13)'When You And I Were Young Maggie/Redwing'
(RQ-1)'The Rambler's Blues'
(RQ-3)'John Three Sixteen'
(RQ-3)'No School Bus In Heaven'
(RQ-5)'I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow'
(RQ-5)'Don't Cheat In Our Home Town'
(RQ-5)'Who Will Sing For Me'
(RQ-5)'The Fields Have Turned Brown'
(RQ-5)'Harbor Of Love'
(RQ-6)'Dream Of A Miner's Child'
(RQ-12)'Little Birdie'

Statler Brothers
(5)   'Bed Of Roses'
(7)   'The Movies'
(V-2) 'Silver Medals And Sweet Memories '
(4J)  'The Star Spangled Banner'
(A-10)'Susan When She Tried'
(A-12)'Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott'
(A-2) 'Class Of '57'
(A-3) 'Do You Remember These'
(A-4) 'Flowers On The Wall'
(A-6) 'I'll Go To My Grave Loving You'
(A-9) 'Ruthless'

Stella Parton 
(23)  'I Want To Hold You In My Dreams Tonight'
(RQ-4)'Standard Lie #1'

Stompin' Tom Connors 
(13)  'Handy Man Blues'
(13)  'Maple Leaf Waltz'
(13)  'Snowmobile Song'
(13)  'The Canadian Lumberjack'
(13)  'The Maritime Waltz'
(Ch)  'Merry Christmas'

(13)  'The Five Little Johnson Girls'
(RQ-2)'White Lightning #2'

Stonewall Jackson
(11)  'A Little Guy Called Joe'
(11)  'Me And You And A Dog Named Boo'
(12)  'East Of West Berlin'
(12)  'Old Showboat'
(15)  'One Look At Heaven'
(17)  'A Broken Heart A Wedding Band'
(2)   'Igmoo'
(2)   'Life To Go'
(2)   'Mary Don't You Weep'
(2)   'Waterloo'
(27)  'I Wish I Had A Girl'
(30)  'No One Will Ever Know'
(A-1) 'A Wound Time Can't Erase'
(A-1) 'BJ The DJ'
(A-10)'Should I Go Home'
(A-10)'Smoke Along The Track'
(A-2) 'Can't Hang Up The Phone'
(A-7) 'Leona'
(F)   'Black Sheep'
(V-2) 'The Minutemen'
(V-2) 'Uncle Sam And Big John Bull'
(34)  'Lost In The Shuffle'
(35)  'Wild Wild Wind'
(RQ-2)'I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water'
(RQ-2)'Red Roses Blooming Back Home'
(RQ-2)'Angry Words'
(RQ-2)'A Rounder Called Cotton Eyed Joe'
(RQ-3)'Never More Quote The Raven'
(RQ-3)'Somebody's Always Leaving'
(RQ-4)'Don't Be Angry'
(RQ-5)'Trouble And Me'
(RQ-5)'Read Between The Lines'
(RQ-5)'Don't Be Late'
(RQ-6)'Second Choice'
(RQ-7)'Blue Field'
(RQ-8)'Mama's Bible'
(RQ-11)'I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail'
(RQ-11)'Better Days For Mama'
(RQ-12)'Why I'm Walkin'

Stoney Edwards 
(15)  'Hank And Lefty Raised My Country Soul'
(9)   'She's My Rock'

(13)  'Barnyard Banjo Pickin'
(23)  'Give Me Back My Five Dollars'
(26)  'There'll Be Moonshine In The Old Kentucky Hills'
(RQ-13)'Big Ball In Nashville'

Stu Clayton 
(1)   'I'm Proud To Be Country'
(8)   'Manitoba Blues'
(34)  'Son Of Old Strawberry Roan'

Stu Phillips
(RQ-4)'Juanita Jones'
(RQ-4)'The Great El Tigre'

Stuart Hamblen (or Hamblin)
(11)  'My Old Hound Dog'
(A-1) 'Ace In The Hole'
(A-12)'This Old House'
(34)  'It Is No Secret What God Can Do'
(A-5) 'I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake'
(RQ-11)'This Old House (narration)'
(RQ-11)'This Old House (original version)'
(RQ-11)'Grasshpper McClain'
(RQ-11)'I Whisper Your Name'

