Aubrey J. Harris of Sacramento, CA passed away December 4, 2003. He was born in Goodwater, AL, June 29, 1926. Aubrey served on the USS Sigsbee DD-502 as a cook during W.W.II. He worked in Missouri before moving to California.    


Webmaster's Note:  The information above was taken from on-line SSDI  and 1930 US census records.  No obituary was found in the Sacramento Bee archive library.


 Aubrey Jerl Harris, Serv # 273 07 55, enlisted in the US Navy February 4, 1944 at Birmingham, AL.  He was received aboard the USS Sigsbee DD-502 July 5, 1944 at Eniwetok as S1c.  Aubrey was advanced to SC3c rating September 1, 1945. (The date of his transfer from the USS Sigsbee is unavailable).


Due to failing health Aubrey was unable to attend the USS Sigsbee DD-502 2001 Reunion at Sacramento.  After the reunion was over Billy & Edy Roberts and John and Sonya Mastin visited with him for a couple hours before leaving for our homes.