Deck Log excerpts of The USS Sigsbee DD-502, July 27, 1943 transit of the Panama Canal


July 26, 1943

0809 Passed submarine net Lemon Bay

0840 Moored Christobal, CZ (Refueling)

1621 Anchored Lemon Bay


July 27,1943

0852 Underway

0944 Moored at entrance to Gatun Locks

1001 Underway, entered first lock

1007 Entered first chamber (USS Daly DD-519 locking through astern the entire transit of the canal)

1025 Underway for second chamber

1122 Underway for third chamber of Gatun Locks

1123 Let go all wires to mules, proceeding up Gaillard cut to Gatun Lake

1250 Passed the last of many navigation aids

1351 Moored to wall at Pedro Miguel Locks

1422 Entered chamber

1436 Commenced emptying lock

1455 Cast off from mules, under way

1517 Moored to wall at Miraflores Locks

1650 Chamber of Miraflores Locks open, made fast wires to electric mules fore and aft

1653 Entered chamber

1709 Emptying chamber

1720 Entered lower chamber

1729 Emptying lower chamber

1740 c/s to 10 knots standing up canal

1805 Moored starboard side to Pier 7A coaling station

1814 USS Daly moored port side of USS Sigsbee

starboard side to


July 28, 1943

1222 Underway from pier 7 Balboa, CZ

1233 Passed submarine net

1636 Commenced firing 5"/38 battery in day spotting practice

1642 Cease firing