Susan Raye  
(17)  'Pitty Pitty Patter'
(13)  'Whatcha Gonna Do With A Dog Like That'
(A-7) 'L.A. International Airport'
(RQ-1)'Willy Jones'
(RQ-6)'One Night Stand'
(RQ-12)'Come On Home'

Swanee Caldwell 
(5)   'Tear Stained Guitar'
(RQ-12)'I Told You So'
(RQ-12)'Pardon Me Mrs. Smith'

Sweet Eva Lena Chenault
(RQ-8)'I'm Tickled Sky Blue Pink'

Sweet Violet Boys
(RQ-12)'There's A Man That Comes To Our House'

T. Texas Tyler 
(A-3) 'Deck Of Cards'
(A-9) 'Remember Me'
(30)  'The Sunset Years Of Life'
(A-13)'When The White Azaleas Start Blooming'
(A-8) 'Morning Glory'
(RQ-5)'Courtin' In The Rain'
(RQ-8)'Memories Of France'
(RQ-12)'I Tickled Her Under The Chin'

T.G. Sheppard 
(28)  'Last Cheater's Waltz'
(14)  'Party Time'
(A-12)'Tryin' To Beat The Mornin' Home'
(RQ-6)'When Can We Do This Again'
(RQ-6)'You Feel Good All Over'
(RQ-12)'Devil In The Bottle'

Tammy Wynette 
(17)  'HE'
(30)  'Forever Yours'
(9)   'D-I-V-O-R-C-E'
(A-1) 'Apartment #9'
(A-10)'Stand By Your Man'
(A-13)'Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad'
(A-5) 'I Don't Wanna Play House'
(Ch)  'Let's Put Christ Back Into Christmas'
(RQ-3)'The Wonders You Perform'
(RQ-3)'Bedtime Story'
(RQ-4)'I Don't Think About Him No More'
(RQ-7)'Sally Trash'
(Ch)'Silent Night'
(RQ-11)'He's Just An Old Love Turned Memory'
(RQ-12)'Cry Cry Again'

Tanya Tucker 
(32)  'Blood Red And Going Down'
(3)   'The Jamestown Ferry'
(A-11)'Texas When I Die'
(A-12)'What's Your Mama's Name'
(RQ-4)'San Antonio Stroll'
(RQ-4)'Old Dan Tucker's Daughter'
(RQ-4)'No Man's Land'
(RQ-7)'Delta Dawn'

Ted Daffan 
(32)  'Headin' Down The Wrong Highway'
(A-2) 'Born To Lose'
(A-8) 'No Letter Today'
(RQ-8)'Shut That Gate'
(RQ-13)'Blue Steel Blues'

Tennessee Ernie Ford
(10)  'Anticipation Blues'
(10)  'Old Blue'
(17)  'Everybody's Got A Girl But Me'
(17)  'I Ain't Gonna Let That Happen No More'
(24)  'The Ninety And Nine'
(33)  'While We Were Marching Through Georgia'
(A-1) 'Blackberry Boogie'
(A-10)'16 Tons'
(A-10)'Shotgun Boogie'
(A-3) 'Cry Of The Wild Goose'
(E)   'Power In The Blood'
(V-2) 'Just Before The Battle Mother'
(V-2) 'The Vacant Chair'
(Ch)  'Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus'

Tennessee Ernie Ford and Kay Starr 
(A-8) 'Nobody's Business'

Terry Fell 
(1)   'Don't Drop It'
(11)  'Truck Driving Man'

Tex Owens 
(A-2) 'Cattle Call'

