"Old Salts"

  Congratulations Ed   


Edward R Horrigan, WT2c

More than 800 sailors are listed in the USS Sigsbee DD-502 muster rolls between the January 23, 1943, commissioning at the Brooklyn, Navy Yard and the March 31, 1947, decommissioning at Charleston, SC. The ship had a compliment of 309 enlisted and 16 officers.  According to USS SIGSBEE DD-502 Muster Rolls, Ed Horrigan is the only Commissioning crewman, January 23 - 27, 1943, to Decommission the USS Sigsbee, March 31, 1947.

 Congratulations Ski   

CBM Vincent R Dombrowski

The second longest serving DD-502 crewman, Vincent R Dombrowski, received on the DD-502 February 2, 1943, also Decommissioned the USS Sigsbee, March 31, 1947.


Rest in Peace Ski