Dunbar High School was built in 1923. In 1938 the original building was remodeled and a new addition was added.

The picture shows the building as it appeared in 1944.

From: "Old Dunbar Picture Book" by Dwight and Norma Bradley Musser

    Class of 1944, Dunbar High School reunions of 1979 & 1998  




JUNE 9, 1979


First Row:  James Lilly, Emmett Jones, Curtis Russell, Charles Wilkinson, Raymond Robinson.

Second Row: Phyllis Polcyn Rhule, Betty June Conway Westfall,  Betty Jane Gabbert Burdette, Marzetta Gillespie Madge, Cecilia Temple Mingus, Jane Lee Jividen McCarty, Dortha Williams McNeal, Margaret Lanham Jackson, Helen Pennington Spierto, Virginia Conley Smith, Ada McCallum Guinn, Delores Haddox Russell, Norma Jean Casto Barker and Louise DeWees Guthrie.

Third Row:  Rebecca Beck Hamilton, Norma Jean Mount Valz, Elizabeth Shaffer Fetty, Betty Feldhaus Smith, June Hickman Townsend, Anna Lee French Story, Virginia Kessell Lytton, Betty Jo Bostic Walker, Helen Coffman Harmon, Norma Lee Bradley Musser, Lola Postle Burford, Naomi Thompson Starcher, Margaret Myers Koch, Willanelle Phillips Burke, Mary Alice Jackson Carter, Betty Cox Adkins, Mary Cox Skeen, Frances Fletcher Elshoff and Anita Kidd Umphlett

Fourth Row:  Delmar Good, Henry Unrue, Troy Dillon, Harold Craigo, Herman Feldhaus, Dwight Musser, Harry Martin, Claude Skiles, Harry Boggess, Dale Hill, Earl
Adams and Raymond Dodson.

                   Missing from picture but attended Reunion:  Richard Fisher, Stanley James and Pauline Johnson Pittman.





First row:  Betty Feldhaus Smith, Dana Carney, Jim Lilly, Virginia Conley Smith.

Second row:  Virginia Kessell Lytton, Louise DeWees Guthrie, Lola Postle Burford, Naomi Thompson Starcher

Third Row:  Emma Rose West Cavender, Norma Bradley Musser, Harold Craigo, Betty June Conway Westfall, Marzetta Gillespie Madge.

Fourth Row: Pauline Johnson Pitman, Helen Coffman Harmon, Betty Gabbert Burdette

Fifth Row:   Dwight Musser, Margaret Myers Koch, Anita Kidd Umphlett 


Billy Roberts 7/11/2011