Tex Ritter
(A-6) 'Just Beyond The Moon'
(10)  'The Green Grass Grows All Around'
(10)  'You Two-Timed Me Once Too Often'
(12)  'Long Time Gone'
(16)  'Bad Brahma Bull'
(19)  'Texas Blues'
(2)   'Rye Whiskey'
(22)  'When You Leave Don't Slam The Door'
(23)  'Tenaha Timpson Bobo And Blair'
(23)  'The Gunsmoke Trail'
(26)  'Singing In The Saddle'
(27)  'The Americans'
(30)  'Dark Day In Dallas'
(30)  'Old Glory'
(30)  'Red Deck Of Cards'
(30)  'That Son Of A Saginaw Fisherman'
(30)  'The Walls Of Silas Stone'
(34)  'Coming After Jenny'
(A-2) 'Boll Weevil'
(A-3) 'Deck Of Cards'
(A-4) 'Gimme Some'
(A-5) 'Hillbilly Heaven'
(A-6) 'I'm A Natural Born Cowboy'
(Ch)  'Christmas Carols By The Old Corral'
(V-1) 'Daddy's Last Letter'
(V-1) 'God Bless America Again'
(V-1) 'Green Grow The Lilacs'
(V-2) 'Remember The Alamo'
(V-2) 'There's A Gold Star In Her Window'
(RQ-1)'Jealous Heart'
(RQ-2)'The Bandit'
(RQ-2)'Pony Express'
(RQ-2)'Wreck Of The Number Nine'
(RQ-2)'The Long Black Rifle'
(RQ-5)'He Died Like A Man'
(RQ-5)'Try Me One More Time'
(RQ-6)'The Last Mile'
(RQ-6)'The Wayward Wind'
(RQ-6)'Billy The Kid'
(RQ-8)'Rock And Rye'
(RQ-8)'Ol Shorty'
(RQ-10)'A Working Man's Prayer'
(RQ-11)'Jingle Jangle Jingle'
(RQ-12)'Fall Away'
(RQ-12)'Onward Christian Soldiers'
(RQ-13)'Have I Stayed Away Too Long'

Tex Williams  
(6)   'The Night Miss Nancy Ann's Hotel For Single Girls Burned Down'
(14)  'Don't Telephone Don't Telegraph Just Tell a Woman'
(18)  'River Of No Return'
(9)   'Life Get's Teejus'
(A-10)'Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette'
(A-11)'Texas In My Soul'
(26)  'Do Ya Or Don't Ya'
(RQ-3)'Mother's Flower Garden'
(RQ-3)'Crocodile Tears'
(RQ-3)'Roses And Revolvers'
(RQ-9)'The House'
(RQ-11)'Roundup Polka'

Texas Bill Strength
(RQ-11)'Hillbilly Hades'

Texas Jim Lewis 
(1)   'Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go?'
(30)  'I'm A Hillbilly Yankee Doodle Boy'
(5)   'Squaws Along The Yukon'
(8)   'Old Fashioned Hoedown'
(A-10)'Sweet Face But A Cold Heart'
(RQ-2)'Who Broke The Lock On The Henhouse Door'

Texas Jim Robertson 
(A-2) 'Bread And Gravy'
(V-1) 'I Don't Want No More Of Army Life'
(V-2) 'Rodger Young'
(V-2) 'When This War Is Over'
(RQ-3)'The Almanac Song'
(RQ-6)'Sweet Baby'
(RQ-6)'Ms. O'Reilly's Daughter'
(RQ-6)'Too Blue To Cry'
(RQ-6)'Sundown In My Heart'
(RQ-6)'The Miner's Song'
(RQ-11)'The Last Page Of Mein Kamft'

Texas Ruby 
(A-10)'Shanty Street'
(RQ-3)'Love Me Now'
(RQ-12)'Big Silver Tears'
(RQ-12)'Blue Love'

Texas Top Hands
(RQ-10)'Fiesta In Old San Antone'
(RQ-10)'A Sinner's Prayer'

Texas Troubadors  
(7)   'Honey Love'
(5)   'I Will Miss You When You Go'

Theresa Brewer 
(9)   'Cotton Fields'

Thumper Jones 
(35)  'Rock It'

Tidwell Brothers 
(6)   'My Walking Shoes'

Tim Farrell  
(15)  'What A Friend We Have In Jesus'
(15)  'Orange Blossom Special'
(A-6) 'Irish Washerwoman'

Tina and Daddy 
(A-11)'The Telephone Call'

Tina and Mommy
(RQ-3)'No Charge'

