DD-502 2/15/45


March 4, 2003


Ahoy, USS SIGSBEE sailors, family, and friends, the scheduled west coast reunion is fast approaching. This newsletter is being sent to you as an invitation and information source. We hope that you will join us in beautiful downtown Reno, Nevada for this third annual event.

Dates: JUNE 9, 10 & 11, 2003

Place: Sands Regency Hotel Casino, 345 North Arlington Avenue Reno, NV 89501

Reservations Phone: 800 648-3553 Ext. 1 (USS 608) < The Sigsbee Group number

Room rates for June 8 through June 11 are $38.59 per night, including tax. Cut off day for this rate will be May 25th.

Note: Some of us will arrive Sunday, June 8, 2003, to set up the hospitality room, which will be available Sunday afternoon around 4 PM.  Most will depart Reno Thursday, June 12, 2003.

We invite you to bring scrapbooks, photos, and artifacts, etc. from your SIGSBEE NAVY DAYS. John Mastin will have his Memorial Books as usual and Billy & Edy will have their computer linked to the SIGSBEE web sites. As always, the tradition continues, Billy, Edy and "the young girls" will lead the third annual "sing along".

We are happy to announce that the USS HARRISON DD-573 will be holding their 2003 reunion at the same time and location. We share an historic bond with all the ships in DesRon 25 and this will give you the opportunity to meet and make new friends with those of DD-573. There will be time set aside for our groups to "mix and mingle" between the respective hospitality rooms. The remaining ships in the squadron were  invited to join in but at this time only the HARRISON is onboard.

If you have any questions please contact Billy Roberts at: 530 934-5229 (As of April 27, 2003)

 See you in Reno,

Billy & Edy Roberts