Tom T. Hall 
(13)  'Ode To A Half Pound Of Ground Round'
(13)  'The Monkey That Became President'
(13)  'The Old Side Of Town'
(13)  'What Have You Got To Lose'
(31)  'Watergate Blues'
(6)   'The Year That Clayton Delaney Died'
(A-2) 'Country Is'
(A-4) 'Fox On The Run'
(A-5) 'I Like Beer'
(A-5) 'I Love'
(A-8) 'Old Dogs Children And Watermelon Wine'
(F)   'Homecoming'
(M)   'Grandma Whistled'
(RQ-1)'Second Handed Flowers'
(RQ-1)'Forget It'
(RQ-2)'Ravishing Ruby'
(RQ-2)'It Rained In Every Town Except Paducah'
(RQ-3)'Ballad Of 40 Dollars'
(RQ-4)'Negatory Romance'
(RQ-4)'Ain't Got The Time'
(RQ-4)'One Hundred Children'
(Ch)  'Oh Christmas Tree'
(RQ-7)'Bluegrass Festival In The Sky'
(RQ-7)'Sneaky Snake'
(RQ-7)'The Barn Dance'
(RQ-7)'Back When Gas Was Thirty Cents A Gallon'
(RQ-9)'A Picture Of Your Mother'
(RQ-10)'Salute To A Switchblade'
(RQ-10)'I Wish I Loved Somebody Else'
(RQ-10)'Me And Jesus'
(RQ-10)'The Little Lady Preacher'
(RQ-13)'Cloudy Day'

Tom T. Hall and Dave Dudley 
(15)  'Day Drinkin'

Tommy Cash 
(21)  'Six White Horses'

Tommy Collins
(10)  'Shindig In The Barn'
(12)  'Untied'
(15)  'General Delivery USA'
(15)  'Goody Goody Gumdrop'
(15)  'I Made The Prison Band'
(24)  'The Clock On The Wall'
(26)  'I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do'
(26)  'When Did Right Become Wrong'
(28)  'You Gotta Have A License'
(6)   'I Guess I'm Crazy'
(A-12)'Whatcha Gonna Do Now'
(A-13)'You Better Not Do That'
(A-6) 'It Tickles'
(6)   'You Oughta See Pickles Now'
(RQ-1)'If I Could Just Go Back'
(RQ-2)'I'll Always Speak well Of You'
(RQ-6)'High On A Hilltop'
(RQ-6)'If You Can't Bite Don't Growl'
(RQ-9)'All Of The Monkey's Ain't In The Zoo'
(RQ-9)'A Man Gotta Do What A Man Gotta Do'
(RQ-12)'I Got Mine'
(RQ-13)'It's Nobody's Fault But Yours'

Tommy and Wanda Collins
(RQ-12)'I Can Do That'

Tommy Duncan 
(28)  'Stars Over San Antone'
(A-13)'Who Drank My Beer'
(RQ-1)'Where Oh Where Has My Little Love Gone'

Tommy Faile 
(30)  'Brown Mountain Light'

Tommy Hunter 
(20)  'Couldn't See The Gold'
(RQ-11)'Travelin' Man'

Tommy Jackson 
(19)  'Cotton Eyed Joe'

Tommy Jackson and Del Wood 
(A-12)'Under The Double Eagle'

Tommy Overstreet
(RQ-4)'That's When My Woman Begins'
(RQ-5)'Cheater's Kit'
(RQ-6)'Ann (Don't Go Runnin)
(RQ-6)'Gwen (Congratulations)
(RQ-9)'Heaven Is My Woman's Love'
(RQ-12)'I'll Never Break These Chains'

Tompall Glaser 
(A-9) 'Put Another Log On The Fire'

Tompall and The Glaser Brothers
(RQ-11)'Lovin' Her Was Easier'

Tony Booth 
(A-7) 'Key's In The Mailbox'

Tony Douglas 
(29)  'Thank You For Touching My Life'
(31)  'His And Hers'

Uncle Dave Macon
(RQ-5)'When The Train Comes Along'
(RQ-5)'Carve That Possum'
(RQ-9)'Take Me Back To My Old Carolina Home'
(RQ-12)'Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy'
(RQ-13)'Summertime On The Beeno Line'

Uncle Rufus Brewster
(RQ-12)'A Tribute To Riley Puckett The Great Hillbilly King'

Utah Cowboy 
(21)  'In A Land Where We'll Never Grow Old'
(A-12)'Utah Trail'

Vaughn Monroe 
(10)  'Ghost Riders In The Sky'
(32)  'Idaho State Fair'
(27)  'Single Saddle'
(7)   'A Man's Best Friend Is His Horse'

Vern Gosdin 
(11)  'Dim Lights Thick Smoke'
(14)  'Break My Mind'
(33)  'Hangin' On'
(A-8) 'Mother Country Music'
(RQ-1)'Yesterday's Gone'

Vernon Dalhart  
(17)  'The Runaway Train'
(23)  'The Great American Bum'
(25)  'Get Away Old Man Get Away'
(7)   'The West Plains Explosion'
(8)   'The Death Of Floyd Bennett'
(8)   'The Empty Cradle'
(8)   'The Wreck Of The Circus Train'
(A-11)'The Death Of Floyd Collins'
(A-13)'Wreck Of The Old '97'
(A-13)'Zeb Turney's Gal'
(A-3) '11 More Months and 12 More Days'
(A-4) 'Golden Slippers'
(A-4) 'Gypsy's Warning'
(A-7) 'Letter Edged In Black'
(A-7) 'Lightning Express'
(A-9) 'Prisoner's Song'
(35)  'Jesus Loves Me'
(RQ-1)'My Blue Ridge Mountain Home'
(RQ-1)'In The Baggage Coach Ahead'
(RQ-1)'Six Feet Of Earth'
(RQ-1)'The Mississippi Flood'
(RQ-6)'Putting On The Style'
(RQ-6)'Many Many Years Ago'
(RQ-8)'Dream Of A Miner's Child'
(RQ-10)'Naomi Wise'

Vernon Dahlhart and Carson Robison
(RQ-8)'A Memory That Time Cannot Erase'

Vernon Oxford 
(13)  'Redneck'
(13)  'Shadows Of My Mind'
(29)  'Babies Stop Your Crying'
(35)  'If There Was No Country Music'
(35)  'Good Old Fashioned Saturday Night Honky Tonk Barroom Brawl'
(29)  'Behind Every Good Man There's A Woman'
(RQ-7)'Let's Take A Cold Shower'
(RQ-9)'Clean Your Own Tables'

Vicki Lawrence 
(21)  'The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia'

Vin Bruce 
(A-9) 'Over An Ocean Of Golden Dreams'

Wade Mainer
(RQ-3)'Whatcha Gonna Do With A Baby-O'

Wade Mainers Mountaineers 
(1)   'Shortnin Bread'

Wade Ray 
(25)  'A Penny For Your Thoughts'
(RQ-5)'Walk Softly'
(RQ-12)'It's All Your Fault'

Walter Brennan 
(11)  'Angels In The Sky'
(A-8) 'Old Rivers'
(M)   'Mama Sang A Song'
(RQ-3)'Last Will And Testament Of Sam Burke'
(RQ-3)'Old River's Trunk'
(Ch)  'White Christmas'
(Ch)  'Silent Night'
(Ch)  'Just Three Letters For Christmas'
(Ch)  'Henry Had A Merry Christmas'

Wanda Jackson
(34)  'Back Then'
(10)  'I Talk A Pretty Story'
(13)  'Brown Eyed Handsome Man'
(13)  'Little Charm Bracelet'
(13)  'Right Or Wrong'
(14)  'Reckless Love Affair'
(15)  'Kickin' Our Hearts Around'
(16)  'The Great Speckled Bird'
(23)  'Jealous Heart'
(23)  'Wabash Cannonball'
(27)  'Blue Yodel No. 6'
(31)  'I Wish I Was Your Friend'
(31)  'Window Up Above'
(4J)  'This Land Is Your Land'
(9)   'Day Dreaming'
(9)   'I Betcha My Heart'
(9)   'I May Never Get To Heaven'
(A-10)'Seven Lonely Days'
(A-8) 'My Big Iron Skillet'
(V-1) 'Little Boy Soldier'
(RQ-2)'The Last Letter'
(RQ-3)'The Heart You Could Have Had'
(RQ-4)'This Gun Don't Care'
(RQ-4)'I Wonder If She Knows'
(RQ-4)'Fireball Mail'
(RQ-4)'Tears At The Grand Old Opry'
(RQ-5)'The Violet And The Rose'
(RQ-6)'Please Don't Sell My Daddy No More Wine'
(RQ-9)'Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right'
(RQ-11)'Have I Grown Used To Missing You'
(RQ-13)'The Box It Came In'

Wanda Jackson and Billy Gray 
(14)  'You Can't Have My Love'
(A-6) 'If You Don't Somebody Else Will'

Warner Mack 
(15)  'I'm Gonna Move On'
(24)  'It Takes A lot Of Money'
(A-10)'Sittin' In An All-Nite Cafe'
(A-11)'The Bridge Washed Out'
(RQ-4)'Yes There's a Reason'
(RQ-6)'There Ain't No Woman Enough To Take Your Man'
(RQ-7)'Talkin' To The Wall'
(RQ-8)'Falling Leaves'

Warren Smith 
(A-5) 'I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today'
(RQ-1)'The Darkest Cloud'
(RQ-3)'I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry'
(RQ-12)'That's Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk'

Waylon and Jessi 
(10)  'Storms Never Last'

Waylon and Willie 
(A-7) 'Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys'

Waylon Jennings 
(7)   'Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)'
(A-11)'The Taker'
(A-4) 'Good Hearted Woman'
(34)  'Darling Let's Turn Back The Years'
(A-6) 'Jolie Blon'
(A-7) 'Luckenbach Texas'
(A-7) 'Mental Revenge'
(RQ-1)'Dreaming My Dreams With You'
(RQ-1)'Till I Gain Control Again'
(RQ-3)'Green River'
(RQ-3)'You Can Have Her'
(RQ-11)'The Wurlitzer Prize'
(RQ-11)'Yours Love'
(RQ-11)'If You Really Want Me To I'll Go'
(RQ-12)'Rainy Day Woman'
(RQ-12)'Days Of Sand And Shovels'
(RQ-12)'Sing The Girls A Song Bill'
(RQ-13)'Rebel Soldier'
(RQ-13)'Bob Wills Is Still The King'

Waylon Jennings and Anita Carter
(RQ-1)'All Of Me Belongs To You'
(RQ-5)'No One's Gonna Miss Me'

Wayne Kemp
(RQ-9)'Burn Another Honky Tonk Down'
(RQ-9)'Who'll Turn Out The Lights'
(RQ-9)'Award To An Angel'

Wayne Raney 
(18)  'Don't Try To Be What You Ain't'
(21)  'The Rooster's Are Crowing'
(31)  '40th And Plum'
(32)  'Square Dab From The Country'
(A-11)'The Child's Side Of Life'
(33)  'We Love To Live'
(A-13)'Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me'
(A-9) 'Pardon My Whiskers'
(V-1) 'Nation Shall Rise Against Nation'
(RQ-1)'Gone With The Wind This Morning'
(RQ-2)'The Family Tree Musta Fell On Me'
(RQ-2)'The Fox Chase'
(RQ-3)'I Feel A Streak Of Love Coming On'
(RQ-3)'I've Gone and Sold My Soul'
(RQ-3)'Del Rio Boogie'
(RQ-5)'The Picture At St. Helene'
(RQ-6)'I Love My Little Yo-Yo'

Wear Family
(RQ-6)'Goober Peas'
(RQ-6)'Polly Wolly Doodle'

Webb Pierce
(10)  'The Hobo And The Rose'
(11)  'Hawaiian Echoes'
(11)  'I Saw Your Face In The Moon'
(15)  'Crazy Wild Desire'
(2)   'There Stands The Glass'
(2)   'Why Baby Why'
(22)  'Walking The Streets'
(25)  'All Night Long'
(30)  'Bugle Call From Heaven'
(30)  'I'm Letting You Go'
(A-1) 'Back Street Affair'
(A-10)'Sparklin' Brown Eyes'
(A-11)'That's Me Without You'
(A-5) 'I Ain't Never'
(A-6) 'If The Back Door Could Talk'
(A-6) 'I'll Go On Alone'
(A-6) 'I'm Walkin' The Dog'
(A-6) 'In The Jailhouse Now'
 (32) 'It's Been So Long'
 (35) 'Let The Children Pick The Flowers'
(A-7) 'Memory #1'
(A-8) 'More And More'
(32)  'New Panhandle Rag'
(Ch)  'Christmas At Home'
(RQ-1)'Tupelo County Jail'
(RQ-2)'Bottles And Babies'
(RQ-3)'The New Raunchy'
(RQ-3)'Alla My Love'
(RQ-3)'I Don't Care'
(RQ-5)'Someday You'll Call My Name'
(RQ-6)'The Last Waltz'
(RQ-6)'I Just Can't Be True'
(RQ-6)'Even Tho'
(RQ-7)'Is It Wrong'
(RQ-7)'I Overlooked An Orchid'
RQ-7)'How Do You Talk To A Baby'
(RQ-7)'Honky Tonk Song'
(RQ-8)'You're Not Mine Anymore'
(RQ-8)'I'm Tired'
(RQ-9)'You Ain't No Better Than Me'
(RQ-9)'You'll Know I'm Still In Love With You'
(RQ-10)'We'll Find A Way'
(RQ-10)'True Love Never Dies'
(RQ-11)'Stranger In A Strange Strange City'

Webb Pierce and Mel Tillis
(RQ-2)'How Come Your Dog Don't Bite Nobody But Me'

Wendall Austin 
(V-1) 'Battle Of Viet Nam'

Wesley Tuttle 
(12)  'Detour'
(18)  'Little You Cared'
(18)  'Mom Understands'
(18)  'Texas Yodel'
(24)  'With Tears In My Eyes'
(26)  'Don't You Remember'
(35)  'Call Of The Mountains'
(RQ-2)'Though I Tried I Can't Forget You'

Wesley and Marilyn Tuttle
(RQ-9)'Jim Johnny And Jona'

White Mountain Singers 
(4J)  'Rally 'Round The Flag'

Wilburn Brothers 
(28)  'Let The Lower Lights Be Burning'
(17)  'Trouble's Back In Town'
(23)  'Making Plans'
(24)  'Not That I Care'
(5)   'The Legend Of The Big River Train'
(9)   'Which Side's The Wrong Side'
(A-10)'She Burned The Little Roadside Tavern Down'
(A-10)'Sparklin' Brown Eyes'
(A-6) 'I'm So In Love With You'
(A-7) 'Knoxville Girl'
(A-7) 'Little Johnny From Down The Street'
(A-8) 'My Baby's Gone'
(V-2) 'Vision At The Peace Table'
(RQ-1)'All We Have For You Mom Is This Rose'
(RQ-2)'A Woman's Intuition'
(RQ-2)'I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight'
(RQ-3)'Go Away With Me'
(RQ-4)'Hurt Her Once For Me'
(RQ-5)'Goose Pimples'
(RQ-6)'I Wanna Wanna Wanna'
(RQ-7)'Someone Before Me'
(RQ-10)'I Only Meant To Borrow Not To Steal'
(RQ-10)'Carefree Moments'
(RQ-11)'I Had One Too Many'
(RQ-12)'It's Another World'
(RQ-12)'Barbara Allen'

Wiley J. Smith 
(V-2) 'Ballad Of Audie Murphy'

Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan 
(9)   'Please Pass The Biscuits'
(A-13)'When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again'
(A-7) 'Make Room In Your Heart For A Friend'
(RQ-11)'Live And Let Live'

Wilf Carter **** See also Montana Slim****
(16)  'By The Silvery Moonlight Trail'
(16)  'Don't Let Me Down Old Pal'
(16)  'He Rode The Strawberry Roan'
(16)  'Put Me In Your Pocket'
(16)  'There'll Be No Blues Up Yonder'
(18)  'My Little Yoho Lady'
(18)  'So Hard To Start All Over Again'
(19)  'Keep Smiling Old Pal'
(20)  'The Ol Barn Dance'
(21)  'Yodeling Trailrider'
(23)  'Blest Be The Tie'
(23)  'The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band'
(26)  'I Ain't Gonna Be A Hobo No More'
(26)  'Yodeling Hillbilly'
(27)  'I Long For Old Wyoming'
(27)  'When The Ice Worm Nests Again'
(31)  'Dreamy Prairie Moon'
(31)  'Moonlight Prison Blues'
(31)  'Prairie Sunset'
(31)  'The Hobo's Yodel'
(35)  'The Fate Of Old Strawberry Roan'
(A-11)'The Calgary Roundup'
(V-2) 'The K.P. Blues'
(RQ-1)'My Brown Eyed Prairie Rose'
(RQ-1)'When I Say Hello To The Rockies'
(RQ-2)'Answer To It Makes No Difference Now'
(RQ-2)'If We Can't Be Sweethearts Why Can't We Be Friends'
(RQ-2)'Jack And Nell'
(RQ-4)'Dawn On The Prairie'
(RQ-4)'The Cowboy's Heavenly Dream'
(RQ-4)'When It's Twilight Over Texas'
(RQ-4)'Roundup In The Fall'
(RQ-5)'Let's Go Back To The Bible'
(RQ-5)'Twilight On The Prairie'
(RQ-5)'When I Bid The Prairie Goodbye'
(RQ-6)'The Tramp's Mother'
(RQ-9)'The Little Red Patch On The Seat Of My Trousers'
(RQ-11)'Headin' For That Land Of Gold'
(RQ-11)'Echoing Hills Yodel Back To Me'
(RQ-11)'Two Gun Cowboy'
(RQ-11)'The Life And Death Of John Dillinger'
(RQ-12)'I'm Ragged But I'm Right'
(RQ-12)'Cowhand's Guiding Star'
(RQ-12)'My Missoula Valley Moon'
(RQ-12)'Sweetheart Of My Childhood Days'
(RQ-13)'Blue Canadian Rockies'
(RQ-13)'My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby'

Williamson Brothers And Curry
(RQ-3)'The Old Arm Chair'

Willie Nelson 
(6)   'Red Headed Stranger'
(A-1) 'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain'
(A-8) 'Mr. Record Man'
(Ch)  'Pretty Paper'
(RQ-5)'Any Old Arms Won't Do'
(RQ-5)'Things To Remember'
(RQ-7)'One In A Row'
(RQ-7)'I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows'
(RQ-8)'Touch Me'
(RQ-8)'Half A Man'
(RQ-8)'Yesterday's Wine'
(RQ-8)'The Troublemaker'
(RQ-11)'The Party's Over'
(RQ-12)'If You Could Touch Her At All'
(RQ-13)'Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away'

Willis Brothers 
(19)  'If I Should Need You'
(19)  'Warm Beer And A Cold Cold Woman'
(A-4) 'Give Me 40 Acres'
(A-11)'Tattooed Lady'
(A-7) 'Love Thy Neighbor'
(V-1) 'Private Lee'
(RQ-7)'Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox'
(RQ-11)'Alcohol And Number Two Diesel'
(RQ-11)'Six Foot Two By Four'

Wilma Burgess 
(22)  'Misty Blue'
(RQ-3)'Don't Touch Me'
(RQ-11)'Tear Time'

Wilma Lee 
(16)  'Row Number One Seat Number Three'
(35)  'Please Help Me To Be Wrong'
(16)  'Peggy Lou'
(A-8) 'No One Now'

Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper 
(14)  'Faded Love'
(2)   'There's A Big Wheel'
(A-12)'Tramp On The Street'
(E)   'Thirty Pieces Of Silver'
(E)   'Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill'
(2)   'Rachel's Guitar'
(15)  'Come Walk With Me'
(RQ-9)'Are You Walkin' And A-Talkin'
(RQ-9)'Three Widows'
(RQ-11)'At The First Fall Of Snow'
(RQ-11)'Philadelphia Lawyer'
(RQ-12)'Legend Of The Dogwood'
(RQ-12)'Nobody's Darling But Mine'
(RQ-12)'Six More Miles'
(RQ-12)'When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels'

Wink Martindale 
(10)  'Black Land Farmer'

Woody Guthrie 
(28)  'Hobo's Lullabye'
(28)  'Snow Deer'
(RQ-2)'Poor Boy'

Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston 
(A-13)'Who's Going To Shoe Your Pretty Feet'

Wynn Stewart
(13)  'Something Pretty'
(19)  'Judy'
(30)  'Hold Back Tomorrow'
(6)   'It's Such A Pretty World Today'
(6)   'Love Ain't Worth A Dime Unless It's Free'
(A-1) 'Another Day Another Dollar'
(A-1) 'Big Big Love'
(A-13)'Wishful Thinking'
(A-6) 'If You See My Baby'
(A-6) 'Keeper Of The Keys'
(A-7) 'Loversville'
(V-1) 'I'd Rather Have America'
(RQ-1)'After The Storm'
(RQ-1)'Big City'
(RQ-1)'Paint Me A Rainbow'
(RQ-1)'It's A Beautiful Day'
(RQ-3)'I Won't Live That Long'
(RQ-8)'Ol' What's Her Name'
(RQ-10)'The Waltz Of The Angels'
(RQ-10)'World Wide Travelin' Man'

Wynn Stewart and Jan Howard 
(A-13)'Yankee Go Home'

York Brothers
(RQ-5)'Don't Let Our Love Die'

Zeke Clements 
(29)  'Oklahoma Blues'

Zeke Manners 
(8)   'When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again'
(V-1) 'A Fightin' Son'-Of-A-Gun'
(RQ-13)'Run For The Round House Nellie'